2014 Daytime Emmy’s: Streaming Live Online – Sunday June 22, from Beverly Hilton

Winners of 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards!

2014 will see a first for the Daytime Emmy’s.  The 41st Annual Daytime Emmy’s will stream live on the internet for the first time.  There will be no free-to-air or cable TV coverage of the awards show at all!

While this may pose some issues of some US audiences this change does open up an enormous opportunity for international fans of US daytime TV.

The Daytime Emmy’s will be streamed to a global audience without any location restriction!

The impact of this is not really understood until you look at UD daytime soap opera’s global audiences.  For example, The Bold and the Beautiful recently took out its 9th consecutive Golden Nymph award as the world’s most watched soap opera.

The Bold and the Beautiful reportedly screens in over 100 countries to a worldwide audience of 35 million viewers.

While viewing  the awards show in a multi-screen viewing environment is seen as modern and progressive it has to be remembered that much of the daytime soap opera genre’s viewing audience is aged.  As such, you can bet that a successful online streaming event this year will be the precursor to finding a network, either free to air or cable willing to run the show in parallel to the online event next year.

For this year, however, online is the only option.  Tune into the 41st Daytime Emmy Awards show streaming live from the Beverly Hilton at www.daytimeemmys.net.  The awards show kicks off at 5PM PST on Sunday June 22, 2014.  Tune in from 3PM PST to see the red carpet event.

Remember international fans, this is a global event!

Who was Nominated for Daytime Emmy’s in 2014?

Who Won Daytime Emmy’s in 2014?

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