Newcomer Ashlyn Pearce Cast as Aly Forrester!

Ashlyn Pearce, a newcomer to the world of daytime soaps, has been cast as Alexandria Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Look for Aly (and Ashlyn) to first appear on our screens in November.  Word has it Aly will be home for Thanksgiving!

Who is Alexandria Forrester?

Aly Forrester is Thorne’s daughter with Darla Einstein.  Darla was killed in a hit and run.  The drink driver was Dr Taylor Hayes.  That little piece of history makes it unfortunate that Taylor is no longer on canvas on The Bold and the Beautiful, but no doubt there is some kind of storyline planned for this newly SORAS’ed Forrester child.  Even if it is just to keep dear old dad company in the basement!

Aly was last seen onscreen in 2009 as a young child who had play dates with Hope Logan.  Hope has since been aged into her early twenties and reports are that Aly will be aged in her late teens.  Will Hope and Aly remain friends?  Or will there be some more family competition over men?

Who could Aly be romantically linked with?

The casting call for Aly described her as “beautiful, well bred, very upscale and comes from money.  I guess she takes after dad then given that mom was a bit of a ditz.

In terms of potential love interests for Aly, there are a few:  Liam, Wyatt and Thomas.  Of course, Aly would be taking a Hope cast off if she becomes involved with either Liam or Wyatt (presumably Hope would be with the other…)

But poor Thomas could use a new love in his life once he returns from Paris.  And strictly these two may share a last name, but they are NOT related by blood.  Of course Taylor, Thomas’ mom did once nearly marry Thorne and become Aly’s step-mom…

But that’s a piece of history that could be easily overlooked…

Who do you think Aly should be involved with?  Or should she stand on her own until we get to know and love her?  Read more about Alexandria’s history.

Who is Ashlyn Pearce?

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