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Wyatt Causes Trouble for Hope and Liam

When Liam almost lost his life at the hands of Wyatt’s crazy mother, Quinn, Wyatt was instrumental in saving Liam’s life.  Liam in return declared a truce between the two of them and they embarked on a brotherly relationship for the first time since discovering they were brothers.  Liam even agreed that Wyatt should return to work at Forrester Creations where Ivy Forrester needed a Los Angeles based side-kick given that she also ran a jewelry business in Australia.

That truce, however, was short lived when Wyatt inherited the Hope for the Future diamond upon Ricardo Montemayor’s death.

Wyatt Gives Hope the Hope for the Future Diamond

Wyatt made good on a promise he’d made to Hope in Hawaii when she’d run out on her last attempt to marry Liam.  Wyatt gave Hope the Hope for the Future Diamond.  Hope was speechless and initially did the right thing and refused the very generous gift because of what it would mean to Liam.

Liam was upset that Hope would even consider accepting jewelry from another man when she was engaged to him.  Especially if that man was a former boyfriend who still held a torch.  Ivy supported Liam in this perception, as did Ally.

Wyatt Calls a Press Conference

But Wyatt didn’t let that stand in his way.  He called a press conference to announce his possession of the Hope for the Future Diamond and during his speech made it clear what his feelings for Hope were.  He then publicly presented Hope with the diamond as a gift.  Ambushed, and unable to refuse because of what it meant to her fashion line and Forrester Creations, Hope accepted the diamond.

Hope and Liam Argue

Liam was outraged by his brother’s behavior and Hope’s acceptance of the diamond.  Liam demanded that Hope not accept the diamond, but Hope told him she was keeping the diamond.  Liam walked out.  Ivy again provided Liam a supportive ear but noted that it looked like he’d broken up with Hope.  Liam disagreed about that being his intention.

Harnessing the Momentum

Meanwhile, Forrester Creation management were trying to brainstorm ways to capitalize on the hug press opportunity Wyatt had handing them.  Eric noted that Thorne thought they should bring the diamond to Paris for a tour.  Everyone turned to Wyatt to see what the boy wonder thought they should do.

Wyatt liked the idea of Paris and suggested a promotional photo shoot with three icons – Hope, the diamond and the Eiffel Tower to support the diamond’s tour of Europe.  Eric agreed with the concept and told Wyatt, Rick and Hope to make it happen – assuming Hope agreed.  Hope left everyone hanging while she went to speak to Liam…

Rick Wyatt and Hope head to paris
A promotional photo in Paris featuring Hope, the HFTF Diamond and the Eiffel tower.

Meet Me in Paris

Hope tried to explain to Liam that the decision she made to accept the diamond was a business decision.  It would mean publicity and exposure for her line, and more important than the money it would generate was her ability to promote her message of empowerment for young women and environmental stewardship.  Liam still didn’t want Hope accepting the diamond but didn’t want to argue about it either.

Hope then told Liam she was headed out of town to Paris – with Wyatt – and Rick –and didn’t want to leave things between them the way they were.  Hope assured Liam that he was the one she wanted to be with and she worked with Wyatt – that’s all.

Hope picked up their wedding rings from where Liam kept them and suggested that he come to Paris with her.  They would start their lives together in Paris.

When Liam told Hope he couldn’t just up and leave for Paris on a whim, she suggested he meet her there in two days – to clear his schedule.  Meet me at 3pm at our special spot near the Eiffel Tower Hope told him as she left to board a plane to Paris.

Hope Paris Photo shoot

Liam Heads to Paris

Ivy and Ally convinced Liam that he should go to Paris and put a wedding ring on Hope’s finger.  It was clearly what she wanted.  Liam agreed.  Allison booked Liam and Ivy first class tickets to Paris on a commercial flight since the Spencer jet was out of the country.  Unbeknownst to Liam and Ivy, however, Quinn was seated behind them on the plane!

Upon arrival in Paris Liam had the limousine driver take him and Ivy straight to the Eiffel Tower.  Quinn followed on a stolen scooter.  Liam continually checked the time but thought they would make it in time until they were caught in traffic as then neared the Eiffel Tower.  Liam and Ivy jumped from the limousine and made the rest of the journey on foot.  Quinn followed abandoning her scooter in the traffic.

 Hope’s Photo Shoot Wraps

Hope finished her photo shoot in the Trocadero Gardens of Paris and Wyatt walked Hope to where she would meet Liam.  Wyatt watched from a distance as Hope waited.  Wyatt hoped that Liam wouldn’t show.

Hope waits for Liam in Paris August 2014
Hope waits in Paris for Liam at their prearranged meeting place and time

Quinn Pushes Ivy into the Seine River

As Ivy and Liam crossed a bridge over the Seine they could see Hope waiting at the prearranged meeting spot.  Ivy sent an excited Liam ahead and told him she would take a photo of the reunion from the bridge.  Liam ran towards Hope and Ivy sat on the wall of the bridge and lined up her shot.

Quinn came past and pushed Ivy from the bridge.  Liam heard Ivy scream and doubled back to where he’d left her.  He peered over the edge of the bridge and saw Ivy resurface from falling in the water.

Ivy told Liam to go meet Hope she would swim to the edge.  Liam struggled with helping Ivy or making his meeting with Hope.  When Ivy began to struggle in the water, her clothes pulling her under, Liam jumped into the river and rescued Ivy.

Once they reached the banks of the river, Ivy sent Liam to meet Hope.

Liam rescues Ivy

Liam Misses Hope

Liam rushed to his meeting with Hope.  He found a blonde woman wearing and white sundress believing it was Hope, but when she turned around it was clear it wasn’t Hope.  Liam looked around.  He couldn’t see Hope.  Hope had left thinking Liam had stood her up….

Could rescuing Ivy have cost Liam his relationship with Hope?  It seems Hope and Liam were at yet another relationship crossroads.  And once again outside interference (Quinn) is the cause…

What Happened Next?

Hope married Wyatt on the rebound.  At 3pm in the afternoon, Hope was waiting for Liam Spencer in Paris to marry him.  When he didn’t show, by that evening, Hope was Mrs Spencer alright, but Mrs Wyatt Spencer.


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