The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 4 – 8, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 4 – 8, 2014): Liam goes to Paris and plans a surprise wedding; Deacon makes Brooke a romantic offer; Bill makes a similar plea.

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Liam fills Ivy in on the romantic twists and turns in his and Hope’s relationship.  Ivy is sympathetic and lends a friendly ear.

    Hope and Liam argue about Wyatt’s motives in using the diamond to come between Hope and Liam.  Hope doesn’t understand.  Wyatt or her having the diamond doesn’t stop her from being with him.  She’s right there, Hope tells Liam.  Liam tries to explain that Wyatt talks Hope into doing what Wyatt wants her to do and then somehow manages to convince Hope that it was her idea.

    Hope tells Wyatt that as tempting as it is to keep the HFTF Diamond – the one he did promise to give her one day while they were in Hawaii – she cannot accept it. Hope tells a sad Wyatt that she will be returning the diamond to him after their Paris promotional trip.  Hope asks Liam to meet her in Paris but Liam is in a sulk as Hope and Wyatt leave on their press trip. 

    On the flight to Paris, Wyatt makes a pitch to Hope. he has never let her down like Liam has and did again last week when he walked out on her.  Hope tells Wyatt that she can’t accept jewelry from another man and tells him that she is returning the diamond to him after Paris.

    Ivy and Aly team up to help Liam with some female perspective on his predicament,  They advice him to make a grand romantic gesture…Aly tells Liam that Hope wants him to put a ring on her finger in Paris.  He has to go to Paris, Aly advises.  Ivy, however, floats her theory to Liam, that Hope is more like Brooke than she realizes (she suggested the same to Aly last week).

    Liam says yes to meeting Hope in Paris.  He has a surprise for Hope when he gets there.  He takes a leaf out of his Dad’s book and arranges a surprise wedding for him and Hope.  Hope is surprised by Liam’s arrangements.  She isn’t the only one.  Hope gets delayed by a promotional photo shoot.  WIll she be late?

    Hope and Wyatt meet up with Felicia at Forrester International.

    Ridge, Bill, Katie, Brooke and Deacon

    With Brooke and Bill’s relationship a shambles after learning that Bill ordered Justin to dump Ridge out of the helicopter and into the Persian Gulf, Deacon takes a chance in the name of romance of his own. After kissing Brooke, Deacon makes is clear to Brooke that he wants her back. 

    Bill too makes a plea for Brooke to forgive him and take him back.  Bill as yet is unaware that he has romantic competition for Brooke’s affections.  Brooke is left confused by having two men want to be with her…

    Oliver and Aly

    Aly tells Brooke that Liam is meeting up with Hope in Paris.

    Oliver’s professional woes may not be over – even if he is dating Ms F.  He is passed over as the photographer for the Paris trip.  Regardless the young couple take the opportunity to spend some quality time together while everyone is off in Paris.


    Quinn is linked to Ricardo’s death.  Where was Quinn all this time?  Getting therapy?  Or in Mexico furthering her quest to get Wyatt and Hope back together.  She threatened to kill Liam and almost did.  Is it too much to believe she did kill Ricardo?

    Wyatt continues to worry about his mother’s problem in not knowing when she’c crossed a line.  He asks her to back away from whatever agenda she’s currently working.  He tells her that this is always how it starts, she gets involved and she gets obsessed.  We’re done with that Wyatt warns his mother.  Their relationship isn’t going to be the same as before.


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Will Hope get to her wedding on time?  Hope goes to great lengths not to have a repeat of her Italian wedding where she stood Liam up – thanks to Bill and Deacon’s manipulations.

    The battle for Hope’s heart continues between the Spencer brothers.

    Quinn makes an admission that shatters Liam’s world

    Deacon distracts Quinn from her focus

    Wedding bells ring for a lucky YOUNG couple in Monaco as summer comes to an end…That young seems to exclude Bill, Brooke, Ridge and Katie….

    Quinn reveals something that changes the landscape of the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle battle.  Liam’s world is set off kilter by the admission from Quinn. 

    Rumor has it there will be  another location shoot in the fall – this time the destination is Amsterdam

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