The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Returns!

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    Ridge returned to Los Angeles arriving just in time for happy hour with Eric.

    Steffy’s whirlwind trip to Los Angeles wasn’t the only visitor who arrived in Los Angeles from Paris.  On Friday 13 November, 2013 a sleek silver Tesla bearing the plates FRSTR1 made its way through the winding hills overlooking Los Angeles and came to a stop at a mansion with the Forrester logo on the iron gates. 

    Ridge is Back!

    The dark suited gentleman with collar length hair walked the premises, looking at the statues, checking out the pool, the view to Los Angeles, and finally entering the stately home.

    Inside Eric Forrester was making his customary two martinis.  One for him and one for Stephanie – a ritual he hasn’t broken since her death.  He toasted Stephanie and told her that there is a lot of drama at the house on the hill and wished that she was here to share it with her.  Worst thing about it is that he’s drinking alone Eric notes.  From behind him comes a voice.

    “I can help you with that.”

    Eric turns towards the familiar voice.  “Ridge!” he says and he shakes his hand and embraces his oldest son (who isn’t really his son).

    Ridge, of course, now looks a little different with Thorstyn Kaye taking over the role from Ron Moss who left The Bold and the Beautiful in 2012 after 25 years portraying Ridge Forrester. 

    Spoilers seem to indicate that Ridge’s arrives in Los Angeles with the intent of picking up where he left off in his personal and professional life.  But that may not be so easy given that his departure was very sudden and he has been absent for some key events.

    Brooke and Ridge

    Ridge’s departure from Brooke, and Los Angeles, was sudden.  In fact,  Ridge left Brooke while they were on their honeymoon citing Brooke’s failure to tell him about being in contact with Deacon via test message as yet another example of her lying and omitting the truth.  Brooke returned to Los Angeles sans Ridge and Ridge took up office in Paris – running Forrester International.

    Rumors have it that Ridge returns with the intent of reuniting with Brooke, though a discussion of the way he left her on their honeymoon only garners him a slap. But even if Brooke is ready to gie Ridge another shot, there is still Brooke’s affair with Bill Spencer for the duo to get past. 

    Eric fills Ridge in on happenings in LA since his departure but fails to mention anything about Brooke and Bill’s affair or Brooke trying to convince Eric that he should pass off Spencer’s child as Eric’s.  Presumably since honesty has been an ongoing sore point in Brooke and Ridge’s relationship, Brooke does the brave thing and confesses to Ridge that she had an affair with her sister’s husband.

    Unsurprisingly, Ridge finds himself spending time with Katie as he tries to comprehend what has happened.

    Ridge and Forrester Creations

    Spoilers are also indicating that Ridge’s return with reignite the Forrester Creations power struggles that have fallen a little flat over the past twelve months with only Thomas and basement bound Thorne to challenge Rick’s authority and position as President.

    When Ridge left Los Angeles behind he left Thomas in charge as interim CEO.  Stephanie’s death, Thomas’s inheritance of Stephanie’s shares, and a contractual loophole all mean that Thomas was ousted as CEO when Stephanie posthumously appointed Eric as CEO.

    Eric held a competition between rick and Thomas to assign a President.  Rick ended up being appointed President and Thomas could never get over that not only should he be running the company by he should own it.  Thomas too left for Paris.

    When Ridge returns to the office in Los Angeles he treads on Rick’s toes by simply taking charge as if he’d never been absent.  Rick and Caroline, band together to, fight this latest challenge to Rick’s position.

    Ridge and Stephanie

    Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of Ridge’s departure however was Ridge’s absence from his mother’s funeral.  Spoilers are sketchy about what his reason may have been, but do indicate that all will be explained.  Whether fans will buy it, or Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester, remains to be seen….


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