The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 26 – May 30, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 26 – 30, 2014): Bill plans a romantic wedding while Ridge learns about Quinn and Bill’s affair.  Ridge heads to Abu Dhabi…

    Ridge, Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Bill and Brooke are enjoying their romantic Middle Eastern trip.  Meanwhile hearing about their wedding plans, Ridge is looks for some reason to stop Brooke from marrying that clown (Bill).

    Quinn delivers by sending Ridge the sex  selfie along with some jewelry designs.  Could one photo destroy several relationships?  When Ridge confronts Quinn about the incriminating evidence she planted in the business papers Quinn takes delight in telling Ridge that she and Bill did indeed have an affair.

    Bill plans a beautiful beach side ceremony for himself and Brooke.  Bill is determined to make their wedding day one Brooke will never forget.

    A furious Ridge heads for Abu Dhabi to tell Brooke the truth about Quinn and Bill and to stop the wedding.  Ridge’s race against time may have dire consequences.  But for whom?

    Bill and Brooke’s Wedding gets underway. Will Ridge stop the wedding?

    Katie is none too pleased by Ridge’s continued interest in Brooke’s love life and tries to encourage him to stay out of Bill and Brooke’s relationship.  Donna concurs.  But Ridge stands by not wanting Bill Spencer in RJ’s life.  is that really the reason for Ridge’s dash to the Middle East?

    Meanwhile and oblivious Bill continues with his plans to sweep Brooke off her feet with a romantic and memorable vacation and wedding… Find more detail here…By week’s end Bill and Brooke’s wedding is underway.  This is the start of our lives together Brooke tells Bill.  Bill promises to love and protect Brooke today, tomorrow for an eternity…what they don’t know is that Ridge is on the way…

    Will Ridge make it in time to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding?

    Hope, Liam and Wyatt

    Hope is still unable to choose between the affections of Liam and Wyatt.  The very thing she accused Liam of doing with her and Steffy.

    Wyatt wanted Quinn to destroy the selfie and is furious that she sent it to Ridge.  Wyatt tells Hope what Ridge is planning.  Hope tries to warn Brooke that Ridge is on his way to the Abu Dhabi to stop her wedding and confront Bill.

    Wyatt is furious with Quinn for her actions.  She didn’t think them through and they have consequences.  Could it cost them their positions at Forrester Creations?

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – The run up to Summer 2014

    Deacon arrives back in LA on Friday the 13th.  He and Quinn make mischief.  Is it romance or mayhem on their minds? Or a bit of both!

    The Bold and the Beautiful are on location again!  A wedding is being shot in Monaco on June 9 and 10, 2014!  Look for those episodes to air in July.  Who is getting married?  Look for the wedding to involve Wyatt, Liam, Hope, Ridge or Brooke.

    Also in July, a new Forrester hits LA – Eric’s niece – Ivy.  If rumors are true Ivy could be sporting an Australian accent…she is being portrayed by Australian actress Ashleigh Brewer.  She will be known to Australian and British audiences for her portrayal of Kate Ramsay on Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.

    Eric is there for Katie and Ridge when they need him, despite having been opposed to their relationship in the past.

    Bill and Justin keep the Logan’s and Forrester’s in the dark about Ridges situation.

    Quinn reveals something that changes the landscape of the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle battle.  Whatever it is sets off a fierce rivalry between Quinn and Liam…

    Quinn meets a sexy and enigmatic man.  Maybe he can keep Quinn occupied and out of her son’s love life!

    Maya’s relationship and job are both under threat due to her continued  belief that Oliver will hurt Aly.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.



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