The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 18 – 22, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 18 – 22, 2014): Ivy feels guilty because Liam missed his meeting with Hope. Wyatt and Hope still don’t know why Liam didn’t make it…

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Ivy feels guilt over her part in Hope and Liam missing each other in Paris.  Ivy thinks Liam should come clean to Hope about what happened between them in Paris.  Bill tells Liam that he is going to accept Hope and Wyatt’s marriage and move on with his life.  That is the way it has to be Bill advises he son.

    Aly and Ivy advise exactly the opposite of Bill – they think Liam needs to tell Hope what happened in Paris when Liam vents about not understanding how Hope could marry his brother the same day they missed each other in Paris.  Ivy tells Liam to do whatever he can to get Hope back.

    Wyatt and Hope spend time on the yacht as a honeymoon.  They discuss taking the plunge and discuss in amazement that they are married.  They decide, in good natured fun,that they are a little crazy.

    As Hope and Wyatt’s party prepares to get underway, Bill reiterates to Liam that Hope is now his brother’s wife and he has to “man up and accept it.”  Ivy and Aly are just as convinced that Liam has to tell Hope what happened in Paris and never give up on a future with the woman he loves.

    Hope and Wyatt still don’t realize that once again it was Quinn’s interference that prevented Liam from getting to Hope.

    Hope tells her dad that even though she’s married, she still needs her dad.

    Ridge, Bill, Katie, Brooke

    Bill proposes to a stunned Brooke – why on earth is Brooke stunned?  She has seen so many marriage proposals in her life surely being single must be the bigger shock for her…Bill and Brooke declare their love for each other unaware that Deacon and Quinn are joining forces to keep them apart…

    The team at Forrester Creations discuss taht Ridge isn’t the same since he came back from Abu Dhabi  (Pam, Aly)

    Another secret could keep Bill and Brooke apart…

    Katie helps Ridge with his ongoing issues.  Ridge wants to keep his condition to himself.  He can no longer draw which means he can no longer design – do the very thing that defines him.  Ridge asks katie to promise not to tell anyone…especially not Brooke – even though it would likes separate Bill and Brooke for good.

    Katie wants Bill to pay for what he has done to Ridge…

    At Wyatt and Hope’s party Bill tells Quinn not to get any illusions Brooke is the only woman for him.  Meanwhile Deacon tells Hope about the consequences of Bill’s actions in Abu Dhabi.  Bill is responsible for taking away the passion of Ridge’s life – drawing, and therefore, designing….

    Oliver and Aly


    Maya goes after Rick while Caroline is away visiting her mother – which one?  Rick tells Maya that she has to stop chasing him.  They are over – he is s married man.  Just because she and Carter didn’t work out doesn’t mean the rest of them aren’t happy with who they are with, Rick warns the model.

    Quinn and Deacon

    Quinn is confronted by Deacon over Ricardo Montemayor’s death.  Deacon rails at Quinn – What is going on in that head of yours?  Aren’t you supposed to be in the nuthouse Deacon asks Quinn.  Quinn assures Deacon that she is on the road to normal.  Quick witted, Deacon comes back that “normal” is not a destination Quinn will ever reach.  Pity these two want other people – they make a fun couple in a dastardly sort of way…

    Quinn tells Deacon that they could be a formidable team.  What if she  said she could get Brooke for him, Quinn asks Deacon.  Would we be allies then?  Quinn toasts with Deacon over a drink.  They are going to break up Bill and Brooke.  Quinn is obviously on some kind of megalomaniac high after getting Wyatt his woman…

    They are going to break up Bill and Brooke but they will let someone else do the heavy lifting Quinn tells Deacon and Deacon seems to put aside what he knows about Ricardo’s death to get what he wants.  Quinn tells Deacon he, Brooke and Hope are family;  she Wyatt and Bill are family.  They are just making things right!

    Quinn finds the means to convince Deacon that he should side with her.

    Quinn realizes that Ridge can no longer draw when she steals attempts at sketches from the trash can in his office.  She tells Deacon…

    Quinn tells Deacon she’s no dropping the bomb about Ridge’s inability to draw – he is!

    Considering Quinn pulled a gun on Deacon last week on cliffhanger friday you have to wonder if this alliance is a voluntary one…

    Quinn’s forges an alliance with Deacon by giving him what he wants – Brooke. Can Quinn break up Bill and Brooke like she did Hope and Liam?
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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    The battle for Hope’s heart continues between the Spencer brothers.

    Hope’s happiness may not be everlasting.  Is this a speed bump?  Or another showstopper?

    Rumor has it there will be another location shoot in the fall – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  Look for the episodes to screen in early winter.

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    1. Hope has made the biggest mistake of her life she thinks wyatt is the one but watt is nothing but a lying, seducing, fake person. Hope will get what she deserves I mean you just can’t run off with wyatt every time time you THINK Liam dissapoints you and Quinn is a crazy photo bitch that needs to be locked up she is so pathetic cuz a mother is suppose to have her life of her own it’s sick how she would kill for wyatt but I’m so srry hope but you will get what you deserve you and Liam always find your way back to each other don’t let wyatt and Quinn get in the way of that # TEAM LIAM

      • I agree I’ve been team Hope and Liam for ever but now I think Liam should move on the writers are making me so sick they need new writers after the disrespectful way Hope did that I wouldn’t want her anymore if I was Liam and Quinn and Wyatt need to fall off the face of the earth!!!!

    2. I am so disappointed with the writers: How could anyone allow Quinn and Wyatt to get away with so much and how could
      Hope be so disrespectful and stupid. She did not even care to find out what happened to Liam: he could have been somewhere hurt
      Bill could have gotten a message to Hope that Liam was in Paris. I hate him anyway.
      I have watched this program for Years and belong to a Bold and Beautiful Club. We have decided to stop watching this now
      because of what happed to Liam and because Quinn and Wyatt seemingly always come out on top. The thought of Bill giving a
      party for Hope and Wyatt makes me too sick. The thought of Bill getting away with his attempted murder of Ridge makes me even
      more sick. You can count on a group of us not to be watching this after this past week as of August 15 Quinn should be exposed for everything that she has done and Wyatt needs to be sent back to the “factory” where he really belongs.

    3. I like Wyatt he had nothing to do with his WACKO mother. I am glad that Hope married Wyatt. Hope deserves to be thrown into having a CRAZY mother-in-law. It was getting ridiculous how the Hope Wyatt and Liam thing was going on and on and on WAAAY to long. Let Liam move on with Ivy He and Ivy do NOT need to try to explain to Hipe what happened in Paris. Hope obviously was in love with both Wyatt and Liam. Any woman that can flip flop so easily deserves what is coming to her I think that Wyatt is a good match for Hope. Liam has had way to many chances to marry Hope and these two never stepped up and just went off privately to marry. I like Deacon and I hope that he gives Bill a real run for his money when it comes to Brooke. I am still not understanding the attraction men have to Brooke So what is wrong with Ridge? I can’t stand Aly who is a young girl who expresses her opinion on things which are none of her business I am not understanding the importance made on Aly’s input on Forrester business and Hope’s personal life

    4. I agree I have been watching this show for a couple of years and im going to stop watching it. It never stops with hope and liam.What are these writers doing, you have nothing else to write about. Come up with some new material.Hope you are just nasty you go from brother to brother. Liam move on you so deserve so much better. I understand this is just a show but as a writer you need to write about truth and dignity and respect. Please tell me who behaves like that in real life. People dont want to watch drama all the time. Now young and the restless hands down great show. Fired these writers let young and restless show your how to write and create. Really!!!

    5. i like hope with liam NOT the with the quinn and son ne stole the diamond and let two men go to jail they have gone go far snd gktkn away with it liam. should put her ass in jail and never ldt his brother in his life he no good like his mother iam gor hope and liam want watch tell someone tell me they are blback together lol

    6. Oct 21 – in this series we in Australia are only up to Aug 14 “Wyatt & Hope’s marriage onboard Bills yacht”. I’ve been watching this show since its’ beginning…it is getting more ridiculous as the time goes by….Why is everyone saying how wonderful Wyatt is, he is just as devious as his mother. He makes out he doesn’t know what’s what, but he does….. Hope is getting sillier for someone who is supposed to be mature in her outlook. (how old is she, I’m not sure)..the writers of this show need an injection of new blood… I prefer now to read the updates on the net. The person playing “Ridge” looks nothing like him, they could have least had a ‘look-alike” or close to! Everyone runs to someone else to tell each other’s business. Nothing is sacred. We need another Stephanie-type character. (late Stephanie) Gutsy! Tells’ it like it is! Please writers, with all the money and power most of these characters has, they are nothing like people with “old” money. Only the rich can afford to look poor!!!!

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