Adam Gregory Dropped to Recurring Status as Wyatt Gets Thomas’ House

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    Thomas Forrester fans have been missing Adam Gregory (and Thomas Forrester) on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Rumors circulated that the actor was “out” when a new set of credits began playing sans the actor.  But a tweet from the actor himself assured us that Thomas just wasn’t front burner and would be back.

    When Taylor moved out of the beach house (and into Eric’s mansion) Thomas and Oliver moved in (May 2013).

    This week the news became official.  Gregory had been dropped to recurring status on The Bold and the Beautiful. (look for Thomas to appear again on February 28, 2014).

    Something fans could have worked out given that onscreen Bill Spencer gave the house that Thomas had been sharing to his son – Wyatt Fuller!Bill brought his son to the “other” Malibu beach house and told him that he and Katie had once lived there.  Bill bought Katie the current mansion she lives in when son, Will was born.  (The middle class buys and SUV when they have children.  The wealthy buy mansions!).  Bill also said he’d just bought the property back.

    The beach house was last owned by Taylor Hayes.  Taylor purchased the beach house (presumably from Bill) when her own mansion became too large for one person.   Taylor moved out of the beach house when she moved in with Eric.  Since her break up with Eric Taylor is said to be in Paris.

    While Taylor was living with Eric, Thomas moved into the beach house with roommate Oliver.   This was around the time that Steffy was pregnant with Liam’s child.  It was to visit Thomas in his new digs up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) that Steffy went to on the day she had the motorcycle accident that cost Steffy and Liam her baby.  (Steffy was on her way home when she had her accident).

    Like he did for Liam, Bill bought his son a house. Bill bought back the beach house that he and Katie once called home.

    Sometime since then, Thomas has been mentioned to be in Paris.  This week it was obvious that Thomas (and Oliver had moved out of their Malibu bachelor pad also.

    Now the property, though it belongs to Bill, will be Wyatt’s new home.  Wyatt thought the gift was to allow him to properly court Hope.  But Bill’s real intention was to get Wyatt out of the loft that he shared with his mother and put some distance in what Bill sees as an unhealthy relationship between mother and son. 

    Whatever the reason, Wyatt clearly has other plans though.  His first move?  He called Hope to come visit him in his new home.  Wyatt’s second move?  He asked Hope to move in with him!


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