The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill, Katie, Brooke and Ridge – June 2014

Ridge arrives in Abu Dhabi

Ridge arrived at the hotel where Bill and Brooke were getting married in time to see Bill and Brooke put rings on each other’s fingers.  Ridge called out to Brooke and a stunned Brooke wanted to know what Ridge was doing there.

Ridge takes charge telling Brooke that she’s coming back to LA with him and telling Bill that he isn’t getting married. Needless to say Bill is not happy to see Ridge.

Brooke learns about Bill and Quinn sleeping together

Ridge asks Brooke why she is marrying Bill asking whether its because she thinks he is faithful and loyal and that he loves her. Brooke agrees that is why she is marrying him. Ridge then shows Brooke the photo Quinn took of her and Bill in bed.  Brooke is surprised and confused.

Bill goes into damage control mode and tries to explain.  it was the night that Brooke was about to remarry Ridge Bill defends.  He was drunk and it meant nothing he tries to tell Brooke.    Ridge punches Bill Spencer out and drags Brooke along the beach  to the waiting helicopter and buckles her into her seat.  Brooke doesn’t’ want to leave Bill behind but the chopper takes off headed to the airport and the waiting Forrester jet which Ridge had refueled and ready for take-off.

Bill causes Ridge to fall

Ridge noticed the Spencer Publications patch on the pilots shoulder just after giving him instructions to take him and Brooke to the Forrester jet. needless to say, the pilot followed Bill Spencer’s instructions that he received at the same time….Bill told the pilot to “Cool him off”

Bill comes to and sprints down the beach and watches the helicopter rise into the air. But Bill knows something Ridge doesn’t.  He shares a nod with the pilot as the helicopter rises into the air.  Brooke insists they go back for Bill but ridge insists Bill has nver been loyal to anyone in his life.  With Brooke strapped in Ridge taps the pilot on the should and tells him to take them to the jet and tell them to get ready to leave.  As he does, ridge notices the Spencer Publications logo on the pilots uniform….As Ridge was giving the Pilot instructions the pilot was also receiving another set or orders.  From his cell phone Bill instructs him to “Cool him off”.  The pilot veers the helicopter into a sharp turn and Ridge falls from the helicopter and into the Persian Gulf below.  Brooke watches in horror as Ridge falls….

Brooke yells at the pilot that Ridge has fallen and that they need to turn around unaware that Bill has been the instigator of the accident that played out before her…

Bill orders the chopper to land

Bill orders the pilot to bring Brooke back to him.  After landing the chopper, Bill gives the pilot instructions on starting a search for Ridge and bringing him back. The pilot agrees to do so.  He takes off his sunglasses.  Not only is he a Spencer Publications pilot – he’s Justin! – Bill’s legal eagle buddy!

A search commences

Back at their hotel room, Bill goes through with all the motions of organizing a search on water, land and air.  Brooke is visibly upset and becomes even more so when the hotel representative refers to Ridge as “the body”.

Katie gets a distraction from waiting

Katie is waiting for news from Abu Dhabi at Forrester creations.  She’ already listened to Quinn telling her she did her a favor by keeping Brooke from marrying Bill.  Katie’s only advice for crazy evil Quinn is to start packing her office.  There’s no way Brooke will let her keep her job.  Katie later tells Eric that she thinks Quinn should lose her job over this but Eric wants to wait for Brooke to get back and get her input.  While they wait, Eric has a distraction for Katie – the dress he designed for her wedding.  katie loves the dress and asks Eric if he’s all right  with her and Ridge.  Eric agrees initially he wasn’t on board but Katie makes Ridge happy and that is what matters.  They hug and katie tells Eric he’s ever the gentleman.

Quinn is in hot water

Liam and Hope walk into the office as Wyatt is telling his mother that she has no idea what is going down in Abu Dhabi.  Bill or Ridge could be hurt because of her actions.  For once Liam agrees with Wyatt.  Hope also thinks Quinn’s actions were reckless.  Quinn stated emphtically that it was only a picture and no one got hurt.  Liam’s phone rings.  its Bill.  he shares the news of Ridge falling from the helicopter into the Persian gulf.

The search teams haven’t found anything yet Bill tells his son and promises to call again if there is any news.  Liam shares the news.  Hope goes to tell katie but Katie gets a call from Brooke before she can.  Brooke recounts the events of the past few hours ending by telling Katie that Ridge fell from the helicopter.  Katie wants to know if her fiance is OK, but Brooke has nothing to tell her.  Ridge hasn’t been found yet…

Eric and Katie head to Abu Dhabi

News of Ridge’s accident spreads quickly at Forrester creations.  Eric has the jet fueled.  He and Katie are leaving immediately for Abu Dhabi.  Katie calls Brooke for an update and to let her sister know that she and Eric are on the way.

Rick promises to take care of everything in Los Angeles.  Enroute to Abu Dhabi Eric comforts Katie who blames Quinn for what has happened to Ridge.  Eric is confident that Ridge is OK.  She will have the future she dreams of with Ridge Eric reassures Katie.

Note:  How many jets does Forrester Creations have?  Ridge took one to Abu Dhabi and now Eric and Katie are taking another….

Rescue to Recovery

Bill has teams searching for Ridge as do the local authorities.  Brooke heads out to look for Ridge herself when the authorities downgraded the search for Ridge from a rescue operation to a recovery operation.

Justin arrives as Brooke is leaving.  Alone Bill tells Justin that Bill never made the call to cool ridge off and Justin wasn’t flying that helicopter.  No one needs to know the truth.  Bill is concerned about Ridge though.  He wasn’t going to take Ridge punching him in the face like that, but he does want to know he’s still alive.

Meanwhile those left behind at Forrester Creations are blaming Quinn for Ridge’s accident.  Quinn has one lone supporter – her son, Wyatt….

Bill hopes Ridge is alive

Bill quizzes Justin about what he saw once Ridge fell from the helicopter but Justin admits he didn’t see anything – he was busy flying.  Bill notes that from where he was standing on the helipad it didn’t look like he fell that far.  Bill just wanted to scare the dressmaker and teach him a lesson for interrupting his wedding – not kill him.   Brooke arrives and asks if they have any news.  With the initial shock of the incident wearing off Brooke is looking for someone to blame.  First its the helicopter pilot.  She wants to find him and get some answers.  She blames the pilot  for Ridge’s disappearance since he banked the helicopter making Ridge fall into the Persian Gulf below.  Then she blames Quinn and decides she had to pay for her actions and the repercussions.  Later she questions if its is her fault for not fighting Ridge more when he put her into the helicopter…

When Quinn calls Bill for an update Bill tells her he wants nothing to do with her ever again…

The Forrester’s keep news of Ridges disappearance quiet

Katie and Eric arrive in Abu Dhabi.  Eric has missed two calls from Thorne but doesn’t want to fill him in until there is good news about Ridge.  Brooke also doesn’t want to tell RJ about his father.  Brooke, Katie and Eric still beleive Ridge will be found alive, and no one is happy when rescuers refer to the search for the “body”.

The search for Ridge is called off

Brooke has a feeling about today….The leader of the local search party arrives to tell the Forrester’s that the search from Ridge has officially been called off.  Eric is determined that the helicopter pilot should face  criminal charges for his actions in Ridge’s accident.  Bill worries since the pilot was Justin!    Thorne suggests that perhaps there is nothing more for them to do here and an upset Katie tells everyone she insn’t leaving without Ridge.  Brooke leaves and Katie vocalizes her thoughts on the situations to Bill.  It doesn’t matter who Brooke says she’d in love with, Katie tells her ex, Ridge will always come first.  Katie leaves and Thorne follows her.  Katie and Thorne have coffee.  katie admits she doesn’t know what to feel.  Should she be preparing herself?  She doesn’t think so.  Katie belives she would feel it if Ridge were dead.  Thorne assures Katie that Ridge will turn up.  He can’t go through this again either.  His mother, Darla, he can’t lose Ridge also.  he and Ridge had their differences but he was always there for him when Thorne needed him.  Thorne keeps thinking Ridge will walk through the door any moment.  Katie wishes  it would be so easy as for Ridge to appear out of nowhere.  She heads upstairs to get her cell phone and see if there is any news.

Brooke finds Ridge

Brooke found Ridge wandering the shoreline of the beach in Abu Dhabi. Ridge was reunited with his loved ones but seemed strangely unmoved by the reunions he was a party too.

On the beach Brooke thinks she sees Ridge up the shoreline…It is Ridge.  Brooke returns to the hotel room with a surprise – Ridge.  Eric is deligthed his son has been found and grabs him and hugs him. He calls up to Stephanie and tells her that their boy is back.  Brooke tries to call Katie but soon realizes taht Katie’s cell phone is in the room an that is why she isn’t answering.

Brooke tells Ridge that she knew in her gut and her heart that he was out there.  They’d been connected for so many years. Brooke tells Ridge that she knew he was still alive. No matter who they are with their connection is too strong and will never be broken.  Brooke is thrilled their son has his father back.  Ridge tells Brooke he’s not going anywhere.   Brooke and Ridge embrace as Katie walks into the hotel room to get her cell phone  A stunned and teary Katie flies into Ridges arms and hugs him, caresses his cheek and kisses him.  Ridge hugs Katie as Eric and Brooke look on.  Ridge may be back but he seems strangely unmoved by the reunions he is apart of.  If there was any emotion to be seen on his face it would have been surprise at Brooke’s mention of their son and shock at Katie’s reaction to seeing him.

Evidence points to Ridge suffering from amnesia and not remembering being involved with Katie.  If his memory has been affected how far back does it go or are there simply holes in his memory?

Ridge’s Memory is Fuzzy

It quickly becomes obvious that Ridge is suffering some memory effects from his fall.  A doctor confirms that he is suffering from a severe concussion and that Ridge should avoid stress.  The memory issues may be temporary.  katie is desperate for Ridge to remember her and them.  Ridge says he remembers her as Brooke’s sister….it isn’t until Katie recounts how they became involved and his pursuit that some of the holes start to close.  Katie recites their poem, Ridge finishes the line then kisses her – an not like you kiss your sister in law!

Justin and Bill Worry

Justin and Bill were the last to know that Ridge had been found alive.  Brooke delivered the news that Ridge was alive just after Justin admitted to Bill that he belived Ridge may have seen him, and the Spencer logo on his uniform, before he fell from the helicopter.  Needless to say Justin and Bill were very interested in Ridge’s memory problems.

Ridge goes home

The group fro Abu Dhabi headed home, where the rest of Ridges family and friends prepared a welcome home and lets jog your memory party for him.  reunions wee emotional.  Ridge’s family couldn’t remember the last conversations they’d had with him, but were ever so glad to have the opportunity to tell him how they felt now.


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