The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope, Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle January 2014

2014 started with Liam back in Los Angeles after a trip to Hawaii to go get Hope.  Unfortunately for Liam he returned home alone.  Hope chose to stay in Hawaii with Wyatt, rather than come home and marry Liam.

Liam and Bill lament their love lives

Liam and Bill lamented their love lives over a bear.  Bill now realized why Brooke had been even more remote than usual on Liam and Hope’s wedding day – Ridge was back.  And Liam told Bill about Quinn’s manipulation of events ensuring that his and Hope’s latest wedding attempt failed.

Liam is convinced that Quinn is nuts and that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for her son.  Bill agrees the relationship between mother and son isn’t the healthiest.  Quinn brought Steffy back from Paris to see Liam on his wedding day, and forged a note to make sure Hope saw him and Steffy together.  Not to mention not so long ago she went through his email, Liam recounts.  Bill reminds Liam not to forget that Quinn also stabbed Bill with his sword necklace. 

Liam tells Bill that one of his baby mommas is certifiable and he and Hope are paying the price.  Liam decides that Quinn isn’t going to get away with it and he’s going to tell her so.  Bill advises his son not to let Quinn get near his sword necklace!

Liam confronts Quinn

Liam found Quinn reading the press coverage of Hope and Liam’s latest wedding failure.  He complimented her handiwork.  Liam was looking for Quinn to admit she was responsible for bringing Steffy back to LA to derail his wedding.  Quinn admitted she did go to Paris and Steffy was on the flight.  And yes, she also wrote the note that sent Hope to the cabin.

Liam listened as Quinn called him a waffling weak little boy who made excuses and didn’t take responsibility for his actions.

Liam gave Quinn an FYI before leaving – He was never giving up on Hope and him.

Wyatt gives Hope the Hope for the Future Diamond

Meanwhile in Hawaii, Wyatt had some surprises lined up for Hope.  He wasn’t going to let her dwell, Wyatt told Hope but Hope told him it was difficult not to think of what might have been. 

Wyatt pulled out a velvet jewelry box and Hope suddenly became worried.  Wyatt assured her that he wanted to marry her but he wasn’t proposing.  He wasn’t in a rush to get her to the altar.  Wyatt wanted them to have fun and adventures together first.

Hope opened the jewelry box and found a necklace inside.  It was a fragment of the Hope for the Future Diamond from the mining process.  Wyatt had gotten the fragment from Ricardo.  The Hope for the Future Diamond had brought them together Wyatt reasoned.  It was part of them.    When Wyatt joked about buying her the real Hope for the Future Diamond by the time they had their 70th wedding anniversary, bringing a smile to Hope’s face.

Hula lesson

Wyatt also had another surprise.  Since Hope wasn’t keen on leaving the hotel room, he brought Hawaii to her.  They had hula lessons in their hotel room!


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