The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle February 2014

Wyatt’s jewel heist antics are out in the open

Hope and Rick discussed Wyatt’s behavior.  The two thieves in jail for the HFTF heist are also going to trial for 3 other heists – ones they did commit.  Rick and Hope worry about it coming out during the trial that it was Wyatt not the thieves who stole the HFTF Diamond.  Hope started to defend Wyatt and Rick wondered why.  Hope admitted she didn’t know but did note there was still the clause in Wyatt’s contract that allowed them to dismiss for criminal activity.

Liam is quietly confident

Meanwhile back at Liam’s Malibu house Liam discussed the situation with Caroline.  Liam didn’t see how Hope would allow Forrester to keep Wyatt on after what he’d done – faking a jewel heist to get publicity for HFTF and Forrester and make himself a hero.  Caroline, however told Liam that she thought Hope would forgive Wyatt.  He’s in love with Hope and only Hope, Caroline told her cousin.

Wyatt justifies his publicity stunt

Wyatt entered the office and an angry Rick takes him through the possible consequences of his actions. Wyatt tries to defend himself by using Rick’s own past publicity stunts as an example he simply followed.  But Rick shut down Wyatt’s his argument telling Wyatt that those were decisions made by family members who ran the company – neither of which apply to Wyatt. His actions have put the company in legal jeopardy Rick told Wyatt.

Love made him do it

Wyatt said love made him do something crazy.  He hadn’t considered what he was going was actually a crime.  And he regrets that he hurt Hope.

But Rick wants to fire Wyatt

Rick informed Wyatt that his contract was terminated and that his mother should come into the office next.  Wyatt told Rick that he wasn’t the one who hired him, and asked Hope if that was what she wanted – for Wyatt and Quinn to be out.  An offended Rick reminded Wyatt that he is President and calls the shots.  But since he has never pulled rank on Hope’s line Rick then asked Hope what she wanted to do.  Should they dismiss Wyatt and Quinn?

Liam rubs Quinn’s nose in it

Unaware of what was happening in another office at Forrester creations Liam asked Quinn to fire up her cauldron and make him and Hope some wedding rings.  Quinn asked if Liam was on drugs because Hope was on a trip with Wyatt.  Liam took great delight in telling Quinn that Hope and Wyatt were back in town after he crashed the trip and filled Hope in on Wyatt’s part in the HFTF Diamond heist.

Liam told Quinn that Hope is big on integrity and Wyatt has none of that.  There is no way that Hope will accept what Wyatt has done.  Liam is certain that Hope and Wyatt are over and that Wyatt and Quinn are about to be fired.  Quinn isn’t so sure though.  Quinn believes that Hope will be able to see past what happened.  Wyatt simply made a mistake and he will apologize.

Hope Decides

Wyatt pleads for his job on behalf of all the employees that would be out of work if he and Quinn were fired from Forrester Creations.  Hope doesn’t let Wyatt off lightly.  She will never condone what he did but there are a lot of people in Forrester creations also relying on the QAJ and FC collaboration working.  She is in the middle of a line and doesn’t want to disrupt it, so Wyatt and Quinn can stay.  But if anything remotely illegal or questionable happens again he will be dismissed instantly.  Rick leaves and tells Wyatt he is a lucky man.

Hope dumps Wyatt

Once rick is out of the room hope tells Wyatt that they will continue to work together but as far as their relationship is concerned they are no longer together.  Wyatt apologized profusely and gave Hope his word that he would never lie to her again.  Give me another chance Wyatt begged and kissed Hope.

And takes him back…

As the kiss ended Hope told him one more chance – that’s it.  Wyatt promised not to let her down and put the HFTF diamond fragment necklace back around her neck.

Hope and Wyatt spread the news

Wyatt found Pam telling Quinn that she tried to buy her with a manicure and crumb cake. What Wyatt did was wrong Pam told her “girlfriend” as she left.

Wyatt told Quinn that Hope had given him a second chance – personally and professionally –  and that he wasn’t going to blow it.  Had it been up to Rick they both would have been fired.  Wyatt told his mother “no more fixing things”  She is to stay out of his relationship with Hope.

The message didn’t hit home though.  As soon as Quinn was alone she got on the phone and told the person at the other end of the line that she had a job for them.  His name is Liam Spencer.

Hope tells Liam

Meanwhile Hope went to the Liam’s beach house.  Liam believing that Hope would have dumped and fired Wyatt told Hope that Wyatt and his mom had everyone fooled but at least it was over now.  Then Liam noticed Hope was wearing the necklace again.

Hope admitted to Liam that she was giving Wyatt and his mother a second chance.  She and Wyatt were still dating and he was still working at Forrester Creations.  Liam was dumbfounded and could only believe Hope’s belief that Steffy would one day return and come between them was making her take her chances with Wyatt.  Hope’s face seemed full of regret as she told Liam that she and Wyatt were in a relationship and that they can get past this.  Wyatt understands what I need from him Hope told Liam as she thanked him for looking out for her.  Liam and Hope hugged and Liam muttered “always”.

Hope and Wyatt

Wyatt organized a romantic dinner at his beach house for Hope.  She’d done things his way – in a trailer unplugged, now he was doing it hers – quiet night in.  He reiterated that he would never do anything a stupid as stealing the diamond again and Hope told him that if he did she couldn’t be with a man who lied and scammed his way into things no matter how sexy.

Hope did have reservations about Quinn though.  She takes things a little too far.  Hope also teased Wyatt about coming fro a questionable gene pool where good intentions were concerned.  Bill and Quinn!  Wyatt told her that was DNA and he had his mother’s word that there would be no more interfering…

Liam and Aly

Thanks to Quinn, Aly received a makeover and conveniently turned up at Bikini where Liam was having a drink with Oliver

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations Quinn convinced Aly that Liam needed a friend and that she should be that friend.  If something happened beyond friendship that was Aly’s business Quinn said.  But Aly wasn’t so sure that would ever happen.  Quinn told the young woman she had gorgeous features that just needed some playing up and whisked Aly away to hair and make-up to work some magic.  Aly wanted to know if Quinn was a good witch or bad witch.

Aly turned up at the Bikini Bar just as Oliver was leaving and Liam was paying the tab.  Liam noticed her and told Aly she looked beautiful.  Liam asked is she was there for dinner.  After establishing that Aly wans’t meeting anyone they grabbed a table together at Liam’s suggestion.  Aly told Liam that she would love to have dinner with him but that he didn’t have to hang with her.  She knew he was going through a hard time and understood if he’d rather be alone.  Liam told her that she was making him feels better already which made Aly smile.

Who’s the Guy?

Liam and Aly enjoyed dinner together but the conversation was dominated by Liam’s belief that Wyatt and Quinn were bad people.  Aly warned Liam that not liking someone was one thing but thinking they were genuinely bad was another.  But Liam said he had proof.  Liam also believed that Hope knows it too – on some level – and that she was only with Wyatt because she felt like she had to make it work because of how far their relationship had gone.

Liam did wonder who the guy Aly had a crush on was.  He assumed it was one of the waiters since she turned up to The Bikini Bar alone looking like she did. Liam offered his assistance but Aly simply said she didn’t think the guy even noticed her.  To which Liam responded “How could he not.  You’re beautiful.”

Hope and Wyatt make love

Meanwhile back at Wyatt’s beach house Wyatt and Hope moved into the bedroom where the couple made love….


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