The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Redeems Herself with Katie and Gets Even with Bill

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    Last week, supposedly, as the result of a near death experience while Rock Climbing in Aspen, Bill Spencer had an epiphany.  Or a moment of clarity as he put it.   While dangling on a cliff face by a rope Bill Spencer decided he needed to be the one to control his life.  He needed to make some changes.

    While Brooke collected fall foliage, a memento of their trip to Aspen, Bill suggested they head home back to Los Angeles.  In a foreshadowing of what was to come, Bill Spencer told Brooke he loved her and to never forget that.

    Bill takes control of his life and dumps Brooke

    As their flight was airborne, Bill dropped his news on Brooke.  He’d lost control of his life.  Katie had stolen his company from him and he was an every second weekend father.  He wanted his life back and there was only one solution, he told Brooke.  He was going back to her sister – his wife.

    Brooke is stunned when Bill dumps her after a climbing accident in Aspen – for all the reasons she told him they shouldn’t be together in the first place!

    Brooke was stunned and dumbfounded.  Bill was dumping her for all the reasons she had told him they should never be together in the first place.  But he had been so insistent and told her over and over again that he loved her and that she was his future, not Katie.  An angry Brooke told Bill to go back to Katie and while he was basking in the glow of her love he should take a moment to convince her sister to forgive her.

    Bill goes home to reunite with his wife

    Bill went from the airport to see Katie at the home they once shared.  He told her that he’d had a moment of clarity when his life flashed before his eyes while dangling from an Aspen mountainside.   Katie had been right all along – about everything.  All he’d thought of was another one of his sons growing up without him.  And of Katie.

    But too much had happened between them and Katie wasn’t buying it.  She suspected that Brooke had dumped Bill and he’d come crawling back to her.  She wasn’t going to accept that.  She called Brooke over.  Brooke arrived and confirmed Bill’s story.

    You can have your family back and be happy, Brooke had told her sister before leaving.  Katie needed time to think, but when Bill came to their marital bed, she didn’t turn him away.

    Brooke is guilty, hurt and angry

    Donna and Hope were supportive of Brooke.  They all agreed that Bill was back where he belonged.  With Katie and his son.  Donna and Hope tried to convince Brooke that she shouldn’t blame herself for what happened.  Bill Spencer had plenty to account for as well, Donna reasoned.

    But Brooke was having a hard time forgiving herself.  She’ had destroyed Katie’s family and her relationship with her sister – and for what?  All Brooke had to show for it was a handful of pretty fall leaves she’d collected in Aspen.

    Bill has a plan

    Bill lied to Katie telling her he wanted to come home to his family. What he really wanted was his company back and to resume his affair with Brooke!

    The following morning Bill and Katie were still basking in the glow of their reunion.  Justine stopped by with some documents for Katie to sign.  He also heard the good news of their reconciliation from Liam and Hope in the office and took the liberty of bringing some other documents for Katie to sign.

    Katie seemed suspicious especially when those documents proved to reinstate Bill as CEO of Spencer Publications and give Bill equal custody of Will.  Bill told Katie she didn’t have to sign them now.  There would be time for that later, but Katie thinking it would be a good first step for their family and showing her trust and faith in Bill signed.

    Not long afterwards, Bill headed to the office and Katie was supportive of Bill returning to the helm.  Later Katie came to the office but Bill wasn’t there.  He’s probably walking the building putting in some face time, Justin tried to convince Katie.  But Katie didn’t seem convinced.

    Bill goes to Brooke

    Bill made a stop on the way to the office.  He went to Brooke’s house where he told Brooke that he was sorry he’d lied to her but breaking up with Brooke in order to reunite with Katie for the sole purpose of getting his company and son back where his plan to take control.  He was sorry he had to hurt her but he was back.  A couple of days of lies were worth a lifetime of happiness for them.

    Katie overhears Brooke tell Bill off

    Brooke was horrified.  He had lied to her and lied to Katie just to get his company and son back a flabbergasted Brooke spat.  Brooke told Bill that she could never be with him now.  What he had done to both her and Katie, but mostly Katie was despicable.   Brooke told Bill to get out of her house.

    Brooke and Katie are disgusted by Bill’s tactics. Unfortunately this had unforeseen consequences. The Logan sisters banded together!

    Bill and Brooke turned to the door and found Katie standing there having overheard everything.  An angry was horrified.  She knew it had all been a lie when he hadn’t been at the office Katie told Bill. Last night had all been a lie, he had used her.  Katie and Bill argued.  Bill stating that what he’d done was no different to what she had done to him.

    Brooke threw Bill out of her home and he left, but not before telling Brooke that he wasn’t giving up on them.

    Brooke protects her sister

    Katie told Brooke she knew Brooke didn’t know anything about Bill’s plan.  That didn’t stop Katie feeling like a fool for believing the father of her child though.

    Bill had won.  He had everything he wanted, Katie stated sadly.  Or so he thinks, Brooke told her sister with a small smile on her face.  Katie asked her sister what she had done.

    Bill learns he’s been duped

    Bill toasted to his success in getting back his company and equal custody of his son. Little did Bill realize that Brooke had pulled an exchange. Inside the envelope on his desk ae Brooke’s collection of fall leaves from Aspen not the legal documents Katie signed returning those things to him!

    Back in his office and celebrating over fine scotch with Justin and his assistant Allison, Bill hands the envelope with the papers Katie signed to Justin to get them executed.  Justin opens the envelope and tells Bill he has a problem.

    Justin handed the envelope to Bill who emptied the contents onto his desk.  The fall leaves that Brooke collected in Aspen fluttered onto his desk.

    Brooke had made a switch while he and Katie had been arguing foiling his plan….


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