Was Days of our Lives’ Chandler Massey (Will Horton) Fired?

It was no secret that Chandler Massey was planning to move on from Days of our Lives.  The young actor had made that announcement after his second Daytime Emmy win in June this year.  After 4 years as Will Horton on Days of our Lives, Massey was looking to spend time focusing on his schooling and looking into other acting opportunities.

Chandler Massey is one half of Days of our Lives’ popular gay pairing of Will Horton and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith)

And why not.  He’s made quite a name for himself in daytime circles with his portrayal of Will Horton.  Massey has seen Will Horton shoot his stepfather (though this story was a bit of a retcon since his father, Lucas Horton, initially served time for this crime), undergo a sexual awakening when he realized he was gay, and get his former girlfriend pregnant after coming out, and committing to a gay relationship with Sonny Kiriakis.

Daytime has always been a genre where young actors got their starts.  Some went on to prime time and movies while others committed to the genre that make them household names (within the female 18-45 demographic anyway!)

It seemed only natural that the Chandler Massey with two acting accolades under his belt would wish to try his luck beyond the daytime genre.

What has come as a surprise, however, is last week’s news that Massey was fired from Days of our Lives; 4 months before his contract expires and that the soap is now recasting the role!

That news was broken via twitter by friend Charlie Sheen who continued to go on a rant that the soap was foolish for letting Massey go and that it was the soap that would suffer for the decision not Chandler Massey.

Chandler Massey’s take on the news has been a little more diplomatic.  Is take seems to be that he was ” let out” of his contract 4 months early.  When Massey announced his intention to leave Days of our Lives he mentioned having no issue with the recasting of the role.

So which version of events is the truth?

In reality it probably doesn’t matter.

Chandler Massey was leaving Will Horton behind.  It will just now happen a little sooner than fans expected.  And if you subscribe to the any publicity is good publicity mantra, then Chandler Massey certainly is getting plenty of time on the celebrity news front thanks to buddy Charlie Sheen.

Seems like the only losers in this scenario are Will Horton (Massey) fans….but who knows.  Days of our Lives may hit casting magic twice with the same character.  Stay tuned to see who Days of our Lives casts as the new Will Horton.  Presumably letting Massey go means they have something in the works…

Update:  29 August, 2013

Latest news on Chandler Massey’s exit seems to indicate that Days of our Lives management were executing a little bit of “payback” by letting Massey out of his contract early.  Seems that Days of our Live management received the news of Chandler’s intention not to re-sign a contract with the show at the same time fans did – when Massey was making his acceptance speech for winning his second consecutive  Daytime Emmy win.

As speculated above payback wasn’t the only motivation – a replacement actor has been cast as Will Horton.  Since it was unlikely this as yet unnamed individual would be available when Massey’s contract expired, Days let Chandler go early.

Filming resumes on the Days of our Live set in a couple of weeks (the set is dark) at which time it is presumed the new actor will report for duty.  Stay tuned….

Update: September 12, 2013:  Guy Wilson is the new Will Horton!

Guy Wilson has been cast as the new Will Horton after Chandler Massey’s departure from the role.  Guy has appeared in daytime before as a young Luke Spencer in flashbacks on General Hospital.  He has also appeared in Breaking Bad and has appearances in a few upcoming movies.

But the most amusing has to be the “guys” last name Wilson.  Will Horton of course is romanticalliy involved with Sonny Kiriakis.  Take the first 3 letter of Will and Sonny, put them together and what do you get?  Wilson….

Final Days of our Lives Air Date for Chandler Massey:

Expect to see Chandler Massey as Will Horton until the end of the year.  Days of our Lives films months ahead of its broadcast schedule.



  1. Do the Producers actually think that the viewing audience believes the story that Chandler was simply going back to school ;Yeah, check out Charlie Sheen. Notice? Chandler can kick up a fierce temper. Said ‘temper at the meeting w/the Producers???
    Sad to say, the new episodes are BORING. Chandler’s replacement…..a nice guy, I’m sure…just doesn’t fit the bill.
    The question keeps popping up…”Is he gay?” Not my business nor anyone else’s.

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