The Bold and the Beautiful Weddings: Hope and Wyatt Marry in Monte Carlo

Hope and Wyatt Wedding Summary

Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Location:  Monte Carlo, Monaco

Venue: Onboard Bill Spencer’s yacht, the Stella Maris in Monte Carlo

Date: 13 August 2014

Bride:  Hope Logan

Groom:  Wyatt Spencer (Fuller)

Best Man:  Nil

Bridesmaids/Matron of Honor:  Nil

Celebrant/Minister:  The Captain of the Stella Maris

Witness:  First Mate, Greg, from Stella Maris

Hope had been on her way to Paris for a promotional press tour and photo shoot for the Hope for the Future Diamond which had recently come back into Wyatt (and Hope’s) possession.  While there she wanted Liam to meet her so that they could finally be married.  Instead, Hope ended up on a yacht in Monte Carlo married to Liam’s brother, Wyatt!

How did that happen?  Details below…


Meet Me In Paris

As soon as Wyatt Spencer (Fuller) inherited the Hope for the Future diamond upon its owner, Ricardo Montemayor’s death, things started to look up for a Hope and Wyatt reunion.

Whether it was the diamond’s reputed magical powers or just human nature as soon as Wyatt gifted Hope the Hope for the Future diamond things started to look up for Wyatt.

Liam and his supporters (notably Ivy and Aly) didn’t believe that Hope should be accepting jewelry from another man while engaged to Liam.  Jewelry was one thing but this was a gold ball sized diamond.  Unfortunately for Liam, Hope didn’t agree.  She’d accepted the diamond for business purposes – for the press it would give to her fashion line – not for personal reasons.

To prove her point, Hope asked Liam to come to Paris with her on a promotional tour and photo shoot.  Liam couldn’t just leave his own responsibilities at Spencer Publications so Hope challenged him to meet her in Paris at their special spot in two days at 3pm so that they could start their lives together.  Hope took her wedding ring with her and told Liam she wanted him to put it on her finger in Paris.

Missed Meeting

Encouraged by Aly and Ivy, Liam boarded a commercial flight to Paris.  Since Ivy’s work papers had come through, she accompanied him.  What they didn’t realize was that Quinn Fuller was also on the same flight.  Ivy and Liam told their limousine driver to take the straight to the Eiffel Tower where Liam was to meet Hope.  Quinn stole a scooter and followed them.  Traffic near the Eiffel Tower stopped traffic, so Liam and Ivy jumped from the Limo and made the rest of the journey on foot.  Crossing a bridge over the river Seine, they could see Hope waiting for Liam at their prearranged meeting place.

Ivy told Liam to “go” and she would take a photo from the bridge.  Liam went and Ivy sat on the edge of the bridge and lined up the shot with her phone.  Quinn took that opportunity to rush past Ivy and push her into the river.  Ivy screamed as she fell into the water.  Liam heard her.  he rushed back to where he’d left Ivy.  Peering over the bridge edge he saw Ivy resurface.  She assured Liam she was ok and that he should continue on to his meeting with Hope.  But Liam, forever the gentleman, hesitated.  It didn’t feel right.  Then Ivy began to struggle in the water, her clothes weighing her down.  Without hesitation, Liam jumped into the river and together they made it to the shore.

By the time a wet Liam made it to his meeting place with Hope, she was gone.  He’d missed her.

Wyatt Takes Advantage

While Hope waited for Liam, Wyatt had been waiting in the distance hoping that his brother didn’t come.  When Liam was late, Wyatt reminded Hope that Liam was always disappointing her and the he never had.  With Hope still reeling from Liam standing her up, Wyatt whisked Hope away to Monte Carlo on the Spencer jet.

Quinn who had been watching events play out from a café in Paris rang Wyatt and reminded him that he may not get another chance with Hope.  He should make this one count.  Take control and marry her, Wyatt’s mother counseled him.  Wyatt asked his mom if Hope got a vote, but he took his mother’s advice.

Hope was still sullen and withdrawn from the disappointment of Liam standing her up.  Wyatt had been reminding Hope that Liam had been a constant disappointment to her and that he never had.  Wyatt encouraged Hope to decide she was no longer available for any more disrespect and disappointment as Liam’s hands.  Hope admitted that she was tired of getting her hopes up to have them come crashing down.  Wyatt asked Hope to come back to him.

Monte Carlo

Upon arrival in Monte Carlo, Wyatt and Hope were welcomed aboard Bill Spencer’s yacht, the Stella Maris, by the crew.  Hope stood alone at the stern of the ship enjoying the view of Monte Carlo across the blue waters.  Wyatt joined her.  He asked Hope to put Liam in the past.

A Proposal

He took out the Hope for the Future diamond that Hope had returned to him after their photo shoot earlier that day.  He gave it to her as a symbol of his unwavering love and commitment.  He also asked Hope to say she would marry him.

Liam sent you a message when he was a no show in Paris, Wyatt told Hope.  Wyatt had a message for Hope also.  He wanted a life with her; one with no pain, vacillations or neuroses.   Wyatt wants Hope to marry him.  Carpe Diem Wyatt told Hope.  The Stella Marie was after all a floating chapel and the Captain had the power to marry them.

Wyatt reminded Hope again of Liam not showing up and asked if she wasn’t tired of the ups and downs.  Lets embark on a future without disappointments Wyatt suggested.  All Hope had to say was one word.  Tough initially hesitant at the idea, Hope was swept up with Wyatt’s impulsiveness and told him “Yes!”.

A Short Engagement

Before you could say spur of the moment rebound wedding, Wyatt was wearing a pale grey suit and Hope arrived on deck wearing the dress Liam arranged for the crew of the Stella Marie to purchase.  It was a gorgeous white strapless dress beautifully complemented by Hope’s engagement necklace, the Hope for the Future diamond.  Hope walked out onto the deck barefoot and joined Wyatt at the back of the boat.

With Monte Carlo and a blue sea as their background Hope and Wyatt say their personal vows.  Wyatt admitted to never thinking about marriage and commitment to just one person until he met Hope.  Side by side, they can do anything.  She brings out the best in him, Wyatt told Hope. He promises to bring her joy and smiles.

Hope told Wyatt front the first day they met he’d been spontaneous and impulsive and challenged her to see things in a different way.  He has made her excited about things she never thought she would be excited about Hope told Wyatt.  Hope thanked Wyatt for letting her see life through his eyes.  He takes life and dives in head first.

Dive in with me, Wyatt told Hope.  Marriage is a leap of faith, but we’re ready.  Hope pondered this statement for a moment, then took off the HFTF diamond necklace and handed it to the captain.

A Leap of Faith and Hope and Wyatt are Man and Wife

Hope walked to the bow of the boat and climbed up on to the railing.  Wyatt initially confused followed Hope then realized what she was doing when she extended her hand back to him.  Wyatt joined Hope and together they took a leap of faith into marriage and into the waters off Monte Carlo.  The Captain and his first mate arrived in time to see Wyatt and Hope surface.  The Captain pronounced Wyatt and Hope man and wife.  Wyatt kissed his new bride.

Challenges Ahead….

Wyatt and Hope may be married, but the early days of their marriage are not destined for smooth sailing.  There are too many secrets yet to come out.  Hope is yet to learn that Liam was in Paris and that it was Quinn who prevented Liam from making his meeting.  Hope dumped Wyatt last time in no small part due to the fact that she couldn’t imagine raising her family with Quinn as a mother in law or grandmother to her children….How long will Hope and Wyatt’s (first?) marriage last?  Time will tell…

Update:   By March 2015 Wyatt was sending his wife divorce papers….



  1. Liam really should give up on Hope, she’s shown now she is not a serious person, she’s a vacillating flighty airhead that’s way too easily led.

    Wyatt has bought her, she knows about Quinn and the risky gene pool she’s now to inherit – she’s made her bed now she has to lay in it

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