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After a 15 month absence from Los Angeles and Brooke’s life, Ridge Forrester has returned with the intention of reuniting with Brooke, the wife he left on their honeymoon.

Ridge asks Eric what Brooke has been up to

Ridge’s first stop, however, was the family home and a conversation with dad, Eric, who filled Ridge in on Brooke’s year – without making mention of the fact that Brooke had an affair with Bill Spencer, her sister’s husband.

Ridge told his dad that he was determined to reunite with Brooke and never let her go.  Eric sent Ridge to see Brooke.

Brooke remembers Ridge

Meanwhile at Brooke’s house, Hope and Brooke were walking the garden discussing wedding locations.  Hope stopped at the staircase fountain and told her mom she always loved it there.  So romantic.  Especially in the hands of the right man, Brooke notes wistfully.

Brooke filled Hope in on the last time Ridge came back to her – as he always had – until this time.  Ridge had left Taylor when he learned that their marriage was based on a lie that Thomas concocted about Thomas and Brooke sleeping together under the influence of hallucinogenic tropical berries when their plane crashed on the way to Australia.

Realizing that he’d left Brooke over a lie, Ridge and Taylor called an end to their wedding and Ridge returned to Brooke.  He found her sitting at the bottom of the staircase fountain.  Ridge got her attention by dropping rose petals into the top of the fountain and waiting for them to make their way to the bottom where Brooke sat.

Ridge dropped rose petals in the fountain to alert Brooke to his return – a tactic he’d used before when coming back to Brooke.

Rose Petals in the Fountain

Brooke sent Hope home to get a good night rest before her wedding the following day.  Sitting at the bottom of the fountain Brooke was surprised to find rose petals floating in the water.  She followed the petal trail upward to find Ridge standing on the balcony holding a single pink rose.  He came down the stairs, she came up.  They met in the middle and after a single word “Logan” from Ridge, the duo kissed….

Good start toward a Ridge and Brooke reunion but with Brooke’s affair with Bills till and unknown to Ridge, it surely can’t be that simple….

Watch the Video of Ridge and Brooke’s Reunion


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