The Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt and Hope Marry – What Could Possibly Go Wrong!

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    Today, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt Spencer and Hope Logan married aboard Bill Spencer’s private yacht in Monte Carlo.  The ceremony was short and sweet with the captain of the vessel marrying Hope and Wyatt.

    If you’ve missed the past few days of episodes on The Bold and the Beautiful you could be forgiven for being confused.  Until last week, it was Hope’s plan to meet Liam in Paris and for Hope and Liam to marry, starting their life together.

    Hope’s Rebound Wedding

    But when Liam missed meeting Hope at their prearranged meeting place and time, Hope rebounded higher than a superball and ran off to Monte Carlo with Liam’s brother, Wyatt.

    Under his mother’s advice, Wyatt made this chance with Hope count.  He called ahead and got Bill Spencer’s yacht ready for a wedding while Hope was still sullen and disappointed over Liam standing her up.

    Once on board the yacht, however, Wyatt managed to convince Hope that she should start a life with him – free of the disappointments, pain and neuroses that Liam brought to her life.  Though initially hesitant, Hope agreed to marry Wyatt and they took a leap of faith  – into marriage and into the waters off Monte Carlo as the Captain pronounced them man and wife.

    Hope and Wyatt’s Marriage – What Could Possible Go Wrong?

    This is a soap opera relationship. Soap Opera’s thrive on conflict.  And the sources of conflict for Hope and Wyatt as they start married life are many!

    Rebound Marriage

    Hope has married Wyatt on the rebound.  Will she suffer from buyer’s remorse?  Especially once she realizes that Liam was in Paris and that they missed each other by mere minutes because Liam was being the kind man she fell in love with.  (Liam saved Ivy from drowning in the Seine.)

    This marriage feels very much like Liam’s first marriage to Steffy.  Steffy quickly put together a wedding atop Ajax in Aspen while Bill Spencer intervened and prevented Hope from getting to Liam before Steffy and Liam said their vows.

    When the secrets came out it ended Liam and Steffy’s marriage.

    Quinn’s Interference

    Hope is married to Wyatt in no small part to Quinn Fuller’s manipulations.  Quinn, knowing that Liam could play the hero, pushed Ivy into the river.  It was Quinn’s actions that made Liam late meeting Hope.  Once Hope learns this piece of news she is likely to remember that she ended her relationship with Wyatt in the first place.  Hope couldn’t see a future where Quinn was the grandmother of her children.

    Again, here we have a re-run of Liam’s marriage to Steffy.  Bill Spencer arranged for Hope to get stuck on the gondola up to Ajax where she had arranged to meet Liam.  Steffy quickly swopped in with a spur of the moment wedding keeping Liam and Hope apart.

    Ricardo’s Death

    Another secret, that Wyatt has been keeping relates to him coming into possession of the Hope for the Future Diamond.  Wyatt left the US knowing that Mexican authorities were on their way to Los Angeles to question him about Ricardo Montemayor’s death.  Wyatt suspected his mother of being involved, yet when the French press questioned him about Ricardo’s death now being considered suspicious he played dumb.  He did the same when Hope asked about it later.

    Any one of these conflicts could be enough to derail Hope and Wyatt’s relationship and marriage, but history tells us that it will probably take all three for Hope to regret her spur of the moment marriage…


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