The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill and Brooke – November 2013


In Aspen Brooke and Bill headed out for their climbing expedition.  Bill started up the mountain with Othello while Brooke followed with Ramona.

As he began to climb it was clear that Bill’s mind was not fully on the dangerous free climb.  He kept replaying in his mind his last argument with Katie where she told Bill that he could see his son as much as he wanted but not under Brooke’s roof.

Othello encouraged Bill to focus and Brooke decided to call it quits half-way up the mountain (with Ramona) and watch Bill complete his climb.  Brooke watched as Bill continued to climb.  Ramona assured her that Bill was in good hands climbing with Othello.  Yet Brooke still noted that Bill seemed distracted.

A distracted Bill loses his footing

And he was.  Bill was still thinking about Katie’s threat to prevent him seeing his son while he was living under Brooke’s roof.  With his mind on his future visitations with his son, Bill slipped and fell.  Brooke screamed.

Bill’s line broke and he went into freefall as a terrified Brooke watched from below.  His line snagged in a crevice arresting Bill’s fall.  But the news wasn’t good.  His only way out was to climb to the top, Othello told him.  Without a harness.

Brooke was relieved when Bill made it down the mountain safely. But it wasn’t Brooke who Bill had been thinking of when his life was in danger…


Who did Bill think of when his life was in danger?

Bill’s mind played through images of Will as he climbed.  He’d promised he’d always be there for his son, yet here he was dangling from a mountain cliff face with nothing to save his life if he slipped again.  Bill made it to safety and back with Brooke, Othello and Ramona admits he lost focus, then his footing and before he knew it he was in trouble.  When Othello and Ramon joke about trying the climb again Brooke says no.  no more mountain climbing.

Brooke thought she’d lost him, she told Bill.  Bill hugged her and told Brooke that she would always have him and that he loved her. Never  forget that.  But clearly there is more going on with Bill than relief at being safe.

Bill and Brooke Head Home

Back at the Aspen retreat Bill and Brooke decide to head home to LA.  Bill is still remote and thinking about nearly losing his life.

On board the Spencer jet Brooke tried to get Bill to open up and talk about his experience.  He nearly died.  He should have been terrified Brooke tells him.  Bill confirms that his life did indeed flash before his eyes when he was dangling from the mountain.  And the experience was life changing.  He needs to make some changes in his life.

Bill Dumps Brooke

Brooke is stunned when Bill dumps her after a climbing accident in Aspen – for all the reasons she told him they shouldn’t be together in the first place!

His life is in shambles.  His company was taken from him and he’s a weekend father.  He needs to take back control of his life and there is only one way of doing that.  Bill is very sorry.  He never meant to hurt Brooke but he is going back to her sister.

Brooke is teary and stunned.  She can’t believe what he is telling her.  After all the times he told her he loved her and all they’ve been through together.  Brooke notes she should have gone with her conscience but he wore her down.  Go, a hurt and angry Brooke tells Bill.  Go back to Katie.

And while he is basking in the glow of his wife’s love he should take a moment to convince Katie to forgive Brooke.

Bill Goes Home to Katie

Bill did precisely that – went to the home he once shared with his life and son.  He told a suspicious Katie that he was home.  That dangling by a rope from a cliff face made him see what was important.  All he could think about what how Katie had been right all along.  He had been wrong.  He thought about another one of his sons (Will) growing up without him and suddenly knew what he had to do.

He wanted to come home to Katie and Will.  Please take me back, Bill asked of the wife he’d jilted for her sister.

Katie is disbelieving

Katie’s immediate reaction was that Brooke had dumped Bill.  Bill assured Katie that wasn’t the case.  His actions were entirely his own and not prompted by Brooke.  Katie picked up the phone and told her sister to get over there.

Brooke arrived and backed up what Bill was saying.  Her husband was home because he wanted to be with her and his son.  Brooke concedes that she and Bill never should have been together in the first place.  She’d fought it, but he’d worn her down.

Brooke is hurt and a little bit angry

Back at home, Brooke told Donna and Hope who are there to support her that she wishes she’d listened to her conscience and gut.  But Bill had been so insistent.  Donna hoped that Brooke wasn’t blaming herself for what happened.  Bill was responsible also.

Katie forgives Bill

Bill lied to Katie telling her he wanted to come home to his family. What he really wanted was his company back and to resume his affair with Brooke!

Bill and Katie spoke some more after Brooke left.  Finally Katie told Bill that she couldn’t make and decisions tonight and headed for bed.  Bill arrived later in their bedroom.  This is his bed and he planned to sleep in it with his wife he told Katie after she told him there were plenty of spare rooms.  Bill convinced Katie he was right with a kiss.

They awoke the following morning after having obviously spent the night together.

Justin visits

Katie decided she wasn’t going into work.  Justin, seemingly having learned about Bill and Katie’s reunion from Liam and Hope at the office, dropped by the mansion with some contracts for Katie to sign.  And while he was at it he also brought some documents to reinstate Bill as CEO and rescind the custody arrangements they’d made for Will.

Bill told Justin it was too soon, but Katie feeling pressured to take this first step for their family considered signing…Clearly Bill was up to something…

Bill heads to the office

Bill tells Katie that he wants to head to the office.  Go and have fun she tells him like a supportive wife. But when Katie heads to the office later, Bill isn’t there.  She is suspicious but Justin covers.  Katie eventually leaves.

Bill didn’t go straight to the office.  He went to Brooke’s house.  He explains to Brooke that what he did was hard but that a few days of lies were worth a lifetime of happiness to them.  He is back in control of his life he tells Brooke.  He did what he had to do.  He pretended to go back to Katie to get her to sign the papers giving him back his company and equal custody of his son.

He had to lie to Brooke also because Katie would have seen the truth in Brooke’s eyes if he hadn’t.  He asks Brooke to forgive him so that they can be together now.

Brooke is livid, as is Katie

I don’t want you anymore a livid Brooke told Bill.  You really pulled one over on us Brooke yelled at Bill disgusted by his methods.   Brooke told Bill that she could never have a life with him.  Brooke yelled at his to get out of the house.

Brooke turned to find in time to see Katie in the doorway.  I knew it, Katie said angrily.  She’d known when Bill wasn’t at the office that it had all been a lie. Last night was a lie – You used me. Coming home making me believe that is where you wanted to be? Katie tells Brooke she knows she had nothing to do with this.  Now we both know what he is capable of Katie says, because he lied to you too.

Brooke threw Bill out.  Bill left but told Brooke he wasn’t giving up on them.

Katie is stunned.  She feels like a fool for believing Bill.  She so wanted Bill’s epiphany to be how he truly felt.  Bill got everything he wanted, Katie laments .  Or so he thinks Brooke told her little sister….

Bill Celebrates being back at Spencer Publications as CEO

Bill found nothing but leaves in the envelope that should have contained the legal papers returning his company and custody of his son.

Bill, Allison and Justin celebrated his reinstatement as CEO of Spencer Publications with his favorite scotch.  He hands the envelope with the legal papers Katie signed over to Justin so that they can be executed.  Justin goes to take the papers from the manila envelope and tells Bill his has a problem.  Bill takes the envelope and empties the contents onto his desk….the fall leaves that brooke collected in Aspen flutter onto the surface of his desk.

Brooke tells Katie what she did

Brooke told Katie that she replaced the papers that Katie signed with the leaves she collected in Aspen.  Katie is stunned that Brooke did that for her.  Brooke admits to Katie she has hurt her in the past but that nothing or no one will ever come ahead of Katie again.

Bill talks to Brooke

Bill goes to see Brooke and tells her the dead leaves were a nice symbolic touch.  He asked Brooke if she understands what she did you him.  But Brooke is furious and simply cannot believe the level he stooped to get what he wants.  Bill lied to her, and to Katie.  What he did was unforgiveable.  Brooke told Bill she had packed his things.  He was no longer welcome in her home.

Bill told Brooke he was sorry, but for his plan to work that he had to lie to Brooke.  He had his life back: his company, his son, and Brooke.  They had it all.  How could she take it away? Bill wanted to know.

Brooke simply told Bill he had deep and dark issues.  Bill admitted he is a driven obsessive person, but that is what made him so successful.  Didn’t he ever stop to consider the consequences?  How his actions would affect others?  Brooke asked.  Bill conceded that he had been a little too focused on his goal but his experience in Aspen had a profound effect on his judgment.

Bill begs for Brooke’s forgiveness

Brooke told Bill that it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done this kind of thing before (no doubt thinking about Hope’s experiences with Bill), and that if he didn’t stop he’d end up along and with nothing.

Bill told Brooke what he thought she needed to hear.  That what he did was wrong.  He screwed up.  He begged Brooke not to give up on them.  I need you to forgive me, Bill pleaded.