The Bold and the Beautiful – Bill, Katie, Brooke and Ridge – December 2013

Bill continues to pursue Brooke

Brooke was adamant that she and Bill were not getting back together.  What he had done to her and Katie was unforgiveable in Brooke’s eyes.  But Bill was persistent.  He told Brooke at every opportunity that they would have a life together and that he wasn’t giving up on them.

Bill turned up at Forrester Creations and Brooke insisted he leave the door to the office open.  But Bill not only closed the door – he locked it.  Brooke was mortified when Aly found them behind the locked door.  Brooke was concerned that rumors would start circulating again and the she would be forced into exile again for her poor romantic choices.  But Bill’s only motive was to bang on the same old drum – he and Brooke would be together again.

Planning a wedding

Meanwhile Brooke was working on rebuilding her sisterly relationship with Katie.  They had lunch, Brooke visited Katie at her CEO office at Spencer Publications.  Brooke seemed overly concerned about Katie’s perception about every move Brooke made.  Brooke told her sister that she and Bill had been seeing each other, but it was hard to avoid since, as parents of the Bride and Groom,  they were planning Liam and Hope’s latest wedding.

Katie assured Brooke that she wasn’t on parole.  When Brooke asked whether Katie would be coming to the wedding Katie said she didn’t think she could take watching Bill and Brooke playing happy parents of the Bride and Groom.  Katie wouldn’t be attending.

Ridge is back!

While planning was underway for Hope and Liam’s wedding and unbeknownst to anyone in Los Angeles, Ridge returned!  He drove his silver Tesla to the gates of the Forrester estate.  Inside Eric was enjoying his evening martini “with” Stephanie.  Eric expressed his regret at drinking alone since Stephanie’s death and a voice from behind him said “I can help you with that.”

Eric turned to see his “son” in the doorway.  The men shook hands embraced before Eric questioned his son on what had been going on with him.  Ridge filled his dad in.  He’d left Brooke on their honeymoon because he’s been under so much pressure being a husband and a father to two families.  He just needed to be alone for a while and find himself (read he had a midlife crisis).

Brooke’s lie about being in contact with Deacon was just a convenient but mildly annoying excise to make his escape to be on his own and reconnect with himself as a designer.

Why is Ridge back?

Ridge now realized he had made many mistakes.  And he was here to fix them.  He wanted Brooke back.  She was the love of his life and he couldn’t be without her.  Some mistakes couldn’t be reversed though.  Ridge told Eric he regretted no coming home when Stephanie was dying.  But that oversight was quickly explained by Eric stating that Stephanie had begged her eldest and favorite son not to return.  In the end Stephanie had gone off to die alone rather than with her family around her so his absence made no difference.  He wouldn’t have been with Stephanie anyway.

Eric filled Ridge in on Brooke’s year.  She’d been busy supporting Liam and Hope and re-starting the Brooke’s Bedroom line.  Eric made no mention of Brooke’s love life, however, and simply sent Ridge to see Brooke.

Ridge Sees Brooke

Hope and Brooke, while scouting wedding locations in Brooke’s garden, discussed Ridge using the stair case fountain as a romantic way of letting Brooke know that he had come back to her in the past (when he learned Thomas has lied about sleeping with Brooke while under the influence of hallucinogenic berries while castaway after a plane crash).

After Hope left Brooke sat at the base of the fountain.  Suddenly pink rose petals appeared in the water like they did on that day.  A disbelieving Brooke looked up to see Ridge standing at the top of the fountain holding a single pink rose.  They met halfway up the staircase and melted into a kiss.

Ridge and Brooke kiss then she slaps him

Ridge declared that he was back.  He was sorry he hurt her, but he wanted to be a family again – like they once were.  Brooke remembering how he’d left her on their honey moon slapped him with the back of her hand.  Since it was the day before Hope’s wedding Ridge told Logan he would be back – after the wedding.  Ridge was staying with Eric.

Bill and Brooke host Hope and Liam’s Wedding

Brooke may have been thinking about Ridge on Hope’s wedding day, but not for long.  With Bill present as the father of the groom and Brooke standing up for Hope as mother of the bride Brooke’s focus was elsewhere.  As was Bill’s.

Bill mentioned not seeing a lot of Brooke lately.  Brooke simply stated that a lot had been going on.  Before Brooke could explain that statement further they were interrupted.  Bill, however, was still determined that he and Brooke would be together.

Hope ended up running away from her wedding to Liam after seeing Liam with Steffy, leaving Brooke busy working out what had happened and where Hope had gone. (Hope went to Hawaii with Wyatt).

Christmas 2013 – Ridges Surprise

The Forrester’s celebrated Christmas at the Forrester estate.  Felicia, Kristen and Tony came into town.  Aly and Thorne who now lived there were also present – and of course Ridge was home for Christmas this year – something Eric was thankful for.

Brooke arrived at the Forrester estate.  Ridge answered the door.  She had presents in the car she told him.  Ridge offered to help her with them after she unwrapped his gift.  A ten year old RJ came around the corner and wished him mom merry Christmas.  He’d arrived last night from his European boarding school.

Ridge and RJ also told Brooke that he was enrolled to go to school in Ojai next term.   The Forrester’s celebrated Christmas with eggnog and carols as Eric played the piano.


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