The Bold and the Beautiful: The Liam, Wyatt, Hope and Steffy Love Triangles December 2013


As Thanksgiving drew to a close, Liam and Wyatt got into a Hope complimenting competition.  Bill said enough is enough and Brooke agreed that they all think Hope is very special. 

Rick and Caroline broke the news that they planned to get married – tonight –  and the evening morphed from engagement party into wedding!  Rick had a dress for Caroline in the guesthouse and Hope went to help Caroline get ready.

Impromptu weddings

Hope was flanked by both Liam and Wyatt each trying to outdo each other and prove that they belong with Hope. The trio watched as Caroline and Rick married.

Rick and Caroline married and retired to the guesthouse for their wedding night.  Aly gushed about how amazing it was to pull a wedding together from nothing.  Hope stated it’s kind of a Forrester thing – especially for her mom.  Wyatt noted that some of those wedding s that Brooke pulled together didn’t exactly pan out.  Wyatt stated boldly that when he and Hope get married they will plan it themselves and unlike with Prince Charming (Liam) they will make it through the “I do’s”


At the end of the evening both Liam and Wyatt offered to take Hope home, but Hope left alone choosing to drive herself home to her mother’s house.  Hope and Wyatt left and Ally told Liam that she thinks Hope is absolutely amazing but that she doesn’t like how Hope is treating Liam.  Liam is funny and cute, what is there to think about Aly wanted to know.

A photo shoot and a kiss

At Spencer Liam discussed Hope having photo shoot with Wyatt.  It’s just a photo shoot Katie told him but Liam admitted that it feels like he’s losing Hope to his brother. Katie advised Liam that Hope has had a lot of successes and failures.  She’s isn’t the same young girl he fell in love with. She doesn’t need him to slay dragons for her she can do that for herself.  Worry about your life and what you want, Katie advised.

At the photo shoot Aly, Hope’s shadow, watched as Oliver took photos of Maya and Hope.  Wyatt insinuated himself into the photo shoot and Oliver sung Wyatt’s praises as a model.  Hope sent Ally to go see Thorne and find something for Wyatt to wear.

Later dressed in something from the men’s line Oliver continued the shoot.  Wyatt hammed it up for the camera and even kissed Hope.  Later Aly asked if Hope noticed how much Wyatt upsets Liam.  Hope said she does but she spent a long time with Liam with Steffy’s constant interference.  Now she’s taking some time to enjoy her life.  And then you’ll marry Liam right?  Hope deflected Aly’s question by telling Aly that Liam has quite the little cheerleader in her.

Later reviewing the photos Oliver sent them to Hope and Hope emailed them on to Aly. When the photo of Hope and Wyatt kissing came up Wyatt, off course, loved it.  Hope playfully deleted it and Aly was still bothered by it.  Alone, Aly sent the photo to Liam the photo via a text message.  Thought you should know the message read.

Liam gets the photo of Wyatt and Hope kissing – and a visitor

Having already had concerns about Hope and Wyatt’s photo shoot Liam is not happy to receive the photo from Aly.  As he’s looking at the photo there is a knock at the door.  It’s Aly.  She apologized for sending the photo.  As soon as she’d done it she knew it was wrong.  She just doesn’t approve of how Hope is treating him.

Liam tells Ally it’s not the first time Wyatt has kissed Hope.  And that he punched Wyatt for doing it. Liam states he is 100% committed to Hope and something has to give.

Katie sets Hope straight

When Hope turned up at Spencer Publications to see Liam she found he’d already left for the day.  She talked to Aunt Katie instead.  Katie suggested that Wyatt’s attention may be exciting but that Liam is struggling  Katie doesn’t want to see Hope lose Liam.  Hope thinks Liam is ok with being patient though.

Liam gets a new tennis buddy

When Liam’s buddy cancelled on their afternoon of tennis Aly offered to step in.  Liam is uncertain.  He uses it as stress relief and can get a little aggressive.  Aly suggested they give it a shot.  After a few bad shots on Aly’s part Liam suggested she serves and it becomes clear she has been hustling him, as Liam became the target of some aggressive play!

Wyatt has a plan

Meanwhile back at Forrester, after taking to his mom, Wyatt decided he needs to step up his game and do something big and romantic – like the trip to Mexico  – to make Hope his for good.  And he has a plan….Wyatt called Hope and asked her to dinner at the loft.  She agreed.

Aly inspires Liam to get his woman

Aly told Liam she’s sorry she sent the photo.  Hope is so lucky to have him, Aly says, she doesn’t understand why Hope is putting him through this.  Liam admitted he put Hope through worse with Steffy.  Aly simply noted that an eye for an eye isn’t right.  It’s not very Hope, Aly says, at least not who she used to be.  You deserve better Aly told Liam.

Liam decided Aly is right and takes out his phone and arranged to see Hope.

Liam delivers an ultimatum

Liam went to see Hope and Hope told him that Wyatt was in the photo shoot.  He told Hope that he doesn’t want to live this way anymore.  Wyatt came along at a time that Hope needed to prove a point.  Liam understands that he put Hope through a lot.  I’ve proven my loyalty, however, Liam told Hope and now she is just playing games.  Enough of this Liam told Hope. 

Liam searched the garden for locations to exchange their vows.  He’s proven his commitment to her now it’s time for Hope to prove hers.  Getting married eventually isn’t good enough anymore.  She needs to cut ties with Wyatt and his business.  He’s taking what he wants and he’s taking it now he said kissing Hope.

Hope told Liam that he’s giving her an ultimatum.  Liam said he wants to make their commitment official before anything else get in their way; Wyatt and his games, Quinn and her obsessions.  All the problems they have ever had are over:  Steffy, Liam’s dad and Amber…Liam asked if Hope could think of any good reason not to get married and she couldn’t.  Hope agreed to marry Liam, but her one reservation is cutting Wyatt and Quinn out of Forrester Creations.  She’ll tell Wyatt tonight at dinner, Hope told Liam.

The diamond leaves the building

Ricardo arrive at Forrester Creations to pick up the diamond.  He hopes to do business with Wyatt and the Forrester’s again.  Wyatt has brought fame to his jewel and esteem to his company.  He has some contacts in India interested in speaking to Wyatt and Hope about their jewels.  Eric can’t promise the same attention for their stones as Ricardo’s diamond received but Wyatt thinks a trip to India with Hope is a great idea.

Hope goes to dinner with Wyatt

Hope arrived at Wyatt and Quinn’s loft to find it decorated Bollywood style.  Hope felts guilt as Wyatt went on and on about the new business opportunities handed to them today by Ricardo.  He told her about their upcoming trip to India.

Hope then told Wyatt about Liam’s ultimatum and that she is choosing to marry Liam.  She can’t work with him anymore.  She needs to end their relationships, personal and professional, Hope told a stunned Wyatt who blamed Liam.  Hope assured him Wyatt this is her choice and that he and his mother should keep going with the business opportunities.  They don’t need Forrester Creations anymore…

Hope told Wyatt she can’t see him anymore, but Wyatt won’t accept that and kissed her.

I’m marrying your brother

Hope told Wyatt she can’t see him anymore, but Wyatt won’t accept that and kissed her.  The ended up on the couch making out.  Hope eventually pulled away and told Wyatt that this was the reason they couldn’t work together anymore.  She was marrying his brother.

Steffy is back!

Quinn went straight to Eric when she heard of Hopes decision to fire both her and Wyatt.   Quinn’s timing was fortuitous as while she was talking to Eric, Steffy stopped in for a visit.  Eric introduced Quinn to Steffy.  Steffy was just in LA for a doctor’s appointment and was headed back to Paris immediately.  She had a short visit with Eric then headed back to the airport thanking Eric for the use of the jet.

Smelling an opportunity, Quinn told Eric that she’d always wanted to get over to international to show them how to match her jewels with the Forrester Designs.  Eric thought it a great idea and told her that if she hurried she could hitch a ride with Steffy on the corporate jet.  Quinn hightailed it to the airport where Steffy was surprised to see Quinn.

Stop Liam and Hope’s Wedding

What surprised Steffy more was Quinn’s audacity in wading through her personal life like she belonged there.  Steffy shut down much of the conversation by telling Quinn that her son’s crush on Hope wasn’t her concern.  All Steffy knew was that Hope and Liam have been trying to be together for a very long time and she wasn’t interfering.

Quinn suggested that perhaps they kept failing at getting married because Liam wasn’t over Steffy.  Steffy told Quinn she’d lost Liam just like she’d lost their baby.  She then filled Quinn in on what had happened when she lost her baby and subsequent inability to have children.

Steffy can have babies!

After a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles Steffy arrived back in Paris to receive a phone call from Dr Caspary. Her procedures had been a success. She can now have children!

Steffy was about to get Quinn settled into the conference room (and out of her hair) when Steffy received a call from Dr. Caspary in Los Angeles.  She had Steffy’s test results.  The news was good.  The procedures had been successful in revering Steffy’s infertility.  “I can have a baby!” Steffy said into the phone while tearfully thanking the doctor.

Tell Liam you have your miracle

Quinn told Steffy she couldn’t help but overhear.  Quinn tried again to convince Steffy to go back to LA and stop the wedding.  Doesn’t Liam deserve to know that you have your miracle?  He should know this news Quinn told Steffy.  You can have him back.  I’ve seen how happy you were and how he treats Hope.  Quinn told Steffy that Liam didn’t treat Hope like a princess (like Steffy imagined).  He was cold, highhanded and demanding of her.  He even insisted that Hope first her and Wyatt to remove the competition for Hope’s affections, Quinn told Steffy.


Steffy goes back to Los Angeles

Quinn was persistent and continued to work on Steffy telling her that Liam deserved to know that they had their miracle.  Tell him, Quinn implored and let him do what he will with the information.  Knowing that Quinn was working her own agenda (she didn’t really try to deny it) Steffy finally agreed to go back to Los Angeles and tell Liam her news.

Hope and Liam prepare to marry

Hope and Liam’s wedding day (number five by our count) arrived.  Caroline and Bill helped Liam get ready in the cabin on Brooke’s property while Hope got ready in Brooke’s bedroom.

Bill offered Liam a drink to steady his nerves but Liam wasn’t nervous.  Caroline suggested that after his last wedding or rather non-wedding with the mo hawk, tattoos and prancing around in his underwear still drunk perhaps a drink wasn’t such a good idea.  Given the state of his own marriage Bill’s only fatherly advice to the groom was “happy wife, happy life”.

Back in the main house the guests began to assemble with Oliver taking photos of everyone.  Charlie prepared to both officiate at the ceremony and frost the wedding cake with Pam.  Upstairs Brooke was with Brooke until Wyatt arrived.

Wyatt wishes Hope well

Wyatt stopped by Brooke’s house and was directed upstairs by Oliver – another one of Hope’s devotees.  Wyatt told Hope she looked just as he imagined she would on her wedding day.  Absolutely Beautiful.  He hopes this is the best day of her life and that her wedding is more magical than she could have imagined.

Wyatt tells Hope that he and his mom are hopping over to Hawaii on the Forrester Jet.  He needs to surf and clear his head a bit.  He’s better for having known her Wyatt tells Hope.  The cocky arrogant young man is gone and in his place a more humble and appreciative one.   Before leaving Wyatt says Liam is alright and that Hope has made a good choice.

Wyatt leaves for the jet where images of Hope and him continue to plague him.  He is eager to get underway.

Quinn visits Hope on her wedding day

Quinn and Steffy arrived in LA.  Wyatt texted Quinn letting her know where Steffy could find Liam.  Steffy headed straight to the cabin on Brooke’s property.  For a moment when she sees the wedding arbor set up on the lawns she appears to have misgivings but remembering the fun she and Liam had on this very lawn when the sprinklers came on, she continues down to the cabin.


Though the window Steffy watched Liam adjust his tie.  She turned away as if to leave. Inside the cabin something draws Liam’s attention to the window.  Seeing Steffy he headed outside.  “Steffy” he called.  Steffy turned and smiled.

Steffy and Liam went into the cabin.  Steffy admits that her trip to LA was spur of the moment and that no one knows that she is here.  Liam asks Steffy how Paris is.  Steffy tells him that it is good.  She was really starting to settle in and accept her new life.  Then something unbelievable happened.  She has some incredible news – she can have children, Steffy tells Liam.

A happy Steffy tells Liam she can conceive, carry a child to term and have a baby.  A teary Steffy tells her former husband that she can finally experience motherhood the way she had envisioned it.  Liam is happy and delighted at Steffy’s good news.

The reason I left LA was because I couldn’t give you a baby, Steffy says rehashing the past.  That’s not standing in our way anymore.  Do you know what this means?  Steffy asks Liam

Quinn interferes

Hope came into Brooke’s bedroom to find Quinn in there.  Quinn quickly walked away from the note she had deposited on the dresser.  She just wanted to wish Hope all the best before she and Wyatt left town.  Hope thanked Quinn but was still surprised she had done so in person.  She could have written a note. 

Brooke returns to help Hope get into her gown.  An excited Hope tells her mother that she and Liam are getting married.  The only thing that had been standing in their way was Steffy and she’s gone a jubilant Hope tells Brooke as she goes to her dress still in its dress bag on the bed.

Brooke finds the note Quinn left on the dresser and reads it to Hope.

I need to see you

Break with tradition.

Come to the cabin

Hope thinks its cute that Liam wants to see her.  Brooke protested that it was bad luck but Hope dismissed it.  She didn’t believe in bad luck.  (Seriously with her tract record with wedding Hope should be surrounding herself with every good luck charm she can get her hands on – but more amazingly – still Hope doesn’t seem to know what Liam handwriting looks like!)

Hope goes to the Cabin.

Hope didn’t hang around to find out WHY Steffy was with Liam. Instead, Hope walked out on her wedding and headed straight to Wyatt. Together, Hope and Wyatt jetted off to Hawaii!

Hope skipped across the back lawn admiring the arbor where she is about to get married, and down the path to the cabin.  She stopped outside and peered in the window.  Can it be true?  Are her eyes playing tricks on her?

No. Liam was in the cabin with Steffy. 

Though Hope witnessed nothing untoward between Steffy and Liam, she rolled her eyes in disbelief and turned and walked away from the cabin.

The wedding is off

Brooke arrived in her bedroom to find Hope dressed – just not for her wedding.  She’s wearing boots, jeans and a sparkly sweater.  The wedding is off, Hope told her mom.  She’s not marry Liam.  Hope didn’t tell Brooke anything else and left, leaving Brooke to clean up after yet another failed Hope and Liam wedding attempt.

On the Forrester jet Quinn had arrived and was arguing with Wyatt.  Wyatt was ready to get the jet wheels up and headed to Hawaii.  Every minute in LA is agony for him, he told his mother.  Quinn told her son that it wasn’t over until Liam and Hope said their “I do’s”.  At least be certain they are married Quinn implored.

Quinn of course was correct and Wyatt was stunned when Hope appeared on the plane.  Hope sent Quinn back to the office – she’s no longer fired.  And after telling Wyatt she’s not marrying Liam Hope told him they are going to Hawaii.

Liam plays detective

While Hope and Wyatt settled into their hotel in Hawaii, Liam tied to piece together what happened the day before.  Hope saw him with Steffy and ran.  Brooke told Liam that he left Hope a note to break with tradition and come see him at the cabin.  Liam told Brooke he didn’t write a note.  They hypothesized that Bill or Wyatt may have written the note but Liam decided almost immediately it was Quinn.

Liam went to Forrester’s to confront Quinn.  Quinn was busy drinking champagne and celebrating the success of her plan.  Not only was Wyatt in paradise with the woman he loved, but they’d been reinstated at Forrester Creations.   Donna and Quinn sparred but Quinn on a high could only run in the fact that Hope was with Wyatt in Hawaii not with Liam on a honeymoon.

Liam learns Hope is in Hawaii

While at Forrester creations Liam learned he had an ally in Donna – she didn’t like or trust Quinn either.  Donna filled Liam in on Hope’s locations and he headed straight to the Spencer jet and headed for Hawaii.  During the flight Liam had plenty of time to think.

He called Donna from the plan and asked her to find out who was on the Forrester jets passenger manifest on Quinn’s return flight from Paris.  Liam’s suspicions proved out.  Steffy and Quinn had flown into LA together.  Liam was more convinced than ever that Quinn was responsible for choreographing the derailment of Liam and Hope’s wedding.

Hope and Wyatt in Hawaii

Wyatt did his best to keep Hope’s mind off Liam….he almost succeeded…

Meanwhile at their resort in Hawaii, Wyatt did his best to cheer up Hope, who kept reminding hi that she wasn’t on vacation – she’d run out on her wedding.  Wyatt was supportive.  He agreed with Hope that she hadn’t overreacted to seeing Steffy with Liam.  Hope mused that she should have known nothing good could come out of a wedding coming out of an ultimatum.  Wyatt did his best to distract Hope from Liam and put her focus where he wanted it – on him.  And he was doing well, with sunscreen massages and Mai Tai’s – until Liam turned up banging on the hotel room door!



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