The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 11 – 15, 2014

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    [hr] This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 11 – 15, 2014):Liam struggles with a life altering choice;  A marriage proposal is made;   Quinn buckles under questioning,

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Hope waits for Liam at their prearranged meeting place. Liam is fighting his way through the city to get to Hope.  When Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge to delay Liam from getting to Hope, Liam struggles with helping Ivy who is treading water in the Seine and getting to Hope who he can see is already waiting for him. Liam, the gentleman, helps Ivy.  When Liam gets to his and Hope’s special place, Hope is gone!

    Wyatt whisks Hope off when Liam is a no show.  Wyatt tells a sullen Hope that she can’t rely on Liam.  They end up on a boat and he asks Hope to marry him.  Wyatt promises Hope that she can rely on him.  Hope smiling for the first time since her missed meeting with Liam and Paris tells Wyatt that he takes life and jumps in head first…Does she accept his proposal?  That is one pretty impressive engagement diamond!

    Later, Liam is shattered when he learns from Bill that Hope is with Wyatt.  They are getting married Bill tells Liam.  In this situation someone was always going to get hurt Bill tells his son.

    As news of Wyatt and Hope’s marriage spreads not all are glad.  Charlie notes that the power of the Hope for the Future diamond will always win.   Pam states that whether they like it or not, it looks like Hope has moved on, now Liam must also.

    Ivy regrets that Liam’s chivalry has cost Liam his future.  She is so sorry.  Ivy gives Liam a thank-you kiss.  Is there a moment between the two?  Liam and Ivy head home on a private jet.

    Ivy is jealous and it shows!  Liam and Ivy share a kiss!  NOTE:  This spoiler (the kiss) is based on a photo from the Paris location shoot.  It could have been an off screen friendly peck!  Please read with this in mind…


    What happened in the Hope, Liam and Wyatt love triangle this month?


    Hope thought Liam stood her up in Paris. Wyatt proposes. Will she say “yes”? Will Hope have better luck getting married if she chooses another groom?

    Ridge, Bill, Katie, Brooke and Deacon

    Brooke and Deacon wait for news (of Hope’s marriage most likely).  Brooke notes that whatever happens in Paris one man is going to be the odd man out…

    Brooke is worried about her daughter when she hears that Hope is missing.  No one has seen her since the publicity shoot in Paris.

    Deacon wants Brooke to give him a chance to prove himself to her.  But Deacon has competition for Brooke’s affections.  Bill also hopes that Brooke can forgive him and see her way clear to giving him another chance.

    Brooke fills Deacon in on the missed meeting in Paris.  Deacon assures Brooke that their daughter has a good head on her shoulders…

    Oliver and Aly


    Quinn makes a phone call to keep things moving her way.  Quinn calls Wyatt and tells him that he has another chance with Hope and if he lets this opportunity with Hope slip away he may never get another chance.

    Wyatt questions his mother over Ricardo’s death.  Quinn trips up under interrogation over her involvement in Ricardo’s death and Wyatt’s inheritance of the HFTF Diamond.

    The investigator from Mexico arrives and begins asking questions about Ricardo Montemayor’s death.  They now believe he was a victim of foul play…he was poisoned by a rare gem stone containing high levels of arsenic.  Did Quinn Kill Ricardo?  Deacon seems to think so…

    Deacon also asks Quinn questions as he begins a murder investigation…Deacon tells Quinn she is beautiful, a lunatic and a murderer…


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    The battle for Hope’s heart continues between the Spencer brothers.

    Rumor has it there will be another location shoot in the fall – this time the destination is Amsterdam

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.





    1. I am almost determined to give this soap up forever! I realize the plot keep us coming back, however, I am becoming very weary with the roles of Wyatt & Quinn! This is becoming too much to deal with. Also, desplicting Hope as an intelligent woman in several scenes and at the same time weak when it comes to seriously choosing the one and only man in her life, leaves me, and I am sure others viewers, to believe she is very weak! I am sure the outcome of her relationship with Liam & Wyatt will finally be revealed at some point. I am not sure I want to waste my time waiting. Then we get to Bill! His nonsense really floors me; in a negative way. I stopped watching General Hospital years ago because of this dialogue. I am going to give this soap a few more days, afterwhich I will make a final decision. Show me you can keep a plot interesting without all this extreme drama!

      • I too am thinking about giving this soap up. I am so tired about letting everybody get between Liam an Hope. They continue to let Quinn do all kinds of things to hurt, kill, and whatever without doing anything about it. She needs to be locked up in a padded cell.
        I’m sick of it. If Liam and Hope does not get together, I will stop watching.

    2. I have tried to understand why the writers brought Quinn but I thought it was for a good reason not for evil. This character is as evil as any character I have ever seen on a soap. Sheila Carter has nothing on this character. Why is it such a problem to let Liam and Hope be happy is my question? You allowed this evil character Quinn to terrorize Liam for weeks and almost kill him so her son could be one up over Liam. I always believe that in soaps and life that good always wins over evil, but on this sitcom it is the opposite. This is crazy! You are making Hope and Liam look so ridiculous right now, Liam giving Hope demands, Hope knowing that Wyatt is getting all of these strange calls and the police questioning him about the diamond at the photo shoot not see Quinn is up to no good again. Wyatt is a snake and so it his mother is he that sad that he would take any opportunity to say I won the girl over you any way I can. Hope is so ridiculous not believing that in all that her and Liam went through that he wouldn’t do anything to get to her but something terrible had to happen to delay him, it’s called a cell phone, Liam where are you, not run off at the first sign of him not being where you ask him on time to think the worst. Wyatt has from day one had Quinn plotting for him to get Hope. Poor Liam has just started to get a fan club in Ivy and Alley. She is going to get caught but why does Liam and Hope have to not finally get their happier ever after and Wyatt destroys their love by his continually interfering in their relationship. For all we know this Ricardo person that was murdered whom Quinn probably killed is really Wyatt’s father not Bill and Quinn made sure he willed Wyatt the diamond so he could get Hope back from Liam as a playback to promise Liam for winning Hope’s heart over her son Wyatt. Wyatt and his mother Quinn believes is winning at all cost including murder. How sad!

    3. The storyline is just being recycled over and over again. The only thing that changes is who’s playing what part in the game. That’s what this is a BIG GAME!! It’s sickening and totally ridiculous! When is B&B going to FINALLY let Liam and Hope have their wedding and be happy? This whole storyline is just as bad as all the crap that Bill, Steffy and Thomas pulled to keep Liam and Hope apart before, or possibly worse. Wyatt is a weasel and his mother is a viper. She is so venomous and hateful to Liam, someone she judged without even knowing, and continues to try and ruin him for no reason other than she’s INSANE!! Wyatt is worse than her on so many levels. He’s always known that his mother is a true wacko. Instead of being a “changed man” who’s been given a second chance by EVERYONE, he continues to lie to Hope and everyone around him. All he sees is Hope. Never mind the fact that she hates lying and she’s still believing in his B.S. stories. You’d think he might want to come clean, be honest and take his lumps. Instead he pretends to be ok with Liam and Hope getting married, and continues to plot behind Liam’s back. When Liam calls hi out on it, Hope can’t see the truth? Come on! Is she that naïve?!! Don’t make her a bubbling idiot! Wyatt knew if he told his Mom about their plans and what was going down in Paris, that she’d be up to her old tricks…and you can’t say that never crossed his mind. He’s suspicious of his Mom’s involvement in Ricardo’s death, so why not be honest and tell Hope and Liam what’s going on. Wyatt treats Hope more like a prize than someone he loves. Plus, he puts Liam down with every chance he gets. It’s sickening that the rotten people keep winning! Quinn and Wyatt both need to be locked up somewhere and the writers need to let Liam and Hope get their happily ever after. I’m getting tired of watching the same old crap……over and over and over again!! Give it a rest B&B, please. The fans are tired of the B.S. Let Liam and Hope be TOGETHER!!

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