The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: August 25 – 29, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (August 25 – 29, 2014): Liam celebrates his brother’s marriage; Ridge can’t draw; Hope stays with Wyatt?

    This week the Forrester Creations team celebrates the close of summer at the Bikini Bar

    Hands of Time Video Clip and Lyrics – The Bold and the Beautiful – Hope and Liam – Over? – Liam starts life without Hope

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Liam is told by his father, Bill, to drop his pride and celebrate his brother’s wedding at a party Bill is hosting.

    Ivy and Aly again influence Liam.  This time they convince him that Hope should know that Liam had been in Paris but was only late because he was saving Ivy from drowning.  Wyatt worries about his future with Hope now that Hope knows Liam was in Paris.  Wyatt does warn his mother not to interfere and to keep clear of Liam.

    Bill tells Wyatt that Liam was in Paris but Liam also knows that Bill expects him to respect Wyatt and Hope’s marriage.

    Hope and Wyatt’s Monte Carlo Wedding

    Meanwhile an emotional Hope is in tears as she learns that Liam was in Paris.  “If you were in Paris a crying Hope” asks, “why didn’t you come to me?”  Tears from a new bride? Sounds like a case of regret…

    Wyatt too learned the truth and copped an earful from Liam “Dammit Wyatt, we were supposed to be brothers, Liam tells him.  Wyatt comes back at Liam telling him that he never made Hope happy and he does.  Yeah, that’s why your bride is in tears…? Is Wyatt as deluded as his mother?  How does he go from realizing one day that he is married because Ivy fell into the Seine to declaring the next day that Liam never made Hope happy anyway?  

    Wyatt admits to his mother that he and Hope wouldn’t even be married if she’d known Liam was in Paris. Ivy notes that at the end of the day Hope is married to Wyatt (different tune to the annulment story she was spewing to Hope today!)

    Deacon tells Hope (and Brooke) that if you can’t fix it, and you can’t change it back, your only option is to move forward with the choices you’ve made.

    Ivy invites Liam to the end of summer party at Bikini.

    Hope decides to stay with Wyatt.  Was she influenced by a gift, however?  Quinn gives her son a wedding gift. – Wedding rings…

    Wyatt takes a beating ending up face down in the mud after he insults animal lovers.  A little something for Lope fans!

    Ridge, Bill, Katie, Brooke

    Ridge’s secret is discovered by someone who may not have his best interests at heart (Ridge is unable to draw since his accident – a bit of an inconvenience for a designer – as Thomas used to point out to Rick who also tried to design without being able to draw).

    Deacon fills Brooke in on some information about Bill that does not make Bill look good.

    Ridge does tell Brooke that he can no longer draw since his accident which confirms Brooke’s suspicion that not all is right with Ridge since his accident.  This information isn’t helpful to Bill who two weeks ago that Forrester was the same as he always was.  “My mind doesn’t know how to tell my hands what to do,”  Ridge admits to Brooke in the kitchen as the party continues.

    When Bill learns the truth he tells Brooke that she can’t “unforgive” him because of consequences that no one could have foreseen.  A visibly upset Brooke tells Bill she doesn’t want to change him, but she does want to respect him.

    Brooke tells Bill there were consequences to his actions where Ridge was concerned.  The wedding is off – indefinitely.

    Deacon tells Hope that Brooke thought that Bill was a man she could believe in and depend on, but he isn’t.  But I am, Deacon tells Hope.  Hope tells her Dad that if he loves Brooke, he has to let her know

    Meanwhile Bill complains to Brooke that they were on the verge ofa pretty big achievement for their own (getting married on the yacht in Monte Carlo liek Wyatt and Hope) until Ridge derailed them – again – with a news flash!  Bill tells Brooke that she is the only woman for him and that he is the only man for her.

    Later, Deacon tells Brooke that the times he spent with her were the best of his life.  Nothing else even come close.  Who will Brooke choose?

    Oliver and Aly

    Rick, Maya and Carter

    Carter’s broken engagement leaves him depressed.  Maya continues to pursue Rick while Caroline visits her mothers.

    Quinn and Deacon

    Quinn and Deacon hope to keep Bill and Brooke apart…At the party Quinn gloats to Deacon about Ridge’s inability to draw since Bill dumped him out of a helicopter.  “How will Brooke ever forgive Bill for putting such a talented man out of commission?’

    Quinn has a wedding gift for her son. – Wedding rings

    Quinn and Deacon discuss Brooke going back to Bill.  Quinn says Bill Spencer doesn’t grovel unaware that is pretty much what he is doing.  Quinn notes that Hope and Wyatt lose their only chance at a having a true family if Brooke takes Bill back.


    Deacon asks his daughter to help him with Brooke.


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks: The Bold and the Beautiful Fall Spoilers

    The battle for Hope’s heart continues between the Spencer brothers.

    Hope’s happiness may not be everlasting.  Is this a speed bump?  Or another showstopper?

    Ridge’s inability to draw/create/design does prove to be temporary.  Seems all he needs is a new muse…  Please just don’t let Brooke be his muse...

    Caroline takes an interest in a handsome new co-worker which Maya takes as an all clear to go after Caroline’s husband Rick!  Will Rick continue to resist?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan to keep Bill and Brooke apart takes a deadly turn.  With Quinn was there ever any doubt?  Ridge nearly died when Quinn sent him the photo of her and Bill in bed, Quinn almost killed Liam with a life-sized Spencer sword she crafted, and lets not forget Ridardo was likely killed so Wyatt could inherit the diamond…

    Liam considers moving on from his heartbreak over Hope.  Ivy has been supportive and clearly thinks Liam is a catch….Can Liam move on with Ivy?

    Rumor has it there will be another location shoot in the fall – this time the destination is Amsterdam.  Look for the episodes to screen in early winter.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


    1. Hope should go back to liam when she finds out Quinn pushed Ivy off the bridge and she was in Paris &Liam knew how long is they going to let Hope look dum &go against her believe she act like a confused Hoar with two brothers

    2. I hate hope. I want Liam to get with a WOMAN such as ivy and never look at hope and little face ugly Wyatt. I’m so sick of hope to even thought to stop watching all together. Please kill hope off the show please

    3. I hate hope. I want Liam to get with a WOMAN such as ivy and never look at hope and little face ugly Wyatt. I’m so sick of hope to even thought to stop watching all together

    4. i think hope should be with liam quinn help put hope and her son together liam her first love kiss sex her first rvery thing i h have watched the bold and beautiful for many years made it right how can the soap stay on if he fans stop watching love to see hope with her one and only true love who has her heart liam thanks

      • Absolutely not! this constant sabotage of hope and Liams Life needs to stop once and for all! writers how many times have I asked you to let them be happy together They totally deserve it!! Wyatt is deceitful he Hid information about the diamond possibly being taken from the owner and then murdered him. hope doesn’t need to be in that familyespecially because why its mother is a psychopath.

    5. If there is a B&B God Hope & Wyatt’s marriage will be deemed as not legal because they were in the water and not on the boat when they were purnounced man & wife .
      The writers of the B&B need to stop jerking Hope & Liam around and let them get married and be happy already.

    6. I like hope and Wyatt together I always have. Liam has had his chance a thousands of time and he kept going back to Steffy. Wyatt has always cared for hope and no one else at least with him she never had to compete with another women to have him. Ok yes he has lied to he but who don’t and she forgave him for that and ever since the jewel hist thing hope forgave him on that everything else is his mothers fault. Why should he have to pay for her mistakes and craziness and him have to lose hope over it so I say Wyatt and hope together and Liam and ivy together or bring Steffy back and let them too together again.

    7. Wyatt and his mother make me sick.In true life this would never go on. Arrest them and let Liam and Hope be together.
      Considering to stop watching after 25 years as a fan.

      • I am considering it too. As it is I fast forward most of the wyatt and hope scenes. Liam and hope need to be married ASAP and I would like to see them have a child that is there intermittently.

    8. Why can’t these writers put Katie and Ridge married? They make a great couple. Katie has had a hard time, but she still remains graceful. Let her have her happiness with Ridge. Because if the writers are thinking about putting Caroline and Ridge together this would not make any sense. Caroline is too young for Ridge and Brooke is too old for him. Katie makes the perfect sense. Ridge needs someone for a change to think about their relationship first without making senseless stupid mistakes like Brooke always made. Caroline is too goofy for Ridge. Katie and Ridge would have some amazing storylines being business and family-oriented. Katie can take the company from Bill with Ridge help because he almost killed Ridge as when Brooke gave the company back to Ridge. This is just one of many storylines that they can use.

    9. I’m done!! This show is lame! Watching on-demand instead!
      20 year fan – bye and good riddance! Lame writers – no imagination – actors should be upset! As beautiful as Quinn is … This is all you have for her—— it’s too chilish!

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