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    This week on the Bold and the Beautiful Eric made his decision about the executive appointments at Forrester Creations.

    The Forrester chain of command has been in question ever since Ridge’s December 2013 return from Paris.  Initially it appeared Ridge was back to claim everything he’d left behind – Brooke and the top job at Forrester Creations.  Rick, Ridges younger half brother and Brooke’s son with Eric, was understandably nervous about the position as Forrester Creations President.

    But it turns out that Rick needn’t have worried.  Ridge became involved with Katie. Ridge wanted a drama free uncomplicated life.  Upon learning about Brooke’s dalliance with Bill Spencer while he had been in Paris, Ridge decided Brooke could never give him that.

    CEO’s, Vice Presidents and Presidents

    This week, Ridge seemed to recall that he still had a job to go to (instead of just spending time with new love Katie in bed) and turned up at Forrester creations ready to make some changes and take back the control he gave up two years ago when leaving for Paris.

    Ridge tried to fire Oliver, displeased with his work on the HFTF campaign and rely solely on the studio in Paris.  Ridge was quickly reminded he wasn’t in a position to make those kinds of decisions.  Everyone turned to Eric Forrester to make a decision.

    Who will head Forrester Creations?  Rick or Ridge?

    Brooke wanted to know who it would be, their son Rick, or Ridge (who technically isn’t even a Forrester).  Eric made a business decision, but reminded everyone that they had to work together without acrimony.

    Eric decides….

    Eric’s first order of business was to confirm that Oliver wasn’t leaving – Ridge wasn’t in a position to make that decision.  Rick would stay on as President a role he has performed since he and Thomas had a fashion showdown for the leadership of Forrester creations.

    Rick won the presidency and after Thomas whined to mommy Taylor that it wasn’t fair.  Taylor, who was sleeping with Eric at the time took a page out of Brooke’s playbook and used her relationship with Eric to get her son a promotion to Vice President.

    Since that time, Eric Forrester has been filling the role of CEO.  The V ice President position has been open since Thomas left for Paris.

    When Ridge left Brooke on their honeymoon he also walked out on his job at Forrester Creations.  He couldn’t just expect to pick up where he left off like nothing had happened Eric told Ridge. With that in mind, Eric stated that Ridge would need to work his way back up.    Was Ridge being banished to the basement like both Thorne and Thomas had been in the past?

    No.  In the Forrester family the definition of working yourself back up means you receive a co-Vice president position – with ex-wife Brooke!

    Eric also made it clear that he didn’t support Ridge’s relationship with Katie telling him that if he wanted to run this company he should go back home to Brooke where he belonged.  Next week will see will see  Eric offer Ridge the position of CEO on the condition that he goes home to Brooke.  Eric is turning out to almost as manipulative as he deceased wife Stephanie in maneuvering his children’s relationships.  But after a lifetime of Stephanie’s meddling in his relationships, Ridge understands what is going on a chooses love over prestige at work.

    Ridge and Brooke’s new jobs – How will Katie react?

    With Brooke and Ridge working closely at Forrester Creations can the duo rekindle their love?  Brooke has made no secret of her intention to win Ridge back.  But will Ridge’s life with Katie remain drama free once the younger Logan sister finds out that Ridge will be working so closely with his ex-wife?  Perhaps not….Could Katie’s jealousy over big sister Brooke send Ridge right back into Brooke’s arms (and bed)?

    Side Note:  Has anyone noticed how often it has been mentioned that Ridge isn’t even a Forrester but a Maroni?


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