Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Darla (Schae Harrison) to Appear on The Bold and the Beautiful

Over the coming month The Bold and the Beautiful will be revisiting a past storyline – the death of Alexandria (Aly) Forrester’s mother, Darla.

Comings and Goings news tells us that not only is Schae Harrison set to return to The Bold and the Beautiful, as Darla, but so is Hunter Tylo as Taylor Forrester.  Both runs are rumored to be for a only a few episodes.

Spoilers indicate that Taylor will be back on our screens on February 28, when she and Eric remember the night of Darla’s death.  Comings and Goings news also has Adam Gregory (Thomas) appearing on that date.

Following those appearances Darla will appear as a ghostly apparition to her daughter Ali.  Reported dates for Darla’s (Harrison’s) appearance are:  March 18, 2014, March 25, 2014 and April 7.

This feels like more than a nod to long time fans who love to see their favorite storylines of the past revisited.  It feels like the set-up for a major storyline.

With Ashlyn Pearce joining the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful late in 2013 as Darla and Thorne’s , now adult daughter, Alexandria (Aly) Forrester it seems like Aly is about to get a storyline of her own…


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