The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: June 9 – 13, 2014

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    Next on The Bold and the Beautiful (Jun 9 – 13, 2014): Bill and Justin keep secrets about Ridge;  Katie and Brooke battle; while Hope chooses which Spencer brother is for her; Quinn meets Hope’s Daddy, Deacon.

    Hope, Liam and Wyatt

    The shenanigans of the past few weeks, culminating in Wyatt sucker punching Liam, spurs Hope to finally make a decision about her future.  Which Spencer brother will Hope chose?  It is Liam that Hope tells about her new clarity on what she needs in her life and it is Liam that she kisses.  Quinn tells her son she will fix this.  Wyatt meets Hope at Big Bear.  Hope tells him she will always care about him but she can’t do this anymore….It isn’t just Quinn she can’t get the diamond heist of of her mind either…

    Wyatt fights for what is important to him til the last moment.  He’s not giving up on Hope.  In fact Wyatt gets down on bended knee and proposes!  But Hope suggests to Wyatt that it would be best if Wyatt and Quinn are gone by the time her mom gets back.

    Hope and Liam discuss their future – he doesn’t think that Hope and the cat should move in until after they are married…

    Quinn makes a plea to Hope to not punish Wyatt for something she thinks Quinn has done.  Quinn offers to stay right out of Wyatt’s life.   Liam assures Hope that nothing can stand between them and happiness anymore.

    Speculation:  Sounds like Hope may choose Liam and that the Monaco wedding may be a Hope and Liam union! How many weddings would that make it for Hope and Liam?


    Quinn is the hot seat over recent unfortunate events.  Everyone blames Quinn – how will she get out of this pickle?  Maybe with the help of a new partner in crime – Deacon perhaps?  Bill is also being held at least partially responsible by Katie.  Brooke still believes that Bill is nothing by sincere in his efforts to find Ridge.  What will Brooke do when the truth comes out?

    You bet.  Wyatt already blames his mother for his recent misfortunes (sounding like Hope chooses Liam!) as does everyone else at Forrester.  Pam calls Quinn the devil, Ally blames Quinn for what may have befallen Uncle Ridge.  Oliver is there to support Aly.

    But Quinn keeps scheming til the last minute.  She tells Liam that Hope will never leave a real man to go back to him – a boy….

    Wyatt blames his mother for losing Hope and wants nothing more to do with her.

    But Quinn is delivered another blow when Rick fires her from Forrester Creations.  Quinn heads to the Bikini Bar to drown her sorrows and runs into Hope’s Daddy – sexy and mysterious Deacon Sharpe.  These two could be a force to be reckoned with and who wouldn’t like to see manipulative and scheming Quinn fall hard for dashing Deacon?

    Quinn may be down but with Deacon on her side she won’t be out…

    Ridge, Bill, Katie and Brooke

    Bill and Justin work  to keep the truth about Ridge under wraps from the Forrester’s and Brooke.  What’s up with Ridge?  Lets see a couple of good soap opera plots – amnesia perhaps, can’t walk?  Whatever Bill does it surely is motivated by him keeping Brooke!

    Bill is also being held at least partially responsible by Katie.  Brooke still believes that Bill is nothing by sincere in his efforts to find Ridge.  What will Brooke do when the truth comes out?

    Katie has Eric’s support but Katie and Brooke battle each other rather than support each other over Ridge’s disappearance.


    Maya is still concerned about Oliver’s motives for romancing Aly.  Concerned that Aly will end up hurt Maya, watches Oliver and Aly closely.  Is Maya really that worried about Aly?  Or is the face of HFTF a little jealous?  Maya and Oliver did share a kiss not THAT  long ago….Could Maya’s stance put her own job at risk? Not to mention her relationship with Carter?  Carter warns he fiancé to keep her nose out of Oliver and Aly’s business and not use the recording she made of Oliver admitting he was dating Aly to secure his job at Forrester…

    Maya confronts Oliver about taking advantage of Oliver.  Stop using that poor girl she tells him.  Carter warns Maya to stay out of Aly and Oliver’s relationship.

    Aly and Oliver

    Oliver is there to support Aly as she learns that her Uncle Ridge is missing.  For once everyone agrees with Aly’s assessment of Quinn.  Aly blames Quinnfor Uncle Ridge’s accident and the rest of the Forrester’s agree and encourage Rick to fire Quinn.  He has the authority.  Rick does want to consult with his Dad, the CEO,  however.

    Aly believes there is no way that Quinn can keep her job at Forrester now – especially with Hope ending it with Wyatt…


    Eric has a change of heart about the stance he took over Ridge and Katie’s relationship.  Eric is there for Ridge and Katie.


    He’s back!  Deacon Sharpe first appears on Friday 13th of June.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks – Summer 2014:

    The Bold and the Beautiful are on location again!  A wedding is being shot in Monaco on June 9 and 10, 2014!  Look for those episodes to air in July.  Who is getting married?  Look for the wedding to involve Wyatt, Liam, Hope, Ridge or Brooke.  Look for Ivy Forrester also!  Those cast members will be in Monaco for the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

    After leaving Monaco this week, The Bold and the Beautiful cast; Kim Matula (Hope), Darin Brooks (Wyatt), Scott Clifton (Liam) and Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy) are headed on another location shoot – to Paris France.  Look or those episodes to air in August , 2014

    Also in July, a new Forrester hits LA – Eric’s niece – Ivy.  If rumors are true Ivy could be sporting an Australian accent…she is being portrayed by Australian actress Ashleigh Brewer.  She will be known to Australian and British audiences for her portrayal of Kate Ramsay on Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.

    Quinn reveals something that changes the landscape of the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle battle.  Whatever it is sets off a fierce rivalry between Quinn and Liam…

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


    1. I truly hope Ivy and Wyatt get together. I can’t take Wyatt and Hope kissing another day.
      I hope Hope makes the right decision and stays with who she really loves. NOT WYATT!!!!!!! 🙂

      • I hope wyatt and ivy are together. Let Hope and Liam marry and stay together. End hott. Keep wyatt away from hope.

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