The Bold and the Beautiful – Bill, Katie, Brooke and Ridge – May 2014

Brooke Betrays Katie

May 2014 in the Bill, Brooke, Ridge and Katie love quadrangle started with Brooke appealing to Katie one last time to do what was right.  Brooke wanted Katie to give Bill his job back.  Katie worked hard, but she wasn’t Bill Spencer.  Katie refused.  Brooke then tried to convince Katie that since she was working such long hours that Will should be allowed to spend more time with Bill.  Again, Katie stood fast to the current arrangement reminding her sister there was nothing she could do about it. Brooke had destroyed the papers Bill had Katie sign returning the company to him and giving Bill equal custody of Will, Katie reminded her sister.

Brooke uses her trump card – the papers

Did I?  Brooke asked and pulled the papers from her purse. The papers that Brooke had used to protect Katie from Bill still existed.  And now Brooke was going to use them to give Bill back his company and his son.  There was nothing Katie could do about it, Brooke told her sister.

Meanwhile Ridge was trying to pick up Will from visitation with Bill.  Bill wasn’t going to give Ridge his son.  Will would stay with Bill until Katie finished working Bill stated.  Ridge started to argue but Brooke arrived and standing beside Bill told Ridge that Will was staying with them.  Ridges phone rang.  It was Katie.  Ridge left without Will.

Back at Katie’s office Ridge learned what Brooke had done.  He thinks it is Bill’s doing but Katie knows it was Brooke who betrayed her – again.

Brooke gives Bill his son and his company

At Brooke’s house she pulled the papers that she had substituted with leaves from their trip to Aspen and handed them to Bill. She tried to reason with Katie, Brooke told Bill, but she left her no choice.

Bill wasted no time in getting back into the CEO chair at Spencer Publications.  When Katie arrived Bill surprised everyone by offering Katie and executive level position at Spencer Publications.

Ridge proposes to Katie

At home with Ridge Katie gives her future some thought.  She doesn’t want to keep fighting Bill Katie tells Ridge.  She feels like she is starting over.  Ridge decided that starting a fresh is a good idea and proposed!

Ridge didn’t have a ring or a pretty speech but he does have a piece of string.  He tied it around Katie’s finger and Katie accepts.

Brooke belatedly wondered what her actions would do to her relationship with Katie and headed over to see Katie to try to explain her actions.  Katie tells Brooke she did Bill’s dirty work for him but she doesn’t care.  She’s moving forward with her life – she’s marrying Ridge Katie tells Brooke.

Blackmail, and Bill’s night of passion with Quinn

Meanwhile Quinn paid Bill Spencer a visit.  Quinn wonders how Brooke would take the news of Bill’s betrayal (his affair with Quinn) after she’d just given him so much. Bill doesn’t see Quinn as having a position of power since he doesn’t see sleeping with Quinn as a betrayal since he and Brooke weren’t together at the time (and in fact Brooke was about to marry Ridge!).  Quinn, however persists.  She’ll keep quiet if he makes Wyatt a Spencer…

Ridge reacts to Bill and Brooke’s wedding plans

Having just learned about Brooke and Bill’s plans to marry in the Middle East, Ridge is clearly out of sorts at a meeting about the jewelry line Quinn and Wyatt have come up with for the couture line.  He tells Quinn her designs are clunky and dated not elegant and polished as he requested.  He also warns the duo that if they wish to keep working at FC they will have to do better.  Hope suggests they adjourn the meeting since its clearly not a good time given that its been a stressful day.  Ridge agrees he is not pleased about the wedding and when RJ calls on video chat the meeting breaks up.

RJ wears the Spencer Sword

Ridge chats with his son, learning that he got an A on his math quiz.  Ridge then spots a necklace around RJ’s neck.  It’s a sword necklace from Mr. Spencer RJ tells his dad.  He’s been told to wear it with Spencer pride.  This pushes Ridge’s buttons.

Later, Ridge tells Quinn to come up with something for the couture line – quickly.  Meanwhile Quinn has showed Wyatt the sex selfie Quinn took of her and Bill’s tryst.  Wyatt warns his mother to delete the photo, but Quinn is determined to stop Bill marrying Brooke.  She’s not the right woman for him, Quinn insists.

Quinn sends Ridge her sex selfie

Alone, Quinn prepares an email  for Ridge with photos of some prototype jewelry pieces for the couture line.  She includes the sex selfie and sends the email….

Bill plans a wedding for Brooke

Meanwhile in the Middle East, Brooke and Bill are enjoying the luxury and spectacle of their trip.  They discuss all the things they can do, but they do have to squeeze a wedding in also.  Brooke asks for a hint as to when it might be because “a girl has to plan”.  Bill however won’t tell his bride to be where the wedding will be or when, just that it will be a day she remembers for the rest of her life.

Ridge Heads to the Middle East

Bill and Brooke’s Wedding gets underway. Will Ridge stop the wedding?

Despite Katie protesting that Ridge should stay out of Bill and Brook’es life Ridge heads to the Middle East to stop Brooke from marrying Bill.  he does so under the guise that he doesn’t want Spencer in his son’s life but is Ridge kidding himself?  He spends much of the flight reminiscing about his weddings to Brooke and his reunion with her last December when Ridge returned from Paris.

Ridge also sent Katie the photo of Quinn and Bill in bed.  Ridge apologized for not being able to let Bill raise his son and told Katie he was going to stop Brooke from marrying Bill and bring her home.  Katie told him to do what he had to do.

Ridge rushes to the wedding…

Ridge asked his pilot to make sure there was a helicopter waiting for him when he landed…

Meanwhile Bill and Brooke’s wedding day arrived.  While Brooke got ready Bill made sure all the details where in place.  Brooke arrived and walked down the aisle.  Bill and Brooke’s wedding began….

Ridge arrived in time to see Bill and Brooke exchanging vows.  “Logan!” he yelled to draw Brooke’s attention.  A stunned Brooke and Bill turned to see Ridge.  Does he stop the wedding?

Ridged rushed to Abu Dhabi to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding. Did he succeed?


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