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    Though Hope and Liam don’t know it yet they have Quinn Fuller to thank for yet another epic wedding attempt failure.

    This time Hope didn’t even get into her dress.  Probably just as well.  Poor Eric – or whoever designed this one – must be running out of ideas!

    Hope and Liam’s Wedding Day

    Hope and Liam’s wedding day finally arrived.  Steffy had granted Liam and annulment months ago yet Hope had been hanging off on actually getting married – thanks to Hope’s belief that Liam wasn’t totally committed to her and still had lingering feelings for Steffy – the wife who had left him.

    Hope and Liam made it through the hurt feeling and other obstacles.  Liam had cut Steffy out of his life for her, so Hope agreed to cut Wyatt – Liam’s half brother – out of hers.  Hope and Liam both agreed there was nothing to stand in the way of them getting married.  Not Bill, Not Amber and most notable not Steffy.

    Nothings stands in the way

    What neither Hope, nor Liam had counted on were the lengths that Quinn Fuller would go to.  Quinn was determined that Wyatt would have the woman he loved.  That Hope was that woman and was about to marry Wyatt’s half-brother, Liam, was a mere inconvenience for Quinn who is quickly being type cast as a master manipulator who could challenge both Bill Spencer and the departed Stephanie Forrester.

    Liam had confidently told Wyatt that he and his mother had no more moves to play now that Hope had cut them from bother her personal and professional life.

    Hope too, believed that they had dealt with every obstacle that he prevented her and Liam marrying in the past.

    Wyatt is magnanimous in defeat

    Quinn, in a bid to secure QAJ (Quinn Artisan Jewelers) future with Forrester Creations and her son’s happiness wasn’t quite a magnanimous as Wyatt was in his defeat.

    Sure, Wyatt had begged his brother not to make Hope cut the business ties between QAJ and Forrester Creations.  Wyatt’s pleading however fell on deaf ears.  Wyatt also used every ounce persuasion with Hope to try to change her mind about marrying Liam.  But when that persuasion (which looked an awful lot like seduction) didn’t pan out and just made Hope more determined they could not work together, Wyatt accepted that Liam had won the hand of the fair maiden, Hope.

    Wyatt even turned up on Hope’s wedding day to wish her the best and telling her that Liam was alright and that she’d made a good choice.  Wyatt was off to Hawaii for some rest and recover; to surf and clear his head.

    Quinn comes out fighting

    When backed into a corner however, Quinn came out fighting.  Using Steffy’s visit to Los Angeles as an opportunity Quinn convinced Eric that it was his idea for Quinn to head to International to discuss pairing Quinn’s jewelry with Foresters’ designs.

    Quinn’s luck was even better when Steffy learned that the tests she’d had in LA – the reason she’d come back – proved she could have babies.

    Quinn laid it on thick telling Steffy she owed it to herself and Liam to tell him her good news.  Her fertility status was a game changer Quinn insisted while planning the seed that Liam didn’t treat Hope well and that Hope was marrying Liam despite having strong feelings for his brother.

    Steffy goes back to LA to see Liam – on his wedding day.

    Quinn’s arguments were persuasive and though Steffy saw through Quinn’s motives she boarded the Forrester jet back to Los Angeles.  Back in Los Angeles, Steffy went directly to the cabin on Brooke’s property where Liam was getting ready for his wedding.

    She told Liam her good news.  Liam was happy both for Steffy’s ability to have children and that the depressed Steffy who had left Los Angeles all those months ago was gone.  Steffy was back to her old self.  Steffy admitted that she felt like a dark cloud had lifted.  She’d gone to Paris to allow Liam a life with Hope where he could have the children he so wanted.  There’s nothing standing in our way now, Steffy tells Liam, but Liam gently tells Steffy that he’s sure she will have children, just not with him.  He’s committed to Hope.

    Hope sees Liam with Steffy

    Quinn didn’t leave anything to chance.  Knowing that Steffy was headed to the cabin to see Liam, Quinn planted a note on Hope’s dresser supposedly from Liam asking to see her in the cabin.

    Brooke tried to stop Hope going since it was back luck, but Hope didn’t believe in back luck and thought it cute that Liam wanted to see her.

    Hope skipped across the back lawn decked out for her wedding and made her way to the cabin.  The smile died on her lips however when she approached the cabin and saw Liam was not alone.  He was with Steffy.

    Though Hope witnessed nothing unseemly between Liam and Steffy she shook her head, rolled her eyes and headed back to the house.

    Hope gets dressed

    Back at the house, Brooke came into her bedroom to find Hope already dressed.  Just not in her wedding attire.  Pulling on a pair of boots, Hope told her mother that she wouldn’t’ be marrying Liam today and nothing else.  Hope left, leaving Brooke to work out what had happened.

    Brooke went to the cabin to see Liam.  There the two of them worked out very quickly that Hope has seen Liam with Steffy….

    Hope Runs to Wyatt

    On the Forrester jet, Wyatt was keen to get underway and put some distance between himself and LA.  But Quinn encouraged her son not to give up on Hope just yet.  He didn’t even know if Hope would go through with the wedding, Quinn reasoned.

    Quinn was right.  Hope appeared on the jet.  She wasn’t getting married today, she told them.  Hope suggested Quinn get back to the office and get to work – they were no longer fired.

    And me?  Wyatt asked.

    Hope looks at Wyatt and simply stated that the two of them were headed to Hawaii!


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