The Bold and The Beautiful Recap: Tuesday 6 May, 2014

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    Ridge doesn’t have a ring or a pretty speech prepared but he does have a piece of string.  He ties it around Katie’s finger in lieu of a ring and asks Katie to take a leap of faith with him.  Katie is surprised by the proposal and needs to make sure that Ridge isn’t just doing this to make her feel better after all she lost today.  But she asks him to ask her again and when he does, Katie accepts.

    Quinn continues needling Liam telling him that he doesn’t have much time to spend with Hope because she will end up with Wyatt.  Liam tells Quinn like it is and suggests that she get herself a life and stop interfering in her sons.  Liam tells her not to imagine for a moment that life will include his father  – Liam knows about their tryst – because Brooke has just given him everything Bill ever wanted.  Liam doesn’t realize that this news just gives Quinn an idea.

    Brooke watches Bill rock his son to sleep and Alison take Will from Bill so that he can work and his son can nap.  Brooke can’t help but remember that she’s seen this scene play out before – between Katie and her assistant Adele.

    Brooke belatedly wonders what her actions will do to her relationship with her sister since once again she had betrayed Katie and chosen Bill over her sister.  Brooke justifies her actions be recounting that she did give Katie the option to do the right thing and only used the papers when Katie refused.  Brooke heads over to Katie’s house to try justifying her actions to Katie also.

    After Brooke’s departure, Quinn arrives at Bill’s office ready to negotiate with Bill.  Quinn wonders how Brooke would feel if she knew Bill betrayed her – especially after just having given him so much.  Bill uses his Dollar Bill logic to take the wind out of Quinn’s sails.  Its not like he cheated – Brooke had been about to marry Ridge. Its hard to cheat on someone when the are engaged to someone else. But Quinn wants to trade keeping quiet about their night of sex in exchange for Bill officially giving Wyatt he Spencer name….oh and the woman he loves….

    Brooke ties to explain that she didn’t use the papers against Katie to put Bill back in the CEO’s chair and back in his son’s life out of malice.  Katie isn’t having any of it thought.  She did Bill’s dirty work in the same way Bill did.  Katie then drops her own bombshell on Brooke.  She’s let go of all her anger because she is starting a new life – she’s marrying Ridge!


    So Brooke starts to worry about what betraying her sister – again – will do to their relationship – after the fact.

    So Bill used to give Katie extravagant jewels and Ridge gives her string.  OK. Ridge and Katie’s leap of faith – why does it feel like there is a huge smack down on its way for this quadrangle….it is may sweeps after all….and we already know that Ridge chases Bill and Brooke to Abu Dhabi to stop them marrying.  If he’s so deliriously happy with his new leap of faith life with Katie why would it matter if Brooke marries Bill?


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