The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Can Have Children! What does that mean for Hope and Liam?

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After learning she was barren, Steffy ended her marriage to Liam and told Hope to love him. Steffy started life anew in Paris while working at Forrester International

Steffy handed Liam over to Hope

Six months ago, Steffy nobly handed her husband, Liam, over to Hope – the other love of Liam’s life. 

Steffy and Liam were not only trying to work through the grief of losing their unborn child, but Steffy was delivered another blow when she collapsed and learned there had been complications after her miscarriage.  She would no longer be able to conceive and carry a child to term, Dr Caspary told Steffy.

With that news Steffy lost the lifeline that had pulled her from the darkest depths of depression and guilt after losing her baby.  She would no longer be able to give Liam a child.  And Liam wanted children.  So Steffy kept this latest news secret, told Hope she was leaving LA, and that Liam was hers

Hope could give Liam something that Steffy never could and Steffy left Los Angeles and began life over in Paris working at Forrester International.

It should have been simple.  Hope and Liam finally had the chance to be together that had been taken from them through other people’s manipulations or circumstances. 

But it wasn’t.

Liam and Hope run into more roadblocks

Liam was still working through the grief of losing his and Steffy’s child.  That shock was then compounded when Steffy upped and ended their marriage without really explaining what had happened. One minute she’d been talking about having another baby and the next, Steffy was moving to Paris and wanting a divorce.

To complicate matters, Hope met a young man taking a solar shower in the woods with whom she shared an almost fairy tale like attraction.  Hope’s new Price Charming, Wyatt, also turned out to be Liam’s half-brother thanks to Bill Spencer’s youth as a ladies’ man.

Liam did eventually fly to Paris and learn from Steffy the reason why she left him – she could no longer give him a family.  Liam left Paris and returned to Los Angeles, removed his wedding ring and proposed to Hope.

The fact that Liam was still officially married to Steffy also needed to be dealt with.  Initially Steffy didn’t want an annulment – only a divorce – but she ended up giving Liam his annulment so that Liam and Hope wouldn’t be subjected to another 6 month waiting period before they could wed.

Hope ends her engagement to Liam

After Liam reached out to Steffy by making her a video that paid tribute to their relationship, Hope ended her engagement to Liam. She wouldn’t marry him until he had Steffy right out of his system.

Steffy shouldn’t have worried.  Hope and Liam’s engagement didn’t last long once she learned (through Wyatt’s mom sending her an anonymous email) that Liam had made Steffy a tribute video much like the one he’d made for her.  Hope saw red.  Hope had taken the tribute video Liam had made her celebrating their relationship to mean that he was over Steffy and that Liam was hers and only hers.

Unfortunately Liam had accidently sent the Hope tribute video to Steffy and Steffy had wanted one of her own – a memento of their life together.  Liam had made the video as a final goodbye he’d tried to tell Hope but she still refused to put his engagement ring back on her finger.

Hope the flirt

Hope enjoyed giving Liam a taste of his own medicine.  Wyatt pursued Hope relentlessly and Liam worked hard to convince Hope to marry him.  Hope enjoyed having two men fight over her and let the competition between the brothers go on, and on.  Finally, Ay Forrester told Liam what he should have known all along.  What Hope was doing wasn’t right. 

Steeled by his conversation with Aly, Liam headed over to Hope’s house and told her enough was enough.  He’d waited long enough.  He’d proved he was committed to Hope and only Hope and Steffy was no longer in the picture.  It was time they got married and she cut Wyatt and Quinn out of her personal and professional life.  He’d cut Steffy out of his life for Hope and he expected Hope to do the same with Wyatt.  For their relationship.

Hope and Liam are engaged – again!

Hope bent to Liam’s ultimatum.  Liam was right.  She could see no reason why they shouldn’t marry.  Their problems with Steffy, Bill and Amber were behind them.  And Steffy was no longer in the picture. Hope’s fear, that Steffy would return and take Liam away from her again hadn’t eventuated.

Steffy Returns

What neither Liam nor Hope realized was that Steffy had returned!  She flew into Los Angeles for a doctor’s appointment and after a quick visit with Eric at Forrester’s offices boarded the Forrester private jet and headed back to Paris.

But Steffy wasn’t alone when the jet took off.  Quinn overhearing Steffy and Eric’s conversation and knowing that Liam and Steffy had been the cause of Hope and Liam breaking up in the past, convinced Eric to let her head to Paris to touch base with the staff at International about pairing her jewelry with the Forrester designs.  Eric agreed even though he knew Quinn and Wyatt had been let go from the HFTF line they’d been hired to work for.

Quinn asks Steffy to stop Liam and Hopes Wedding

Steffy remained steadfast during the entire flight from Los Angeles to Paris and avoiding being baited into a conversation with Quinn about stopping Liam and Hopes impending nuptials.  Steffy did however explain that it was her actions that had caused the end of her marriage and that she’d stepped aside so that Liam could have a family. 

After a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles Steffy arrived back in Paris to receive a phone call from Dr Caspary. Her procedures had been a success. She can now have children!

Once at Forrester International Steffy was about to set Quinn up in the conference room (removing her incessant overprotective and interfering mother dialogue about stopping Liam and Hope’s wedding to give her son a shot at winning Hope’s heart) when Steffy received a phone call.  It was Dr. Caspary, who had Steffy’s test results.  This was the type of phone call that Dr.  Caspary enjoyed making she told Steffy.

Her procedures had been a success.  She could see no reason why Steffy couldn’t conceive and carry a child to term.  On the other end of the line, a teary eyed Steffy simply muttered “I can have a baby” with Quinn Fuller listening in.

Stop the wedding?  Or yet another goodbye?

Spoilers tell us that Steffy does return to Los Angeles and tell Liam her news.  Steffy has never stopped loving Liam and walking out on her marriage so that Liam might have a family with another woman was perhaps the ultimate demonstration of that love.

Hope and Liam’s inability to make it down the aisle over the past six months despite Steffy granting Liam an annulment has stemmed mostly from Hope feeling like she was sharing Liam with Steffy despite Steffy living on another continent.  Hope needed proof of Liam’s commitment.  That delay will likely see Liam’s commitment to Hope tested yet again.

What is ahead for Hope, Liam and Steffy?

With Steffy due to return to Los Angeles, telling Liam that the reason for their marriage’s demise no longer existed, will Liam waver from his commitment to Hope?  A kiss between Steffy and Liam this week is either yet another goodbye kiss or proof that Liam too still has the lingering feelings for Steffy that Bill Spencer accused him of last week.

It may not matter either way, as Hope spies Steffy and Liam’s smooch through a window – on the day that is to be her wedding day to Liam.  So the real question isn’t what Liam’s feelings are about Steffy’s news and declaration of love but how Hope will interpret the smooch between the twice married former spouses….


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