The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle June 2014

The month started with Hope and Wyatt agreeing that whatever happened between their parents wouldn’t come between them.  But when Liam and Wyatt come to blows Hope makes her decision.  Which Spencer brother will it be?  Will Hope be weighing up two wedding proposals?  Who gets married in Monaco in July 2014?  

Find out more in the Spoilers section….

Wyatt tells Hope what his mother did

June 2014 saw Quinn’s machinations cause issues for her son’s love life – again.  Wyatt told Hope that Ridge was on the way to Abu Dhabi to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding.  His mother “accidentally” sent Ridge a photo of herself in bed with Bill Spencer.  Hope was glad that Brooke would learn the truth before Brooke married Bill since him sleeping with another woman was always going to be a big deal.

Hope and Wyatt agreed to not let whatever goes on between their parents not interfere with their relationship.  Hope did however suggest that Quinn dial back the crazy just a little.

Hope tells Liam about Quinn’s manipulation

Later Hope told Liam about Ridge jetting off to Abu Dhabi to stop the wedding and why.  Liam noted that Quinn knew exactly where to hit for maximum damage.  Quinn didn’t make mistakes Liam told Hope referring to the accidental email.  He also wanted to  know how much more wrong Quinn needed t o be before Hope threw Quinn and her son out of Hope’s life.

Quinn is blamed for Ridge’s accident

As news of Ridge’s accident and subsequent search spreads the blame is laid squarely at Quinn’s feet.  Ridge would never have gone to the Middle east if it weren’t for Quinn “accidentally” sending Ridge the photo of her and Bill in bed.

Liam isn’t buying any of Quinn’s excuses.  Quinn tries to make light of the situation but she has only one lone supporter – her son, Wyatt.  Quinn refuses to apologize for her actions.  Wyatt’s continued defense of his mother starts to put a rift between him and Hope as Hope like everyone else blames Quinn for what has happened to Ridge.  Liam and Hope both find  it unbelievable that Wyatt is still defending his mother.

Its not the first time she’d used that photo to get what she wants Liam notes.  First it got Wyatt the Spencer last name and now she’s used it to put an end to Bill and Brooke’s wedding.  She used Ridge to do it.  Liam wonders how Quinn will feel having Rideges death on her hands…

 Hope tells Wyatt he’s not to blame

When Wyatt apologizes to Hope for his part in all of this, Hope assures him that she doesn’t blame Wyatt.  His mother is another story thought.  Like Liam Hope thinks Quinn is to blame for whatever has befallen Ridge. Hope and ridge have had their issues in the past (mostly because he is Steffy’s father!) but Hope understands how many people will be hurt is something bad has happened to him.  Wyatt asks Hope not to let Liam convince her that Wyatt is cut from the same cloth as his mother and that he too is guilty of whatever happens to Ridge.  Don’t let Liam tear us apart Wyatt begs.

Wyatt punches Liam

Wyatt makes another mistake when it comes to the future of his relationship with Hope.  Quinn accused Liam of milking the situation to get points with Hope and cast aspersion on her and her son.  She accuses him of slander.  Quinn reiterates her innocence.  Sure, she sent the photo, but what Ridge did with the information was entirely his doing Quinn defends.  Quinn says she sent Ridge that photo for her and for Bill.  Brooke’s past relationships with non-Ridge men haven’t ended so well.  Quinn was protecting Bill Quinn maintains.  Liam scoffs.  he would chose Brooke over Quinn any day of the week.  Liam calls Quinn a vile manipulative evil bitch. Wyatt doesn’t stand for Liam insulting his mother and punches Liam!  Hope rushes into the room to see what all the commotion is about and is surprised to see Liam on the floor….

Hope is unimpressed that Wyatt resorts to violence and punches Liam out when Liam insulted Quinn. Hope agrees with Liam that Quinn is to blame for Ridge’s disappearance. Wyatt realizes he is losing Hope because of his mother’s antics….

Wyatt and Quinn lose ground

Liam gets up from the ground after being sucker punched by Wyatt.  He doesn’t know about Hope but he is determined to see Wyatt and Quinn kicked out of Forrester for all of Quinn’s misdeeds.  Hope also cannot buy into Quinn’s reasoning for her actions.  Quinn has done so many terrible things; sending Hope the tribute video Liam made for Steffy, forging notes, bringing Steffy to LA on Hope and Liam’s wedding day, trapping Liam in an elevator (not to mention steam room Liam adds) and now this – sending Ridge the photo that sent him to AbuDhabi to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding and possible his death.  Hope decides that maybe she could understand and forgive each individual incident, but when she puts them all together its just too much.

Quinn realizing she isn’t going to convince Liam and Hope of her innocence goes to defending Wyatt saying that he had nothing to do with what she did and Quinn’s actions shouldn’t be held against Wyatt.  An angry Hope simply tells Quinn that she has given her a lot to think about.

Hope chooses Liam?

Hope leaves with Liam.  At Liam’s Malibu beach house Hope tends his injuries.  Hope suddenly has clarity in what she needs in her life.  She can’t overlook what Quinn has done and feels somewhat responsible because it was her that brought Wyatt and Quinn to Forrester Creations.  Hope is forced to admit that Wyatt isn’t as innocent as Quinn would want Hope to believe either.  Hope wonders how she could possibly be with Wyatt after everything that his mother has done .  And the jewel heist fiasco that Wyatt put her through is always int he background.  Her eyes are now open and Hope knows what she needs in her life.  She needs him.  A stunned Liam asks if she’s saying what he thinks she’s saying.  In response, Hope kisses Liam.

Will Wyatt be able to make Hope change her mind?

Wyatt takes Hope to Big Bear

Quinn steals the keys for the Big Bear cabin from Pam’s desk at Forrester Creations and gives them to Wyatt.  He needs to take Hope there and get some alone time with her.  Quinn tells her son she’s going to “fix” this.

Having made up her mind, Hope goes to find Wyatt to tell him that she’s made a decision.  Quinn goes to see Liam at his house and Liam tells her that he and Hope are together.  Quinn in cocky and tells Liam that there will be a broken heart tonight but it won’t be her son’s.  Liam and Quinn spar about everyone blaming her for Ridge’s accident.  Finally Quinn gets angry and tells Liam its all his fault.  he should have just gone to Paris to be with Steffy.  Liam tells Quinn he will do everything in his power to keep Quinn from interfering in his and Hope’s life.

Hope dumps Wyatt and Wyatt Proposes!

Meanwhile Wyatt calls Hope and asks her to come to Big Bear so that they can talk.  Hope agrees.  Wyatt brought her to Big Bear so that she could remember their history together.  Wyatt loves his mother but hates what she had done.  He doesn’t want them to end because of Quinn’s actions.  He and his mother are not the same person….

Hpe tells Wyatt that she will always care about him but that she can’t do this anymore.  His mother is crazy and she is too big an influence on his life.  Hope can no longer overlook all the things she has done.  Wyatt offers to cut Quinn out of his life but Hope says its not only Quinn that’s the problem.  She can’t overlook the jewelry heist either.  She forgave Wyatt and she meant that but hates how it changed her.  She can’t just keep overlooking the lying and him punching out Liam.  Wyatt becomes defensive and tells  Hope that yes, he and his mother make things happen – but what’s wrong with that?  Its better than tofu eating, animal rescuing and doing yoga.  But Hope tells Wyatt that is exactly who she wants for her life – the person she is to settle down with – that man is Liam.

In a last ditch effort Wyatt asks Hope to stay the night where it all began.  In the morning everything will look better and they can begin their life anew.  Wyatt pulls out a sparking engagement ring.  Say yes, he asks of Hope, be my wife….

Hope Leaves Big Bear

Wyatt tries to highlight all the good things they have experienced together but while talking to Brooke over the phone Hope learns that Brooke, like everyone else, blames Quinn for what has happened to Ridge.  Hope suggests to Wyatt that he and his mother be gone from Forrester before her mother gets back.  Quinn has crossed too many lines to remain employed at Forrester Creations.  back at Forrester Creations Rick agrees and has Carter draw up Quinn’s termination papers…


Hope leaves the cabin at Big Bear after telling Wyatt she has chosen to be with Liam.  Back at the beach house Hope tells Liam that Wyatt proposed but hat he is who she supposed to be with.  They kiss.

Wyatt is Single and Probably Jobless

Wyatt tells his mother that Hope dumped him because of what Quinn has done.  Not only that, because of Quinn’s antics he is about to lose his job also.  Wyatt tells him mother that after Hope dumped him she recommended that he and Quinn be gone from Forrester before Brooke returns from Abu Dhabi.  Quinn still doesn’t see the seriousness of the situation her and her son are in.  Wyatt tells him mother he wants nothing more to do with her and walks away….

Meanwhile Hope fills Liam in on the situation with Wyatt and Quinn and her suggesting that Wyatt and Quinn be no where near Forrester Creations when Brooke returns. They spend some alone time together as a reunited couple and start thinking about their future.  Liam suggests that Hope and the cat don’t move in until after they are married proving again he is sensitive the Hope’s morals, and beliefs.  Hope appreciates the sentiment.

Ridge is Alive

When news that Ridge is alive spreads, Quinn believes that means Wyatt’s chances with Hope also are.  Wyatt heads over to Hope’s house where there is a welcome home party for Ridge in preparation/full swing.  Hope shares the news with Wyatt about Ridge and they hug.  Liam witnesses the hug…Hope shared her decision to dump Wyatt and reunite with Liam with her mother when Brooke returned with the others from Abu Dhabi.

Quinn and Wyatt are out at Forrester

Upon Eric’s return from Abu Dhabi he confirmed Rick’s decision to terminate Quinn and Wyatt.  Wyatt also told his mother that she had cost him his relationship with Hope and that he wanted nothing more to do with her.  Quinn went to the Bikini Bar to drown her sorrows.  While she was there she met a new man…Hope’s father – Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon moves in with Quinn

Deacon claimed to be reformed from his bad boy ways but when Quinn proposed that work together to reunite Wyatt and Hope.  Deacon agreed.  On two conditions.  He would only support a Hope and Wyatt reunion if that was what Hope wanted and he needed a place to stay.  Quinn told him there was plenty of room at the warehouse.

Quinn Threatens Liam

Deacon’s initial conversations with Hope pointed towards Hope wanting to be with Liam.  This made Quinn see red.  She stormed over to Liam’s Malibu house, where they went over old ground.  She caused Ridge’s accident and Liam had taken advantage of the situation to steal Hope from Wyatt.  Finally Liam threw Quinn out his home.  On the way our Quinn warned Liam that he hadn’t destroyed her only made her more dangerous.   She picked up the sword around his neck and reminded him that the Spencer sword bonded him to his father AND brother.  The brother who’s life he was destroying.  Live by the sword, die by the sword, Quinn told Liam as she stabbed him in the neck with the sword.

Liam asks Wyatt how dangerous his mother really is

Liam took Quinn’s actions as a serious threat.  He tested Wyatt to come over.  How dangerous is your mother really, Liam wanted to know.  Wyatt assured Liam that Quinn did cross the line but she wasn’t crazy.  When Hope arrived and saw what Quinn had done to Liam Wyatt felt compelled again to apologize for his mother’s actions.  Hope told him it wasn’t his fault. Wyatt agreed, but somehow he was paying the price.  He’d lost his job, he’d lost Hope and there was no greater punishment than that Wyatt stated as he left.

Deacon and Wyatt meet

Back at home, Wyatt received a visitor who noted that he too had once lived in the house that Wyatt now called home.  It was Deacon – Hope’s daddy. They bonded over scotch.  They discussed Wyatt’s relationship with Hope and Wyatt told Deacon he’d lost Hope because of his mother.  She wasn’t the type of person Hope respected.

Deacon was also worried about how far Quinn was willing to go having seen her at the warehouse welding.  Quinn had some kind of plan and had told Deacon she was going to kill Liam.  Deacon asked Wyatt about Quinn.

Quinn breaks into Liam’s home

Meanwhile elsewhere in Malibu, Liam was in bed when he heard a loud noise.  He grabbed a torch and went to investigate.  In the darkness the torch light illuminated Quinn’s face set in an evil sneer…


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