Aly Gets a Makeover and Liam Gets a Date – Courtesy of Quinn |The Bold and the Beautiful

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    Just as Wyatt was assuring Hope, that his mother would no longer be meddling in his love life, Quinn was doing precisely that.  Though you could argue Quinn was facilitating a new romance for Liam more than interfering in her son’s romance with Hope.

    More Quinn Meddling

    With enjoying a romantic evening at home with Hope, Quinn turned her attention to trying to keep Liam out of Hope and Wyatt’s life.  What better way than to find Liam a new girlfriend.  And who better to fill that role than Aly Forrester as the young lady clearly was nuts for Liam, as Quinn herself put it to Aly.

    Aly, though young, saw through Quinn’s motivations.  Quinn was all about what Wyatt wants and Aly wasn’t fooled by Quinn’s sudden concern for Liam needing a friend.  But Quinn was right about one thing.  Aly does have a crush on Liam so Aly went along with Quinn’s plan to spins some hair and makeup magic.  Aly did however question whether Quinn was a good witch or a bad witch.

    Quinn told the young lady she was merely encouraging her to be there for Liam as a friend and whatever happened beyond that was up to Aly.  After Quinn called Liam’s assistant and found out that he was a Bikini (a beach bar) Quinn went to work on emphasizing Aly’s gorgeous features.

    Aly got a more grown up look thanks to Quinn and Liam took notice…

    Liam is wowed by Aly’s Makeover

    Aly arrived at Bikini just as Liam was picking up the tab after having a couple of beers with Oliver.  When he saw Aly, Liam was clearly impressed and delighted the young woman by telling her she looked beautiful.  He asked if Aly was there for dinner and after establishing that she wasn’t meeting anyone to he asked if they should get a table together.  It was the natural kind of invitation that occurs between friends and Aly told Liam she would love to have dinner with him.

    Liam noted it was a coincidence that they should be there at the same time as they sat down.  Perhaps out of some kind of guilt, knowing that he encounter was entirely manipulated by Quinn, Aly told Liam that he didn’t have to hang out with her.  She knew he was going through a hard time and if he wanted to be alone, Aly understood.

    Liam and Ali?

    But Liam seemed genuinely happy for Aly’s company and told her that she was making him feel better already.  This news elicited a coy smile from Aly as the couple prepared to dine together…. And though Liam seemed certain to enjoy his evening with Aly it was the result of yet another one of Quinn’s manipulations.

    Obviously Quinn’s promise to her son didn’t mean much just lending so much more credibility to Liam’s assertion that Wyatt and Quinn are not good people.   And though Hope was mostly joking she also noted to Wyatt during their dinner at home that Wyatt did come from questionable gene pool when it came to telling the truth – Bill Spencer and Quinn Fuller.


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