The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope Liam and Wyatt Love Triangle August 2014

Will the magic of the Hope for the Future Diamond smile upon Wyatt and Hope again now that it is once again in Hope’s hands?  Or will Liam and Hope’s love prevail and see them finally succeed at getting married while on a press tour to promote the diamond?

Wyatt and Hope’s rebound marriage starts under the cloud of knowing Liam didn’t reject Hope.  Instead once again the “fates” (this time by the name of Quinn Fuller) conspired to keep Hope and Liam apart setting the stage for Wyatt and Hope’s rebound marriage.

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Wyatt asks Quinn about Ricardo’s Death

After getting off the phone, Wyatt tells his mother that the Mexico City police are now investigating Ricardo’s death as murder.  Quinn is sure they just want to question Wyatt because he inherited the diamond and that it nothing more than a formality.

Wyatt feels compelled to ask his mother if she had anything to do with Ricardo’s death, to which she says she was in treatment the whole time – nowhere near Mexico City.

After Wyatt leaves, however, Quinn researches Ricardo’s death online…

Liam and Hope

Hope is upset about Liam walking out on her.  Saying yes to the diamond didn’t mean she was saying no to Liam, Hope tells Aly.  Aly tells Hope that she didn’t say yes to the diamond, she said yes to Wyatt.

Meanwhile Liam is talking to Ivy who isn’t sure breaking up with Hope was the right thing to do.  Liam says he didn’t break up with her but Ivy tells him that’s not how it looked.

A Paris Press Tour with the HFTF Diamond

After the press conference the Forrester Creations team discusses capitalizing on the momentum Wyatt has created with his gift of the Hope for the Future Diamond to Hope. Hope, Aly, Ivy and Wyatt are called into the CEO’s office Thorne has suggested bringing the diamond to Paris on a press tour.  Rick, Eric and Ridge ask Wyatt what he thinks.  He says it depends up on the diamonds owner but he likes Thorne’s idea.  He wants to bring three icons together in a photo shoot – The diamond, Hope and the Eiffel tour.

One image will have them in the forefront of people’s minds for a long time.  Donna notes that the Forrester and the diamond are trending on social media.  Carter notes that every hour that passes the buzz is lost.  Eric asks if Wyatt can be ready to go now.  He sure can.  But Hope has yet to agree and she won’t do that until she talks to Liam.

Let start our lives together – in Paris

Hope arrives at Liam’s house unsure of where they stand.  Liam can’t understand that Hope had been ready to turn down the diamond and then changes her mind because Wyatt ambushed her in a press conference.

Hope tries to explain to Liam that she made a business decision.  He is the one making it personal.  Liam agrees its personal and its clear what Wyatt’s agenda is.  They begin to argue and Liam doesn’t want to continue to discuss it but Hope says she’s heading out of town and doesn’t want to leave things on a sour note between them. She tells him about the Paris trip and that she , Rick and Wyatt are going on the photo shoot.  Liam understands immediately that the Paris trip was Wyatt’s idea.

Hope implores Liam to understand that this is business and she accepted the diamond because of what it could do for her line.  Every headline brings in not only profits she reminds Liam.  A foothold in Europe will expose many more young women to the HFTF message of empowerment and environmentalism.  She asks if he can understand that.

Hope tells Liam she wants to start their life together.  Its him she wants to be with.  Why can’t they start their life together in Paris?  Come with me Hope asks.

 Liam Heads to Paris

With the Spencer jet out of the country, Alison books Liam, and later, Ivy, commercial flights to Paris (Ivy’s work papers came through allowing her to leave the USA).  Ivy and Liam board their flight unaware that Quinn is seated behind them in the first class cabin listening in to their conversation.  Upon arrival in Paris the limousine driver asks Liam what hotel he’s going to.  Liam tells him to take them straight to the Eiffel Tower for his 3pm  meeting with Hope.  Quinn follows on stolen moped.

They have time.  Liam becomes worried however when close to their destination the car is stuck in traffic.  He grabs Ivy and they continue on foot telling the driver to drop their bags at Forrester International.  AS Ivy and Liam cross a bridge over the Seine River, Liam sees Hope waiting in their “spot”.  Ivy tells Liam to go and she will take a photo from the bridge of their meeting.  Liam rushes off.  Ivy sits on the stone wall edge of the bridge and lines up the shot.  Quinn walks by and pushes Ivy.  Ivy falls screaming into the River.

Liam saves Ivy from drowning in the Seine

Liam turns when Ivy screams.  He backtracks to where Ivy was sitting on the bridge and looks over the edge to find her resurfacing from under the water.  Ivy calls out to him that she is fine and he should go.  She can swim to the side.  Liam, the gentleman, however, hesitates.  As he does, Ivy begins to have difficulty in the water, her clothes weighing her down.  Liam jumps into the Seine after her and helps her swim to the side.

3pm comes and passes…

Meanwhile, Hope waits in the sunshine as 3pm draws near, arrives and passes.  Wyatt waits in the distance watches.  He looks at the HFTF diamond in his hand and says to himself “Don’t come, Liam”.  Quinn watches from a Parisian cafe nearby with stolen binoculars.  She is delighted when 3pm has past and Hope looks worried….

Liam tells Ivy they need to get her cleaned up, but Ivy shoos him off to meet Hope.  A wet Liam rushes to where he last saw Hope.  A blonde in a white sundress waits at the spot, but when she turns around he realizes it isn’t Hope.  Liam is alone.  He’s missed Hope…

 Where is Hope?

Ivy arrives to find Liam still searching for Hope.  They decide she has probably gone back to Forrester International.  They head there also.  They fill Rick in on what happened but Rick hasn’t seen Wyatt or Hope.  They are probably together, he tells Liam.

Liam tries calling Hope’s cell phone but doesn’t want to leave a message when she doesn’t pick up.  He needs to explain in person.  Liam calls Brooke to see if she’s heard from Hope.  Brooke is disappointed when Liam tells Brooke he was late meeting Hope but understands when he tells her why.  Brooke promises to have Hope call Liam if she hears from her.

Ivy is guilty that Liam missed Hope because of her being pushed into the Seine.  Liam says there was no choice – he had to help Ivy.  Ivy tells Liam that he’s a good person and chivalrous to boot.  Ivy will explain to Hope what happened and she will fall even more in love with Liam, Ivy tells him optimistically.  They are after all both in Paris, and Paris looks after its lovers.

Hope and Wyatt in Monte Carlo

But Hope is no longer in Paris.  Wyatt whisked her off to Monte Carlo on the Spencer jet.  Enroute he tells Hope that she can’t rely on Liam.  After a phone call from Quinn telling Wyatt to take control and marry Hope, Wyatt asks Hope to walk away from Liam and not make herself available to any more disrespect and disappointment at Liam’s hands.  Hope tells him its hard to walk away but that she is tired of getting her hopes up time and time again only to have them come crushing down.

The Spencer yacht and a proposal

Once in Monte Carlo, Wyatt takes hope tot he Spencer yacht.  Wyatt tells a sullen Hope to put Liam in the past once and for all.  He pulls the Hope for the Future Diamond from his pocket and tells Hope that he knew it was meant to be hers when it came back into his life.  Wyatt asks Hope to accept it a s a symbol of his unwavering commitment to her.  He’d also like her to say, if she wants, that she’ll marry him…

Wyatt tells Hope that Liam sent her a message by not showing up in Paris.  Wyatt has a message for Hope also.  He wants a life with her.  One without pain, neuroses and vacillations.  All he needs from Hope is one word.  Hope is initially hesitant but she gives in to the moment and tells Wyatt “Yes!”.


Learn more about Hope and Wyatt’s wedding


Liam is devastated…

The captain of the Stella Marie calls Bill and let him know that Wyatt asked him to perform a marriage ceremony for Wyatt and Hope.  Bill calls Brooke and lets her know that Hope is with Wyatt and they are marrying.  Bill later calls Liam and delivers the same news.  A devastated Liam tells Ivy who feels remorse over Liam’s chivalrous actions costing him his future.

Hope and Wyatt marry

On board the Stella Marie, Wyatt waits for his bride and thanks the Captain for purchasing Hope’s dress.  Hope arrives in a strapless white dress, wearing the HFTF daimond.  Barefooted she walks to her groom.

Hope and Wyatt exchange vows.  He admits to never having thought about marriage until he met her.  Hope tells Wyatt she likes his approach to life diving in head first.  Together they are taking a leap of faith.  The words resonate with Hope.  She takes off the diamond, hands it to the captain and walks to the bow of the boat.  Wyatt follows and understands when Hope says to him “Leap of Faith.”  They jump into the ocean together.  The Captain arrives and pronounces them man and wife.  Hope and Liam kiss.



Hope and Wyatt may have married on the calm waters off Monte Carlo but their seems to rough seas ahead for them…


Ivy kisses Liam!

Liam is understandably upset.  He’s late just once and Hope marries his brother.  Really?  Ivy is sympathetic but there isn’t much she can do for Liam. Devastated, Liam leaves the hotel and walks the streets of Paris thinking about Hope.  Everywhere he turns their is either a reminder of Hope or lovers enjoying the romance of Paris. He ends up on the Pont des Artes Bridge also known as the “love bridge” where lovers from all over the world attach padlocks to the bridge signifying their ever lasting love.  Liam remembers doing the same in Italy with Hope.

Ivy finds Liam on the bridge and notes the irony of finding him there.  She apologizes again.  It was his chivalry that cost him a future with Hope.  Liam assures Ivy that she has nothing to apologize for and as devastated as he is about losing Hope to his brother, Liam shows no signs of blaming Ivy.  Ivy does the only thing she can.  She thanks him for saving her from drowning in the river by kissing him on the cheek.  Did Liam and Ivy share a moment?  It wouldn’t be the first time a pretty brunette fell for Liam after he rescued her from drowning – that is precisely how Steffy developed feelings for Liam…Will history repeat with another brunette?


Meanwhile the Mexican police arrived in Los Angeles to question Wyatt and Quinn about Ricardo Montmayor’s death…


Liam flies home from Paris

Ivy and Liam fly home to Los Angeles from Paris in the Forrester corporate jet.  Ivy still feels guilty for her falling into the Seine playing a part in Liam missing Hope in Paris.  Liam tells Ivy that there were many what-if’s but that nothing would change that Hope is now married to his brother.  Liam tells Ivy that Hope had told rher recently that she could never imagine a life without Liam.  Liam laughs that was because he’d always been there.  He’d followed her to Hawaii, on the road-trip and now to Paris.

Liam realizes he has to be done and that eventually he will meet someone else.  Ivy assures Liam that good guys like him always win in the end; even though it may not feel like it right now.

A honeymoon and wedding reception party

While Wyatt and Hope honeymooned on the Stella Maris in Monte Carlo, Liam packed up the photos and memories at home of his life with Hope.  Ivy and Aly were there to provide support.  Ivy and Aly were determined that Liam should tell Hope that he was in Paris and that the only reason he was late was because he was saving Ivy from drowning in the Seine.

Bill Spencer, however had other ideas.  He told his son that he had to man up and accept that his brother and Hope were now married.  he wasn’t to bring up Paris or what happened to Ivy.  It was time for Liam to move on with his life.  There would be peace in the family so that was how it had to be, Bill advised his son.  Bill also tol Lian that he and Brooke were hosting a wedding reception party for Hope and Wyatt upon their return to Los Angeles.  Bill expected Liam to be there.

Introducing Mr and Mrs Wyatt Spencer…

The day of the party arrived.  Though Liam initially refused to go to the party, Bill ensured his son went.  Liam stated he would only go to the party if Wyatt and Hope invited him.  Bill made the call to Wyatt – Wyatt thought it better if Liam didn’t attend – they didn’t want a scene.  That was not what Bill told Liam, however.  he wants you there, Bill told Liam.

Liam begrudgingly attended the party with Bill.  Once at the party, Bill Spencer introduced Mr and Mrs Wyatt Spencer as Hope and Wyatt made their way down stairs to their waiting guest (Brooke’s house).  Bill pushed Liam into congratulating the bride…when Liam was unable to do so Wyatt broke the silence by thanking his brother for coming.  he then thanked everyone for coming and celebrating with them.

Aly and Ivy gush over the wedding

Wyatt caught his brother alone later and thanked him again for coming.  Wyatt asked him if it wasn’t just a little bit of a relief?  The back and forth was over.  A decision had been made.  Hope was his wife.  Wyatt hoped that one day Liam could not only supoort, but accept Wyatt’s marriage to Hope.  Liam’s only response was to talk a long swig of the free flowing champagne.

Meanwhile Aly and Ivy joined Carter in talking to Hope about her wedding.  What about photos they wanted to know.  Hope went upstairs to get them when Ivy said that she also would really like to see some photos.  With Hope upstairs Ivy and Aly encouraged Liam to go talk to Hope and tell her he’d been in Paris.  They would keep Wyatt busy…

Liam to Hope:  I was in Paris

Liam walked into Hope’s bedroom.  She told him that he shouldn’t be there.  Liam stated that Hope shouldn’t be married.  Still wounded from Liam’s rejection in Paris Hope sniped that when he didn’t turn up in Paris he lost the right to tell her who she should marry.  Liam then dropped the news that he had been in Paris.  He saw her waiting for him.  he’d been on the bridge.  He was in Paris, but she didn’t wait, Liam told shocked Hope.


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