Kristen DiMera Returns to Days of our Lives – This Summer!

With mention of Kristen being made on screen in the past weeks (John wanted Brady to go after her now that he was clean and back in control) and Eileen Davidson’s impending return as Kristen in July, we thought it time to go over her last stint in Salem.

Kristen DiMera was last seen crashing her car after Nicole ran her off the road. She was still wearing the wedding dress from her failed wedding to Brady Black.

It was a long winding road with many twists and turns that brought Nicole and Kristen to that car crash…..Kristen’s last story line arc in Salem represented Days of our Lives storytelling at its best.  One incident involved and changed the relationships of almost everyone in Salem.

Hopefully, Days of our Lives writers’ can make the same magic for us again this summer when Kristen returns.  Until then, here’s a rundown on Kristen’s last tour of duty in Salem…


UPDATE June 17, 2014!   Davidson back to the Young and the Restless!

 Eileen Davidson has just signed a new contract with The Young and the Restless to return to portray Ashley Abbot, the character she originated in 1982.  Expect to see Davidson on both The Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives from September – at least for a while…


Kristen returned to Salem a changed woman…

Kristen returned to Salem at Stefano’s request. Chad and EJ were on the outs with “the family” and Stefano needed Kristen’s help to bring her family back togehter.

Kristen DiMera returned to Salem a changed woman.  Or so she would have everyone believe.  She was a changed person who did charity work and had put her devious past behind her.  Most of Salem bought it.

The exception was Marlena.  Marlena’s fervent belief that Kristen had not changed her manipulative ways caused trouble in her relationship with John.  But when Kristen began dating Brady, John’s son, everything changed.

Kristen’s Revenge

Kristen was, of course, out for revenge.  If she couldn’t get revenge on her nemesis, Marlena, through her husband, she would do it through her children.

Marlena was instantly opposed to Brady dating Kristen and tried to convince her step son that Kristen was manipulating him and that he would end up hurt.  The rest of Brady’s family wasn’t thrilled with the match either.  Brady became alienated from his family.  Kristen used this opportunity to get Brady to propose.

Brady did propose but that first wedding fell apart and Kristen and Brady separated.  Marlena was instrumental in that break-up.  She exposed the fact that Kristen paid a mugger to beat up Brady.  Kristen’s hatred of Marlena escalated (if that is possible) and Kristen hatched a new plan to hurt Marlena.

Kristen targets Eric

Kristen would get to Marlena through her children.  With a saintly priest for a son it couldn’t be much easier.  And besides, Kristen didn’t need the wrath of her brother, EJ, by targeting Eric’s twin, Samantha.

With the help of her father’s less than legitimate contacts Kristen obtained a injection drug concoction that would leave no trace of use.   Kristen followed Eric to Washington and bribed the hotel clerk into giving her the room next to Eric’s.  Kristen donned a black wig, a French accent and used the pseudonym Faye Taylor to check into the hotel.

Eric didn’t recognize Kristen when he comforted Faye. What Eric got for his efforts was a drug cocktail injected into his neck.  Under the influence of the drug mix Eric had sex with Kristen.  And Kristen videoed the entire tryst.

Nicole Finds Eric

Nicole followed Eric to the Capitol after find Eric’s notes for his meeting at the church.

Meanwhile back in Salem, super assistant Nicole Walker realized that Eric had left behind the papers for the meeting he was attending.  Nicole followed Eric to deliver the papers.  Instead she found him needing medical attention.

Eric spent the night in hospital.  Daniel believed that Eric was poisoned but his lab work came back clean.  Eric was keen to move forward especially since Nicole had performed some magic to get the school approved.

Meanwhile Kristen too, had returned to Salem.  She received a visit from Dr Chyka.  One of the ingredients in the drug he gave her had been tainted.  The drugs memory suppressing effect may not be as permanent as he had initially promised.  Kristen threw the glass she was holding on hearing the news.  She would have to avoid Eric so as not to trigger his memory!

Eric has sexy dreams

Kristen injected Eric with a drug then seduced him.

But that night wasn’t so easily forgotten for Eric or Kristen.  Kristen had a pregnancy scare and Eric started having dreams of a sexual nature.  He confided in both Daniel and his superiors in the church.  Daniel not one to rest until a medical mystery is solved continued to try to piece together what happened to Eric in that hotel room.

A conversation with the desk clerk at the hotel established that a woman had checked into the room next to Eric using the name Fay Walker.  By this time Eric’s memories of that evening were returning.  He now believed he’s had sex with a blonde woman.

Meanwhile Kristen spent months trying to keep away from Eric scared that Eric seeing her face may trigger his returning memories.

Nicole is in love with Eric

Thanks to Brady, Eric now also knew that Nicole Walker had a serious case of unrequited love.  Nicole was in love with Father Eric Brady.  Adding the fact that Nicole’s mothers’ name is Faye and her sisters’ name is Taylor, Eric came to the conclusion that Nicole acted on her feelings for Eric by drugging and raping him!

Nicole denied the accusations vehemently but all Eric could remember was Nicole’s previous behavior.  She’d tried to send a romantic rival (Jennifer) to jail for the death of her already dead (and unborn child!).

Marlena finds the flash drive

Meanwhile, Marlena found a flash drive of Kristen’s that she’d previously lost on Daniels desk.  Marlena knew that Kristen had been unfaithful to Brady while they were broken up and hoped to find evidence on the flash drive.

But the file on the flash drive was encrypted.  Marlena went to Victor for help.  Victor had one of his techies break the sophisticated encryption on the file.  Marlena warned Victor that it might be Daniel on the video with Kristen (since she’d found the flash drive in Daniel’s office) but when Victor viewed the video he saw it was actually Marlena’s saintly son, Eric, doing the nasty with Kristen.

With no time to spare, Victor sent Marlena to the church to switch out the video file that his computer experts had decrypted with a video tribute Brady wanted to show before the service.  Marlena wanted to watch the video but Victor convinced her there wasn’t time.  Was it Daniel?  Marlena asked before she left.  Of course not Victor stated.  He would never publicly humiliate his god son like that – even if it did bring Kristen down.

Marlena heads to the church

Marlena arrived at the church and tried to hand off the files to the audio visuals expert that Brady had hired to do the job.  An emergency at another service saw him leave and giving Marlena a quick rundown on how to start the equipment.  It was now her job to queue the video tribute.

Kristen walks down the aisle

Brady wanted to show the guests at their wedding a tribute video to his wife to be. What they saw instead was Kristen sexing it up with Eric, the priest about to marry them!

Kristen made her way down the aisle to her awaiting groom who had a tribute video to play to the church in honor of his wife to be.  Behind the curtain Marlena queued the video. After some technical difficulties the video commenced.  But it wasn’t Brady’s tribute.  It was a video of Kristen having sex with Eric!  The congregation watched stunned, Hope paying particular attention trying to determine if the video was a fake.

Brady yelled for the video to be turned off.  A shocked Marlena wondered what she had done.  She struggled to turn it off in the process revealing herself.  Marlena yelled at Victor who had betrayed her Kristen called Marlena  sick and twisted.  Marlena claimed not to know what the video contained.

Kristen spins a story

Kristen accuses Marlena of hiring actors that looked like Eric and her or got busy with Photoshop.  Kristen told Marlena that if she was to create a lie it should be a little feasible.

A stunned Eric turned to Kristen and said “How could you” realizing it wasn’t Nicole who drugged and raped him but Kristen.  Everything on that screen is what he’d seen in his mind in his dreams.  Eric remembered…Eric accused Kristen of drugging him and Brady punched out his brother.  She raped me Eric yelled.

Kristen Leaves the Church

Kristen turned to leave the church and Victor told her to keep going and not look back as Eric and Brady’s friends and family rallied around them.

Eric suddenly understands what happened that night  in the hotel.  Brady went after Kristen.  Eric threw everyone out of the church.

More lies

At the DiMera mansion Kristen had a drink.  Brady arrived slamming the door.  Brady grabbed Kristen demanding to know if she slept with her brother.  Yes she did, Kristen told Brady. She turned to Eric for support when they were broken up.  She trusted him, but instead he seduced her.  Brady didn’t buy it however.  She shot the video to protect other women in the parish Kristen lied.  Brady didn’t believe her however accusing her of lying and lying and lying.  Kristen told Brady to go look at the video again and believe what he sees.  Eric didn’t look drugged.  He was in control.  Alone Kristen decided her story made sense and that Brady couldn’t prove she lied.

Did you seduce my fiance?

Brady and Eric fight after Brady learns Eric slept with Kristen

At the church Brady asked Eric if he seduced Kristen.  Eric told Brady the woman he loved raped him.  Brady had trouble believing that though since he looked like he enjoyed every minute of it.  A fight ensued.  Roman and Hope break up the fight.

Marlena and Kristen and a gun

Kristen went to leave the mansion to find Eric.  She took a gun out of her purse and Marlena walked in the door.  Kristen pulled the gun on Marlena.  She’d caused enough trouble for one lifetime.  Today would be a very good day for her to say goodbye.  Kristen ends up putting the gun down and telling Marlena to shoot her.  Isn’t that all you’ve ever wanted to do?  Marlena grabbed the gun and unloaded it.  You never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, Kristen tells Marlena.

Marlena didn’t see Kristen’s will to die coming.  Kristen was willing to walk away from revenge but Marlena wouldn’t let her.  Marlena is stunned that everything Kristen has done is about her.  But them Brady told her he loved him and all she needed was him.  Kristen was ready to forget what happened but Marlena couldn’t let it go.  In the process she showed the world her son the priest liked to have kindly sex with his brother’s fiancé.

Marlena however knows what Kristen did.  Eric was sick after he came back from the Capitol.  Kristen did this and Marlena was going to make sure everyone knew.  Almost everyone bought the new and improved Kristen.  Brady even bought it twice.  But now everyone would know that she’s the same twisted piece of garbage.  Leaving, Marlena told Kristen to change out of the gown.  Eric was never coming back for her.

Eric tells Roman and Brady what happened

Eric told Brady about the night at the Capitol.  Kristen poisoned him.  All Eric knew he had dreams about being in bed with a blonde woman.  He found out the woman registered in the room next to him register as Faye Taylor, and Nicole was there that night, and he blamed Nicole.  Eric suddenly realized the wrong he’d done Nicole and insisted on asking for Nicole’s forgiveness.  Brady realizes what Eric says makes sense.

Eric wonders what’s next.  A life of service has ended in humiliation…

Nicole is off the hook

When Hope asks to talk to Nicole about a police matter related to Eric Nicole panics thinking Eric has charged her.  She’s innocent, Nicole says.  Hope knows it was Kristen and she fills Nicole in on the video played at the wedding.

Nicole confronts Kristen

Nicole went to the DiMera mansion and confronted Kristen.  Kristen ruined her and Eric’s life.  Nicole promises to make Kristen’s life a living hell. Nicole tells Kristen she’s going to jail.  Kristen shoved Nicole and ran off.  Nicole went after her promising to chase her to hell.

Kristen drove off and Nicole followed.  Nicole rammed Kristen’s car until she ran off the road.  Nicole and Kristen crashed.  Nicole was pulled from her car but when the police went down the embankment to Kristen’s car – the car was empty.  Kristen was gone….


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