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Ridge sacked Oliver

When Ridge returned from Paris he was quick to take over the reins at Forrester Creations.  He assumed control and before the formal management structure was decided by Eric, Ridge made his feelings known.

Ridge wasn’t a fan of Oliver or his work.  He wanted to shut down the LA studio and rely solely on the studio in Paris for their photography work.  Everyone at Forrester Creations was shocked when Ridge fired Oliver.

Everyone at Forrester Creations rallied around Oliver.  No one could believe what Ridge had done.  Aly gave Oliver her full support and told him that she was sure that Eric would reverse the decision.

Eric Reinstated Oliver

When Ridge’s decision was brought to Eric Forrester’s attention, he was quick to concur with son, Rick that Ridge wasn’t in a position to be making hiring and firing decisions.  Eric reversed Ridge’s decision to fire Oliver.

But the damage had been done.  Oliver received a taste of just how tenuous his position was as an employee of the Forrester family.  He confided his feelings in Maya who although technically also just an employee, was the fiancé of Rick’s favored employee – Carter.  She would be fine Oliver asserted.

Wyatt, too, because he was dating one of the family – Hope – would also be secure in his job Oliver reasoned.

Not one of the Family

The experience brought Aly into Oliver’s focus.  She was young, pretty enough, single and most importantly a Forrester.  If dating the red-headed Forrester was what Oliver had to do to secure his job, that’s what he’d do he told Maya, unaware that Maya was recording the conversation.

Oliver pusues Aly

Oliver began pursuing Aly, turning up at the Forrester Mansion when she was at the pool and spending time with her at work putting her in front of his camera.  Their relationship developed slowly which was appropriate for Aly’s youth and inexperience.

Oliver and Aly Dating

Oliver also was instrumental in helping Aly come to terms with her father, Thorne’s news that he was dating Taylor Hayes Forrester, the woman Aly held responsible for her mother’s death.  Slowly, Aly seemed to let go of the rage that she had driving her.

The anger at Taylor dissipated and Aly gave her approval of Thorne and Taylor’s relationship.  Aly also kept her feelings about Wyatt and Hope under control (although it wasn’t’ long before Hope ended things with Wyatt on her own).

It was hard not to see Aly and Oliver as just another sweet young couple.

Maya and her recording

Meanwhile, however, Maya was watching Oliver and Aly’s relationship develop as well.  Maya claimed to be concerned about Oliver taking advantage of Aly and hurting her.  Carter recommended Maya not tell anyone about the recording she’d made of her conversation with Oliver.  But Maya was adamant that something needed to be done to protect Aly.

Is Maya jealous

Maya’s change in attitude – all dark and pouty – had been noted in a Forrester meeting where it had been subtly and not so subtly hinted that Maya needed to find her fun trademark smile again for the HFTF photo shoots.  Oliver, Hope, Rick and Carter all acknowledged that something seemed to be bothering Maya.

At the photo shoot, Maya confronted Oliver about using Aly to secure his job, noting that he had a nice new car in the Forrester employee car park.  Oliver told Maya that her cared about Aly and that he’d needed that car for a while.  Maya wasn’t convinced though and noted that he only felt comfortable buying it now however that he was dating Aly.

Oliver and Aly Have Thorne’s Blessing

Oliver tried to close the conversation by stating that he had Thorne’s blessing to date Aly so what should it matter to Maya.  Maya’s response made Oliver question whether Maya was really concerned about Aly or whether she was jealous.  Maya agreed she was tired of watching Caroline Spencer living her life and stormed out of the shoot.

Maya seduces Rick

Maya knew that Rick had the steam room booked and that wife, Caroline, couldn’t join him because she had another meeting.  So Maya joined Rick in the steam room.  With his eyes closed, Rick heard the door open and assumed it was Caroline joining him after all.  He requested and got a neck massage.  He turned to kiss his wife then opened his eyes and recoiled when he realized he’d been about to kiss Maya!

Maya told Rick that she’d never forgotten them and had to take the chance that he hadn’t either.  It wasn’t too late for them.  He and Caroline hadn’t started a family yet, and she hadn’t married Carter yet, Maya reasoned.

Rick tells Caroline

Rick told Maya that he was married to and in love with Caroline.  He left Maya standing in the steam room alone.  Later Maya returned to the studio but instead of going inside eavesdropped on a conversation Oliver was having with Aly.  Oliver was trying to convince Aly that she embodied everything the Hope for the Future line stood for.  It should be her that was the spokes model for the line – not Maya.  Maya had been screwing up lately anyway.  Aly should replace her, Oliver reasoned.

While Oliver’s logic made perfect sense, it could also be seen as him promoting Aly’s involvement in the company to further his own job security.  If you were Maya, it would be seen as Oliver trying to dispose of the one person who he’d originally confided in about dating Aly to get ahead.

Maya Reacts…

Rick told Caroline about Maya propositioning him which put Caroline in a certain state of mind when Maya came to see her…Caroline gave Maya a piece of her mind about her propositioning her husband.  Caroline also noted that as spokes model for HFTF Maya was way off message.  HFTF was about values and someone who propositions married men in a public place clearly had none.

Maya countered Oliver’s threat to her job (replacing her with Aly) by playing Rick and Caroline the recording she’d made of Liver admitting he was dating the red headed Forrester to secure his job and get on the “inside” with the family.

When Rick heard Maya’s recording he confronted Oliver about his intentions towards Aly. Meanwhile a love struck Aly was writing Oliver love letters using a thesaurus to find the words…

Rick deals with Oliver

After Oliver brought Aly home from a medieval double date with Pam and Charlie, Rick confronted Oliver in the guesthouse about what he’d said on the recording.  Oliver was genuinely upset and mentioned that Rick obviously didn’t trust him as much as he stated when he was recording him at work.  Caroline blurted out that Maya had recorded the conversation, not Rick.

Oliver told Rick that his feelings for Aly were now genuine.  They’d both come a long way together and he had honestly fallen for Aly.  He told Rick that he could fire him but Oliver begged that Rick not play the recording for Aly.  Rick agreed he wouldn’t’ tell Aly but warned the photographer that he would be watching him

Later, alone, Caroline told Rick that breaking Aly’s heart by telling her about Oliver to prevent Oliver not breaking her heart made no sense.

Aly is loves truck

Meanwhile up in her bedroom in the main house, Aly was clearly love struck and enamored with Oliver.   She even had a discussion with her dead mother about how she would know when she was in love.  Aly received a phone call from Oliver who told Aly he’d had the best time tonight.  Oliver told Aly he really cared about her and that Aly should never forget that.

What’s next….

That last line is soap opera speak for “I have a secret and when you find out, I’m din deep doo doo.”

Oliver ‘s feelings for Aly may now be genuine but Oliver also has Maya gunning to get rid of him before Oliver gets rid of him and puts his girlfriend in front of the camera as the HFTF spokes model.

Last time Aly went off the rails over something she didn’t like (Thorne and Taylor’s relationship) Aly picked up an Axe….Will Aly’s anger issues rear their head again WHEN she finds out about Oliver’s original motives for dating her?  Or will Aly be able to see past what got her and Oliver together and enjoy their relationship?  Stranger things have happened in the soap opera world….


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