The Bold and the Beautiful: Did Quinn kill Ricardo so Wyatt could Inherit the HFTF Diamond?

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    Quinn Returns

    Quinn Fuller returned to Los Angeles some weeks ago telling her son, Wyatt, that she was still in outpatient therapy for her issues – she tried to kill her son’s romantic rival with a life sized replica of the sword all the Spencer men wear around their necks as jewelry.

    On the same day, Wyatt received a call from the Mexico City police telling him that they were coming to Lost Angeles to interview him about Ricardo Montemayor’s death.  They now believed there was foul play involved and as the recipient of the Hope for the Future diamond upon Ricardo’s death, the police had some questions for Wyatt.

    Ricardo’s death questioned

    Wyatt immediately turned to his mother and asked for assurance that she had nothing to do with the gemologist’s death.  Quinn said she’d been in therapy and nowhere near Mexico City.

    Wyatt kept the news of both the police investigation and his mother’s return to Los Angeles to himself.  He didn’t even fell compelled to admit prior knowledge of the investigation to Hope when it came up in their Paris press conference.

    Ricardo was poisoned

    While Hope and Wyatt were getting married in Monte Carlo, the Mexico City police turned up at Quinn and Wyatt’s loft, where Deacon was still staying.  Deacon had an enlightening conversation with the detective.

    Ricardo Montemayor was poisoned.  An autopsy showed high levels of arsenic in his blood.  He also shared information about certain rare gemstones that contained high levels of arsenic.  At first they had though Ricardo had been careless in the handling of such gemstones but considering the risks if handles carefully were slim and that Ricardo was a highly educated gemologist, the police were now investigating Ricardo’s death as murder.

    Though their records didn’t show Wyatt or Quinn having travelled to Mexico recently they needed to interview Wyatt since he had inherited the priceless gem from Ricardo’s collection.

    Deacon investigates

    Deacon was immediately suspicious and once the detective left began searching Quinn’s loft.  He found some handcuffs and muttered that Quinn was a naughty girl.  He then went to Quinn’s desk and began to search there.  He had no joy until he opened her computer.  It was, conveniently, logged on, and he found more evidence of Quinn’s sexual preferences and then found the video that Ricardo Montemayor sent Wyatt along with the Hope for the Future Diamond.

    Ricardo’s message to Wyatt from the grave

    Is there a message to Wyatt embedded in this video? Is Deacon the one to realize it?

    Deacon watched the video and listened to Ricardo’s words.  On the surface it appeared that Ricardo was merely handing over the custody of the diamond to Wyatt upon Ricardo’s death.  However, embedded in the message is also a hint that Quinn may have been coercing the gemologist to make the video…

    Wyatt I can only imagine how surprised you are.  I am too.  My heart was never fuller than when I was caretaker of the diamond.  It was only out of my reach once when I loaned it to you.  You have a shared passion and reverence for the quintessence of this gem.  I am at her mercy as you will be. The mother of all diamonds .She is yours.

    Did Quinn have a hand in Ricardo’s death?  It’s sure looking like it…


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