The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: February 3 – 7, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (Feb 3 – 7, 2014): Wyatt has problems on all fronts – with Hope, with Rick and Eric and with an ex girlfriend.  Hope is unsure about Wyatt, Bill questions Ridge’s sexuality!


    Hope, Liam and Wyatt and (Aly?)

    Liam confronts Quinn about the heist.  Wyatt tries to tell him mother to keep out of it. (Good luck with that one Wyatt!)

    Wyatt begs Hope for a second chance but a gun shy Hope wonders if she can trust Wyatt.

    Wyatt also has to face the music with Eric and Rick.  Wyatt tries to justify his publicity stunt actions.

    To compound Wyatt’s woes, an ex-girlfriend of Wyatt’s enters the scene on February 6, 2014.  Her name is Nicole.  “Nicole’s” arrival has been constantly foreshadowed by Hope mentioning again and again that there is no other woman in her relationship with Wyatt….could there be now?

    Seems so.  And Hope is not thrilled to find another woman in Wyatt’s life. A little bit of déjà vu for Hope, which will also adds conflict to her relationship with Wyatt. 

    Aly has a makeover which leads to a dinner date with Liam!


    After Liam has words with her about the HFTF Diamond heist, Quinn has words of her own with Pam for blabbing.

    Ridge, Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Ridge and Katie continue to get closer when they spend more time together.  Spending time with Ridge makes Katie happy but guilt plays a part – how can she do this too her sister (even if Brooke did do it to her first…)

    Meanwhile Bill learns a few things.  Donna lets him know that Ridge is the new man in katie’s life.  This leaves Bill nearly as shocked as the results his investigators come up with.  Bill is provided with photos of Ridge during his time in Paris – attending a gay pride parade!  Bill automatically assumes that Ridge is gay – especially since Bill is of the belief that no red blooded male would ever leave Brooke…

    Bill shares his information with Brooke who is surprised about Ridges activities in Paris but isn’t buying Bill’s theory about Ridge’s sexuality.  Bill is determined that Ridge will come out of the closet…

    Maya, Carter and Oliver

    Caroline finds Oliver and Maya together.  Maya puts her foot in it when she thanks Carter for flowers sent by Oliver…

    Watch the video spoiler for this week’s The bold and the Beautiful

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: February Sweeps 2014!

    Katie and ridge share an intimate moment – witnessed by Liam!  Nearly being exposes sees Katie and Ridge try to put some boundaries around their relationship, but it doesn’t stop them becoming closer than ever…

    Thorne goes to Paris.

    A pair of exes make love but while one party is hoping for a reunion the other is playing out an agenda…

    Wyatt works hard to regain lost ground from his publicity stunt – both professionally and personally.

    Quinn’s future may be in jeopardy.   Her son too seems set for a reversal of fortune.

    Eric and Taylor remember the night Darla died – air date is scheduled for February 28, 2014 when Thomas is also slated to appear.

    Adam Gregory who was recently dropped to recurring status makes an appearance on B&B on February 28, 2014.

    Aly’s mother Darla appears to her as a ghostly apparition.

    Liam continues to keep struggling to get a wedding ring on Hope’s finger thanks to Quinn’s interference on her son’s behalf.

    Look for a British sex kitten to arrive in Los Angeles.

    Aly crushes on Liam but attracts some romantic attention herself…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.





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