The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle April 2014

The month saw Hope and Wyatt’s relationship experience another crisis point.  Would an unplanned pregnancy make Hope see her life a little more clearly?

Find out more in the Spoilers section….

Is Hope Pregnant?

Hope and Wyatt remained a couple at the beginning of April 2014.  Liam still didn’t trust Wyatt or his mother…

Both Wyatt and Liam noticed that Hope wasn’t behaving like herself.  Liam learned the reason after Hope left his house.  Outside his home, Liam picked up a piece of paper that had fallen out of Hope’s handbag when she’d grabbed her car keys and left.  

It was the receipt for a pregnancy test.  Hope couldn’t be pregnant with his brother’s child; Liam rushed over to Forrester Creations to see Hope and find out the truth.

Hope tells Wyatt she may be pregnant

Hope went to the office after Liam’s place, and Wyatt too thought that Hope needed to get away because of all of the stress lately.  The camper was stocked and ready to go, Wyatt told her.  Let’s get away.  Hope agreed. She had been stressed, but that wasn’t all that was bothering her, Hope told her boyfriend.

She enjoyed being with him and liked how close they had become but she’d always been clear that she wanted to take things slow.  But now she was late.  Late for what Wyatt asked then realized what kind of “late” Hope meant.  I might be pregnant Hope told Wyatt.  She followed up by telling him she was never late.

Hope was clear that she wanted to have a family – one day.  But she imagined that she and her husband would establish their careers first, maybe travel and THEN start their family.  It just wasn’t the right time a scared Hope told Wyatt.

After learning from Pam where Hope was, Liam burst into the office and demanded to know if Hope was pregnant.

Hope takes the pregnancy test

Wyatt told Liam to leave – that this was between him and Hope.  Liam told them that Hope was the most important thing in the world to him.  This affected him too.

Hope told them they could both wait while she took the test.  Hope returned later and said she wasn’t pregnant.

Relief – for all?

Liam was relieved and told Hope and Wyatt this was the best news he’d ever heard, and then exited to let them deal with what had just happened between them.  Wyatt was stunned that Liam didn’t make a play for Hope.

Wyatt and Hope decide on a road trip

Hope and Wyatt headed outside to where Wyatt had the camper stocked and ready to go.  As they were about to leave Wyatt was called back inside to sign some PO’s.  Hope decided to check that the camper was stocked with everything they needed.   While inside the camper, the truck started and they were underway. 

Liam Kidnaps Hope

Hope was stunned.  Her cell phone rang.  It was Liam who admits he is driving.  He tells her that he knows this is drastic but he’s out of options.  She’s coming with him…

If you had been pregnant with his kid that would have been it for us.  This was a huge wake up call for me and I can only hope for you too, Liam tells Hope as he drives.

Liam calls the police?

Wyatt returns to see his truck and camper leaving with Hope inside.  He runs after it. As it pulls out of the lot he just says “Liam”:  Wyatt and Hope talk on the phone.  Wyatt is going to call the police but Hope stops him.  Liam just wants to talk Hope says.

Liam drives Hope to his house. He took the back way so Wyatt couldn’t follow him.  How? Hope asks you stole his truck. Hope tells Liam that Wyatt is going out of his mind.  Liam is sorry he did it this way but they need some time.  Want to come inside?  Liam asks.

Liam needs to talk…and so does Hope

Wyatt gets a call from Hope- they are at Liam’s – Hope asks him to stay put. Liam needs this time.

 And I do too, Hopes says.  Can you do this for me?  Hope asks of Wyatt

When Quinn hears what has happened all she can say is” This is not good.”

We almost lost each other forever

You were almost pregnant with his kid, Liam tells Hope.  I freaked out. I almost lost you today.  We almost lost each other forever.  I hope that scared you as much as it scared me. 

Of course it scared me, Hope admits.  I can’t be pregnant right now especially when…  The thought of losing you forever. The thought o closing that door, Hope tells Liam.  But she can’t imagine losing Wyatt either.  I know how you feel, Liam admits since he struggled with exactly the same thing with Hoep and Steffy.  Could you try?  Liam asks Hope.  One thing is certain you don’t love him the way we love each other, Liam tells Hope with certainty.

Come Home to me…

We should be married right now, Liam reminds Hope.  But that’s a future we couldn’t ever have if you’d had Wyatt’s child.  I’m you’re home.  This is your home. You belong with me, Liam says and then kisses Hope passionately.  Come home to me, Liam asks of Hope




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