The Bold and the Beautiful – Bill, Katie, Brooke and Ridge – February 2014

Bill thinks Ridge is Gay!

February 2014 opened with Bill showing Brooke the photos of Ridge in Paris that his private investigator found.  Brooke looked at the photos and simply saw Ridge with a man.  Keep looking Bill told her.  Ridge has never been that affectionate with me Bill stated leading Brooke.  The photos showed Ridge with his hand on a man shoulder and hugging the same man in another photo.  In yet another two men were holding a gay pride flag.

It was then that Brooke recognized the man.  It was a friend of theirs who had broken up with his French boyfriend and moved in with Ridge for a while.  But Bill was convinced that Ridge was gay!  Brooke however was still certain that she and Ridge would end up together again – he just needed time – which Brooke was going to give him.

Ridge and RJ visit with Katie and Will

While Bill was trying to convince Brooke that Ridge is gay Ridge was enjoying the day with RJ and Bill’s family!

Ridge and RJ visited with Katie and Will who were heading to the park to enjoy the beautiful day.  While Katie and Will got ready, Ridge had a conversation with his son.  RJ told his father that he wanted to come home.  He missed everyone but felt bad about telling Ridge and Brooke because going to school in Ojai had been his idea.

Ridge told his son he was allowed to have ideas that didn’t turn out and that the most important part of his relationships with people was to be honest; about who he is and what he wants.  Otherwise he will just confuse people.

A day in the park

Ridge, RJ, Katie and Will headed out to the park together to enjoy the day.  Ridge and Katie enjoyed time with their children and together.  When Katie mentioned playing soccer at high school it resulted in a challenge from Ridge who teased her about which position she played – bench – when he ran rings around her soccer ability. They ended up on the picnic rug reading poetry.

A new man?

Later at home, Katie received a visit from Donna who noted that she must have had quite a day to leave her smiling like she was.  Katie admitted to sneaking out of work, but not alone.  Donna put two and two together and realized Katie’s good mood was because of a man.  Katie played coy about who he was but did assure her sister it wasn’t bad boy Dollar Bill.  She no longer found his type attractive.  Donna noted that when you found a good man – like she had in Eric Forrester – you don’t let them go.  As she left Donna volunteered to babysit – anytime.

Later alone, Katie again reflected on her day in the park with Ridge.  But underneath the happy memories was also a worry…he was after all her sister’s husband.


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