The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: September 8 – 12, 2014

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (September 8 – 12, 2014): Caroline in Ridge’s muse; Wyatt wants Liam’s house to start a family; Quinn’s presence in Paris discovered.

    Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy

    Ivy tells Liam that there is life after Hope.  Did Wyatt get through to Hope?  Seems like Hope is ready to take a leap of faith that things will work out for them (Liam and Ivy?  or Brooke and Deacon?)

    Liam tells Hope (?) that there is a part of his brain that keeps wanting to tell him its not over…

    Hope realizes there is more to Brooke and Deacon’s recent relationship than she realized.

    Someone offers Liam comfort.  He is surprised.

    Hope admits to Wyatt that she is concerned about Liam and Ivy dating.  Hope again tells ivy that Liam needs to take more time before jumping into another relationship.  Period.  That’s it.  Seriously?  Hope married Liam’s brother hours after Liam “not turning up” in Paris.  She didn’t even officially end her relationship with Liam before marrying Wyatt…

    Wyatt and Hope discuss starting a family together.

    But Wyatt needs a bigger house.  So he goes to Daddy.  Wyatt asks Bill to give him the Malibu house that Liam is living in!  (Seriously – didn’t the dude just inherit a priceless diamond?  Perhaps he could buy himself a Malibu family home…)  Wyatt’s request has Bill speculating that Hope is already pregnant.

    Bill actually tells Liam what Wyatt wants.  Liam sees red and refuses to yield to Wyatt’s demands.  Liam tells bill he’s not moving out.  Liam may have help however.  Charlie finds out that Quinn was in Paris and Hope and Wyatt learn about the truth about the events leading up to their marriage.  Will they put two and two together and work out that Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine? If so, Hope and Wyatt’s marriage will face yet another challenge

    Hope continues to tell Ivy to back away from a romantic relationship with Liam.  Ivy tells Hope that the guy who saved her by jumping in the river in Paris didn’t seem to have a problem making quick decisions.

    Wyatt tells Hope about the plan he has been putting into action – he wants them to move into the cliff house (even though Liam is determined that Wyatt won’t take him home from him – its all he has left).  Meanwhile, however the circumstances around Hope and Wyatt’s marriage are coming out.  Pam and Charlie turn up at the cliffhouse with something that he needs to see.  He won’t believe it.

    Ridge, Bill, Katie, Brooke

    After Quinn tells Bill that she pushed Ivy into the Seine, he informs her that he is going to tell Liam and Hope the truth.  What they do with the truth is up to them.

    Ridge is pressured by Caroline about his work issues.  Ridge confides in Caroline that he is unable to draw. Caroline tells Ridge taht she didn’t realize she was helping him too (in their joint design experiences)  She didn’t realize he couldn’t draw.  She says he could have told her…Rick is concerned taht if Rick sees a weakness in him that he will strike.  Its part of his nature Ridge tells Caroline (Rick has been pretty arrogant about his position int he company since returning from Paris…) Caroline is the muse that helps restore Ridge’s gift.

    Katie and Brooke (?)  have lunch.  She tells Brooke that she wants to feel more normal but doesn’t know what that is anymore.  All she does know is that she misses her sister.

    Caroline, Rick and Maya

    Maya tries again to drive a wedge between Caroline and Rick by declaring her love for him (or his fortune, one of the two). But she fails again as Rick tells her that he is happily married and that she should leave him alone.  Ricke tells maya that nothing is ever going to come of her pursuing him like this.

    Caroline tells someone that Ridge has taught her more in two days than she learned the whole time she was at school.  Caroline describes the experience in an almost spiritual way.  It was all Ridge, but it was me too she tells Katie (?)

    Quinn and Deacon

    Charlie the security guard is proving to be a thorn in Quinn’s side – It is Charlie who discovers that Quinn was in Paris the same time as Hope, Liam, Wyatt and Ivy…He states that Quinn is capable of doing what he suspects – interfering in the course of Hope and Liam’s relationship to further her son’s chances with Hope.  Charlie thinks Quinn pushed Ivy in the river.

    Charlie takes his laptop and Pam to the cliff house.  They have something Liam needs to see.  Pam states that Liam will not believe it…


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    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Buzz: In the coming weeks:

    Deacon keeps working towards his goal – Brooke.  But Bill isn’t giving up on the oldest Logan sister either.

    Ivy’s father, John Forrester, comes to town.  He visits with Ivy and reconnects with his older brother , Eric.

    Wyatt uses his salesman’s charm to erase any doubts his wife has over their marriage…

    Hope and ivy reach a stalemate – over Liam.

    Maya is presented with an unexpected opportunity and seizes it.  Could Caroline’s new relationship with Ridge (through helping him with his drawing) give Maya the opportunity she wants to become a Forrester?

    Quinn and Deacon’s plan takes a deadly turn.  Not surprising really given Quinn’s plans have all had a deadly or potentially deadly element…

    European adventure again early winter –  this time the destination is Amsterdam.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.


    1. Really, when is Quinn and Wyatt’s contract up?! I have never seen such as mess. Hope is ridiculously silly not to see the truth. This is too hard to watch.

      • Who would want to have kids with Wyatt and Quinns DNA? I would be affraid for my life to have that wacko for a mother-n-law. I just want them both to go, and take Maya with them.

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