The Hope, Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle March 2014 | The Bold and the Beautiful

Aly has crossed so many line

Later at their hotel room Wyatt tells Hope that Aly came after him again in private.  She’s lost it Wyatt tells Hope.  She’s aggressive and possessive of Hope.  Its lucky for Hope Aly likes her and that her anger is directed squarely at Wyatt.  Hope is shocked and states that Aly has crossed over so many lines.

Brooke sends Aly to Hope’s Hotel Room

Back at the office Brooke is discussing the situation between Hope and Wyatt with Aly.  Hope is a grown woman and has the right to choose who is in her life and what she does with them Brooke tries to gently tell the troubled young woman, when Aly again tries to convince Brooke to steer Hope back to her original message.  Brooke thinks Aly reacted too strongly at the meeting.  Still Brooke asks  Aly to take a press packet to Hope at the hotel.  Brooke gives Aly the keycard to Hope’s room incase Hope and Wyatt are out.

Hope and Wyatt make love

Hope and Wyatt’s attempts to get intimate in Paris were interrupted by an angry Aly Forrester.

At the hotel Hope and Wyatt have decided to stay in for the evening and retire to the bedroom where they begin to make love.   Aly knocks at the door of Hope’s hotel room and calls out but when there is no answer she uses the keycard Brooke gave her.  Once in the hotel room Aly hears Hope squeal and Aly walks into the bedroom!  Aly screams at Hope and Wyatt to stop!

And Aly walks in

Aly angrily tells Wyatt to get out of there right now but Hope tells Aly to calm down takes Aly out into the living area of the suite to talk.

Hope explains to Aly that Wyatt was in her room because he was invited.  Your behavior is inappropriate Hope tells Aly and suggests she get over whatever issues she has with Wyatt.   Aly offends Hope by comparing her to the naked, raunchy and vulgar celebrities.  Hope tries to get Aly to see what she is doing by comparing what Aly is saying about her to the bullying that Aly went through at school.

Aly continues to rail against Wyatt

Aly continues to try to convince Hope that Wyatt and his mother are not good people but Hope tells her that it’s time for Aly to leave.  Hope and Wyatt resume making love.

Heading home to LA

When Brooke decides to head home early to get on with her wedding to Ridge, Hope brings forward her plans also.  A quick call to Katie confirms what Hope thought would be waiting for Brooke in LA – and its not a wedding.  Katie and Ridge have decided they want a future together which will leave her mother heartbroken.



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