The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Recap December 9 – 13, 2013 – Ridge Is Back!

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    Episodes 6716 – 6720

    Ridge Returns Steffy can have children

    Liam and Hope to Marry

    Liam gave Hope an ultimatum.  Get married NOW and cut ties with Wyatt and Quinn or don’t.  We move together or we don’t.  Hope told Liam he was delivering an ultimatum, but she could think of no reason for them not to marry.  Their problems with Bill Steffy and Amber were behind them.  Let’s get married Hope declared then headed over the Wyatt’s loft to tell him that she could no longer see him personally or professionally.  She was marrying his brother.

    But Wyatt wasn’t accepting that quite so easily.  The loft was decked out for a romantic dinner “Bollywood” style to celebrate that their business was about to take them to India to meet with Ricardo’s contacts about using their jewels also.  Wyatt had been hoping to make Hope his that night and kissed Hope telling her that he would never accept that they were finished.

    They ended up making out on the sofa, but Hope eventually pulled away, saying that their attraction is what made it impossible for them to work together.  I do love you Wyatt, but I love your brother more, she told Wyatt.  They couldn’t work together any more Hope told Wyatt and left.  When Liam asked how it went with Wyatt Hope failed to mention the making out.

    Wyatt went straight to Liam to try to salvage the QAJ’s business deal with Forrester Creations.  Wyatt apologized to Liam and promised to respect his relationship with Hope.  Wyatt begged Liam not to mess with their business deal.   Liam saw straight through Wyatt though.  Wyatt had no choice but to respect his and Hope’s relationship.  He’s whining about losing his business deal he shouldn’t blame Liam.  Wyatt should blame his mom – she’s unstable – you know that, Liam told his half brother.  You have no one to blame but yourselves.  You have no more moves left to play.

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    Back at Forrester Creations Quinn went running to Eric about Hope’s decision to end the business contract between FC and QAJ.  Eric only had time to tell Quinn that for the moment she was still part of the team before Donna brought a “surprise” into the office for Eric.

    Steffy entered and Eric hugged his granddaughter.  Eric asked if she was in LA for long but Steffy said it was just a quick trip to go to the doctor.  Eric introduced Quinn to Steffy who listened in intently on Eric and Steffy’s conversation.  Steffy told Eric she was headed back to Paris immediately and thanked him for the use of the Forrester jet.

    After Steffy left, Quinn told Eric that she hoped she wasn’t overstepping but she still felt like an employee and she had wanted to get to Paris to talk to the international team about matching her jewelry with the Forrester designs.  Eric thought it was a great idea.  If she hurried she could catch the corporate jet over to Paris with Steffy – but she would have to hurry.  Quinn made tracks arriving at the jet and surprising Steffy.

    On the jet Quinn tried to engage Steffy in a conversation about stopping Liam and Hope’s upcoming wedding.  Steffy told Quinn that she didn’t know her or Wyatt.  She did know Hope and Liam and that they’ve been trying to be together for a long time.  Wyatt’s crush is none of Steffy’s concern Steffy tells Quinn trying to shut down the conversation.   Steffy also notes that a Wyatt and Hope pairing would set up her company.

    Steffy told Quinn she lost Liam just like she lost their baby.  Steffy fills Quinn in on why she left.  She lost their baby because she rode her motorcycle and had an accident.  Then she learned she could never give Liam another child because the miscarriage and subsequent medical treatment left her infertile due to complications.

    Back at Forrester International Steffy was about to set Quinn up in the conference room when she received a phone call from Dr Caspary who told her that the procedures had been a success.  Her infertility had been reversed.  “I can have a baby” Steffy stated.  “oh thank you doctor” a teary Steffy said into he phone while Quinn listened in.

    After a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles Steffy arrived back in Paris to receive a phone call from Dr Caspary. Her procedures had been a success. She can now have children!

    Steffy Can Have Children!

    After a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles Steffy arrived back in Paris to receive a phone call from Dr Caspary. Her procedures had been a success. She can now have children!


    A silver Tesla made its way through the hills overlooking Los Angeles and turned into the driveway of the Forrester estate.  Inside Eric was having his customary end of day martini with Stephanie noting that the house was quiet without her but the worst part was drinking alone.

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    “I can help you with that” Eric heard a voice say from behind him.  Eric turned to face the front door to see Ridge striding across the room to shake his hand and embrace him.

    Ridge returned to Los Angeles arriving just in time for happy hour with Eric.

    Ridge Is Back

    Ridge returned to Los Angeles arriving just in time for happy hour 

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