The Bold and the Beautiful: The Liam, Wyatt and Hope Love Triangle November 2013

A jewelry heist goes wrong

As Wyatt and Charlie – the security guard hired to protect the Hope for the Future Diamond – closed the boutique for the day they locked the front doors.  Wyatt turned to look where the diamond should have displayed.  It was missing!

He asked Charlie where it was.  Charlie didn’t know and became flustered and began searching drawers after establishing that Wyatt had not put it in the safe.  Wyatt watched amused.  Clearly he was responsible for the diamonds disappearance.

Wyatt and Charlie are heroes

Charlie called the police and they were on the way.  That’s where Wyatt’s plan should have ended.  A disappearing diamond was good for a bit of publicity for Hope for the Future.

As Charlie and Wyatt waited for the police to arrive, however,  two “ladies” toting guns came out of the change rooms and demanded the diamond.  Wyatt headed over to a buffet under the guise of getting the diamond for the robbers.  Instead he picked up Charlie’s thermos of coffee and threw it over the robbers.

The robbers where wrested by Charlie and the police arrived to arrest the famous jewel thieves suspected in 3 other big jewelry heists.  The press and paparazzi arrived soon afterwards.  Wyatt’s plan had gained them international exposure for Forrester Creations and Hope for the Future.

Charlie and Wyatt are lauded as heroes.

Great Publicity worth Celebrating!

Hope and Wyatt answered questions and posed for the press after Wyatt and Charlie were hailed heroes for catching famous jewel thieves…

Hope and Quinn, who had been enroute to the boutique for a private event arrived soon after.  Hope hailed Wyatt a hero, but Quinn was wise. She knew her son had been behind the diamond going missing in the first place.  Wyatt confirms it but admits he hadn’t counted on the robbers.

The rest of the Foresters arrive and celebrate with champagne.  The diamond is safe and Forrester’s is getting international press exposure.  Eric notes Wyatt couldn’t have done any better if he’d planned the entire event.

Everyone admires each other.  Eric is thankful Hope brought Wyatt and h

is beautiful mother into their lives, Wyatt is thankful that their partnership has taken their business to the next level.  He admires Eric as a person and a business man.

Foiled Jewelry heist is a press phenomenon!

The press goes crazy over the foiled jewelry heist.  Hope has interview after interview and Wyatt receives a commendation from the Scotland Yard and a special thanks Merit Award from the LAPD.

When Hope suggests he may be a little jealous Liam tells her that Liam can have the press attention and the limelight for saving the day.  He doesn’t care as long as he has the girl.  Liam sweeps Hope away from the office for a romantic picnic at his Malibu beach house.  Hope is impressed by his renovations.  He’s planted all her favorites – lavender and rosemary and she loves the new fire pit. They settle into beach gear to enjoy their lunch.

Hope and Liam’s picnic is crashed

When Wyatt learned about Liam and Hope’s romantic lunch date, he crashed the Mexican fiesta picnic….

Back at the office Wyatt is “oohing” and “aahing” over the newest photos for the HFTF campaign.  Where is Hope

he asks Donna who tells him Liam took her to the beach house for lunch.  Wyatt decides is a nice day for it and crashes Hope and Liam’s picnic under the guise of bringing Hope the latest HFTF photos.

The afternoon turns into a sporting and chili eating competition with Wyatt pretty much besting Liam at everything.

Back to the office

As Wyatt heads back to the office, Hope too, is summoned back to the office by Eric.  He wants to review the campaign using the photos Wyatt brought out to Malibu.

All and Hope are thrilled with Eric’s idea that Aly shadow Hope to see how she does things.

Back at the office, Hope, Wyatt and Liam meet Aly Forrester Thorne’s daughter who

had ditched the idea of becoming a lawyer in favor of following in her dad’s footsteps and joining the family business.  She wants to develop a shoe line.

Eric is glad to have his granddaughter on board and tells Hope that he wants Aly to shadow Hope.  Aly and Hope are both thrilled.  Aly develops a nickname – shadow girl.

Liam Reprimands Bill

Liam laid into Bill Spencer when Bill wouldn’t commit to supporting his relationship with Hope.  An angry Liam reminded Bill that it was him putting out fires at Spencer Publications that Katie started, not Wyatt.  In fact, Wyatt was working for Forrester where he was putting the moves on “his” girl, Liam ranted at Bill.

Bill congratulated Liam for standing up for himself.  Bill conceded that Liam was right and that he now had Bill’s 100% support.

Bill asks Wyatt to back off

Making good on his promise to Liam, Bill visited Wyatt at Forrester Creations (under the guise that he’s a shareholder) and suggested that Wyatt should respect his brother’s relationship with Hope and back off.  Wyatt didn’t take the suggestion so well.  Did Bill back off when he realized that he was in love with Katie’s sister, Brooke?  Wyatt asked, drawing a parallel between their situations.

Bill had to agree with Wyatt.  He did not.  In fact he was more determined than ever to have a future with Brooke.

Hope and Wyatt Steam it up

Hope wasn’t alone in the steam room for long! Wyatt came to join her…

When Wyatt learned from shadow girl, Aly that Hope was having a steam, Wyatt followed Hope into he steam room where things got pretty hot – and it wasn’t just the steam he

ating things up. Despite enjoying Wyatt’s kisses and even kissing him back, Hope put an end to the interlude telling Wyatt that if he thought their first time (is they ever did have a first time) was going to be in public in a steam room then she didn’t know him as weill as he thought.

Hope left.  Later when Liam met up with Hope to tell her about Bill’s support he noted her wet hair.  Liam told Hope that if he’d known she was taking a steam, he would have joined her.  Hope simply mentioned that it would have been interesting if he had….

Thanksgiving preparations

Hope took on the task of setting out the seating arrangements for Thanksgiving.  She also suggested that the event become an engagement party for Rick and Caroline.  This of course meant that Bill, as Caroline’s uncle, would be invited.

Hope convinces Katie and Brooke to share a Thanksgiving meal with Bill.  And given That Caroline’s mom’s are out of the country, Bill decided to attend.

Giving Thanks

Liam and Hope shared a quiet moment while Thanksgiving dinner was underway. Only she could bring all these fractured relationships into one room and make sure everyone enjoyed themselves, Liam told Hope.

Wyatt and Quinn received an invitation to Thanksgiving care of Hope.  Wyatt assured Hope this would their first Thanksgiving together of many.  He brought her the HFTF diamond to wear for the day (with Eric’s approval).

Hope seated everyone so that they had to say something sweet about the person sitting to their right.  Hope seated Liam to her right, and Wyatt to the right of his mom.  Hope told Liam that he was a genuinely nice guy and that was why everyone at the table loved him so much.

Later Liam told Hope that only she could have pulled this off – bringing all these fractured relationships into one room and have everyone enjoying themselves…


Was Hope’s message to Liam supposed to sound like the beginning of a “its not you, it’s me” speech?  December 2013 will tell that tale!


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