The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: June 23 – 27, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (Jun 23 – 27, 2014): Ridge makes a decision about his life; Wyatt and Deacon bond; Will Hope let Deacon into her life? Maya puts the moves on Rick and Quinn issues a death threat!

     This week’s video preview:  Maya still wants Rick!  Quinn issues a death threat!

    Hope, Liam and Wyatt

    Liam and Hope spend a positive day together.  They decide to keep all the negative aspects surrounding them out of their lives – just for one day…

    Wyatt goes to Hope and tells her he wants to be part of her life again…Liam tells someone (likely Wyatt or Quinn) that Hope made a decision why can’t they respect that?

    Wyatt tells Hope and Liam that he’s lost his job and he’s lost Hope – there is no greater punishment than that…

    Quinn tells Liam that he didn’t destroy her, he just made her stronger and so much more dangerous.

    Wyatt and Deacon find they have common ground – both want to work their way back into Hope’s life.  They bond.

    Quinn angrily tells Liam, at his home, that Wyatt and Hope will be together.  She picks up the Spencer sword from around his neck and say “Live by the sword, die by the sword”….Liam should watch out – she stabbed Bill with his sword necklace…but then Bill stabbed himself with it too

    Hope hopes that Quinn’s show is over and they’ve seen her grand finale.  Meanwhile, however, Quinn is wearing some king of disguise and tells (Deacon?) to never underestimate a mother’s love.

    Quinn and Deacon

    Bill has some advice for Quinn about the situation she currently finds herself in (Bill has LOTS of experience having his dastardly deeds blow up in his face!)  Quinn tells Bill that now that Ridge is alive so are Wyatts chances with Hope.  Liam is boring and sappy and there is no way Hope would have chosen Liam over Wyatt Quinn tells Bill

    Deacon receives a request from a potential ally.  “You want to help Hope, and I want to help Wyatt.  Lets work something out,” Quinn proposes to Deacon

    Quinn’s plotting is not over.  Deacon stumbles on her latest project – probably since they are room mates now…  Quin says a mother’s love should never be underestimated while clearly in scheming mode….Deacon should be seeing that Hope is right – Quinn is too scarey to have as a mother in law or grandmother to her children!  Will Deacon see it that way though?

    Quinn says she wants to kill “him” while speaking with Deacon.  Since Liam is attacked in his home next week, Quinn is likely targeting Liam with the death threat….

    Deacon pays Wyatt a visit at his home and the duo bond over scotch.  

    Ridge, Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Ridge there was a source to his will to live.  Who kept him alive? Katie and Ridge have a discussion about their future.  His near death experience makes Ridge take a look at his life.  He makes a life altering decision as he prepares for his future.

    Bill and Justin continue to work to keep their involvement in Ridge’s accident secret.

    Brooke is concerned about Deacon returning to be part of his daughter’s life.  It is Brooke’s hope that Hope turns her back on Deacon.

    Thorne, Oliver and Aly

    Thorne wants to know what Oliver’s intentions are towards his daughter, Aly.  Oliver is of course much older than Aly.  (Oliver was Hope’s high school boyfriend – until he slept with Brooke – albeit by accident…)

    “Aly is in a very critical stage in her life right now,” Thorne tells Oliver, “and she trusts you.  If your feelings aren’t true, you end this now”.

    When Maya walks out of a photo shoot Oliver tells Aly that she is the embodiment of the Hope for the Future message…

    Maya and Carter

    Many become concerned about Maya’s behavior.  Maya tells Oliver that she is sick of Caroline living her life!

    Rick and Caroline

    Rick receives a surprise in the steam room which leads to a confrontation with Maya.

    Maya takes a leaf out of Oliver’s book and wants to bag herself a Forrester.  She puts the moves on Rick!  While Rick is in the steam room he gets a surprise visit.  Rick is probably expecting that it is his wife’s hands on his towel clad body, but her turns around and is shocked to see it is Maya!  Maya tells Rick that she still wants him.


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Katie demands answers – is someone finally asking questions about the helicopter accident?

    Bill pulls the wool over Brooke’s eyes

    Felicia comes to LA for a visit. Actress Lesli kay tweeted that it is likely that more old faces will return for the “event” that brought Felicia to town…

    The battle for Hope’s heart continues between the Spencer brothers.

    Another man add more conflict to the Brooke, Bill, Katie and Ridge quadrangle

    Ridge’s near death experience in the Gulf changes his relationships with Brooke and Katie

    Quinn makes an admission that shatters Liam’s world and sets of a fierce rivalry between the two of them.

    Deacon distracts Quinn from her focus

    Also in July, a new Forrester hits LA – Eric’s niece – Ivy Forrester who comes to LA to work of the jewelry line .  If rumors are true Ivy could be sporting an Australian accent…she is being portrayed by Australian actress Ashleigh Brewer.  She will be known to Australian and British audiences for her portrayal of Kate Ramsay on Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.

    Look for Aly to ramp up the crazy again over summer.  Aly will seek counsel from her dead mother’s ghost again – presumably about her relationship with Oliver.  Will Aly learn that Oliver is just using her?  Or will Oliver and Aly’s union turn out to be a love match after all – a tried and true soap opera twist?

    Quinn reveals something that changes the landscape of the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle battle.  Liam’s world is set off kilter by the admission from Quinn.  Whatever it is sets off a fierce rivalry between Quinn and Liam…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


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