Ashlyn Pearce Debuts as Aly Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful

Today, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Aly Forrester walked into the offices of Forrester Creations to visit with her dad, Thorne, and granddad, Eric, as if it were an everyday occurrence.

Aly bails on a career in the law

Aly explains to Eric and Thorne that a career in the law may not be for her….

Aly has been sorased (soap opera rapid ageing syndom’ed) to a young lady who is about to undertake a semester of independent study before heading to law school.  She arrived at Forrester Creations after attending an interview with a law firm.  She decided that perhaps the law wasn’t for her, when the law partner interviewing her spoke to his secretary like you would a dog, and saw the small law library where she would be doing law research.

She left the interview telling them she was in the wrong place.  Eric and Thorne noted that it would be a shame to give up her semester of independent study but Thorne was okay with his daughter not being a lawyer.

For a career in fashion

Aly had another plan though.  How about a career in fashion?  She’d always had a thing for shoes.  Ever since playing with Sally Spectras shoes as a child.  Even Sally had told Aly (who she called Einstein since Aly won a science fair) that she owed it to herself to following Queenie’s (Sally’s name for Stephanie) footsteps.  Aly also mentioned that Sally never forgot her birthday indicating that Sally is still alive and well offscreen even through Darlene Conley who brought Sally Spectra to life on our TV screens passed away in ….

Aly to become Hope’s Protégé

All and Hope are thrilled with Eric’s idea that Aly shadow Hope to see how she does things.

When Hope arrives in the office to meet with Eric about son new HFTF promotional photos Eric tells Aly that she would like her to shadow Hope at Forrester Creations to see how Hope does things.  The cousins (who aren’t related) are both thrilled with the news.  But Aly seems even more interested in shadowing Hope when she witnesses Liam and Wyatt both kissing Hope within minutes of each other.

Aly tells her cousin, Hope, that she is definitely happy to be shadowing her.  The implication being that Aly can learn much from Hope – and not only in business….

What does Thorne have to tell Aly?

Alone, Eric asked Thorne if he’d told Aly the other news.  Thorne hasn’t.  He’d planned to do it after Aly’s interview.  Eric recommended Thorne get to telling Aly because the news could be hard on her.  Presumably, this has something to do with Darla who was brought up in flashbacks….

Flashbacks of Alexandria’s birth.

Aly’s introduction served as an opportunity for some great flashback footage to Aly’s birth which showed Darla and Thorne present as Alexandra was brought into the world.  Also present and filming the entire event was Sally Spectra and her hairdresser Gladys (Phyllis Diller) , who married Eric and Stephanie last year before Stephanie’s death.

Sally would be a heavy influence in Aly’s life as her mother Darla Einstein  worked for Sally as her assistant.  Darla was on the ditsy side making the last name Einstein ironic.  Since Aly is clearly a brain, Sally’s use of the nickname for Aly is both fitting a nice nod Aly’s mother,  Darla, who Sally also called Einstein.  It was also noted that Aly finished High School early.


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