Christmas 2013 | The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Stephanie Forrester – Gone but not forgotten

    Eric started the evenings celebrations sharing a martini with Stephanie

    Christmas 2013 saw the Forrester’s celebrate their second Christmas without family matriarch, Stephanie.  Not surprisingly, Stephanie still featured heavily in the days celebrations with her portrait holding court over the family gathering.

    Eric started the evening in memory of his wife, once again mixing two martinis and toasting his wife’s drink before enjoying his own.

    Ridge – Home Again

    A recently returned, Ridge almost entered and went to leave, but Eric sensing his presence told his “son” that Stephanie would have been happy to see him home.  We’re both happy you’re home – where you belong, Eric added.

    Pam and Eric, also shared a quiet moment acknowledging that Stephanie was gone but not forgotten, as Pam was preparing the family feast.  Pam told Eric that she’d seen a blue bird on the terrace that morning.  Stephanie was there with them, Pam told Stephanie’s widower, watching over them.  Just like the imposing portrait in the living room.

    Kristen and Felicia comfort Pam who for a moment seems to forget Stephanie is no longer with them

    Later while preparing dinner with Felicia and Kristin, Pam seemed to forget that Stephanie was no longer with them.  Kristen and Felicia offered to do the stuffing but Pam insisted that Stephanie preferred her stuffing.  They fell into silence as they all realized Pam’s mistake.  The ladies hugged as they remembered their mother and sister.

    Forrester home filled with family

    With Eric’s home now housing Thorne and Aly, who sold the family home they shared with Darla, Aly’s mom, and Ridge who recently returned to Los Angeles from Paris, Eric was less alone than last year at Christmas when Stephanie had barely been gone a month.

    Felicia, Kristen and Tony once again returned to the family home to celebrate Christmas with the girls’ father, as they had last year.

    Rick and Caroline’s first Christmas as a married couple

    Rick and Caroline exchanged gifts before heading to the big house for the family celebrations. They presented each other with the same gift – a photo album of their recent island honeymoon (Rick hired 2 islands…)

    Caroline and Rick, now living together as a newly married couple in the guesthouse on the Forrester Estate also arrived for the family’s celebration.  Brooke, wearing red, also arrived. Ridge answered the door and before helping her get gifts from the car Ridge wanted Brooke to “unwrap” his gift to her.

    More family surprises

    RJ came home for Christmas, now 10 years old.

    RJ, now 10 years old, came around the door surprising his mother.  He’ arrived last night from Europe where he has been at boarding school.  But that wasn’ the only surprise.  To add credence to Ridge’s claim that he wanted to be a family again; RJ was now enrolled to attend school in Ojai, California.

    Eggnog and Carols

    The Forrester’s celebrated Christmas drinking eggnog and singing carols around the piano as Eric played.

    The Forrester family home was filled with the joy and laughter of his family but Eric also had poignant memories of last Christmas when he chose to spend the day alone watching a Celtic Woman concert from a box.  Even then, Eric and his two martinis (one for Stephanie) hadn’t been along long.

    His family had pressured Pam until she told them where Eric was.  The entire family joined Eric in that box at the theatre.  For all their dramas and difficulties the Forrester’s are a family that rally around and support each other in times of need….