The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer Dumps Brooke Logan!

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    Throughout their relationship, Brooke has been the one to insist that they make certain the choices they make are the right ones.  Torn between loyalty to her sister –who just happened to be Bill’s wife – and her love for Bill Spencer, it was Brooke who questioned whether they were doing the right thing.

    But Bill wore her down when he chased her to Monte Carlo and professed his love for her.  He and Katie were over, Bill assured Brooke.  But still Brooke didn’t take what Bill was saying at face value.  She needed to be sure that what Bill was telling her – that his relationship with Katie was over and unsalvageable – was true.

    Bill and Brooke returned to LA and confronted Katie.  It didn’t end well.  Katie blamed Brooke and Bill for sleeping together and could only see herself as the victim in the scenario.

    Brooke and Bill are shunned

    The altercation with Katie ended with Brooke returning home that night to find Bill in her bed.  The two made love and moved in together and were pretty much shunned by most of their friends and family.  Despite this the duo kept to themselves and continued their relationship.  Bill proposed, Brooke accepted but they didn’t share the news with their friends, family or co workers.

    Hope told Brooke that she had to know deep down that what she was doing with Bill was wrong.  She’d shattered their family.  And Hope didn’t believe that Brooke enjoyed being so isolated working from home.

    Katie fired Bill

    Meanwhile Katie fired Bill from Spencer Publications and told him that he would not be seeing his son under Brooke’s roof.

    Bill initially saw his dismissal form Spencer Publications as an opportunity.  The board had made him give up one of his passions – free climbing – because it was too dangerous a pursuit.  Bill came home to Brooke with mountain climbing gear and told her they were going to Aspen to scale a mountain.

    Brooke agreed and two began training.

    Katie’s Premonition

    When Katie learned that Bill what Bill was planning she had an immediate bad feeling about the trip.  She had a premonition about Bill being in danger if he climbed the mountain in Aspen.  Katie even begged Brooke to talk Bill out of it, but Brooke was all about letting Bill be his own man, and not imposing restrictions on him – like Bill perceived Katie did.

    The climb

    Bill did make one concession to safety – he wore a harness.  Bill paired with Othello took the lead and Ramona and Brooke followed.  The men quickly outpaced the women and Brooke at the halfway mark told Ramona that she was done.

    Brooke and Ramona watched as Bill climbed.  He seemed distracted Brooke noted.  Ramona assured Brooke that Bill was in good hands with Othello.

    Bill’s life hangs in the balance

    Othello, too, noticed Bill’s distraction and urged him to focus on the climb.  They continued but Bill was replaying his last argument with Katie through his mind.  She’d told him he’d be lucky to see his son again and that he wouldn’t see him under Brooke’s roof. His mind firmly focused on his son, Will, Bill lost his footing and went into free fall down the cliff face.

    Brooke screamed from where she and Ramona watched.

    Brooke was relieved when Bill made it down the mountain safely. But it wasn’t Brooke who Bill had been thinking of when his life was in danger…

    Bill’s safety harness caught and suspended his fall.  Othello told him his only option was to climb upwards to safety.  Still Bill’s mind was on his son and promising Will that Daddy would always be there for him.  He’d almost broken that promise by chasing a risky thrill climbing a mountain.  Bill made it to safety and he and Othello joined Ramona and Brooke.

    Brooke is relieved, Bill is pensive

    Brooke hugged Bill and tells Bill that she thought she’d lost him.  Bill assures Brooke that he will always have her and ask her to never forget that.  Bill tells Brooke he loves her and they kiss.

    Back at the Aspen retreat, Bill’s mood hasn’t lifted and they decide to head back to LA.  On the jet as they land in LA Brooke believes Bill’s mood is a result of his terrifying experience.  He nearly died she tells him understandingly.

    Bill dumps Brooke!

    Brooke is stunned when Bill dumps her after a climbing accident in Aspen – for all the reasons she told him they shouldn’t be together in the first place!

    Bill tells Brooke he is sorry to do this to her and that he never wanted to hurt her.  The experience was life changing Bill tells Brooke.  His life did flash before his eyes.  His life is in a shambles he’s out of control and he doesn’t believe Brooke is happy either (isolated from colleagues and family).  He’s needs to take his life back.  He wants to take his company back and needs to be more than a weekend father.

    Bill is very sorry to hurt Brooke, but there is only one solution.  He’s going back to Katie.

    Brooke is stunned. That ‘s what she had been telling him all along.  After all the times he told her he loved her.  He convinced her it was true and broke up her family – for him.  Brooke wishes she listened to her gut and her conscience.  Upset and hurt, Brooke told Bill to go back to Katie.

    But will Katie take him back?


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