Days of our Lives: Hope to Divorce Bo – Hope’s Goodbye Letter to Bo

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Today on Days of our Lives Hope told Aiden that she had feelings for him also.  They agreed to go out on a date but Hope had something to do first.  Hope went home and with tears in her eyes read the letter she’d written to Bo telling him that she was laying their relationship to rest.

Dear Bo,

I’m sending this to the last known address for you.  I hope you get it and I know there is no guarantee you will.  .   But whether or not you read this or not, I need to write it.

You’ve been the love of my life since I was 16 years old.  We grew up together.  God knows we’ve been through so much together.  In spite of the tragedies and bad times I never regretted loving you and choosing to spend my life with you – not for a second

Brady it’s been so longs since I’ve heard a word from you.  I can’t reassure our daughter or your mother than you will ever come home.  Brady you’ve broken my heart and Sierras.  You’ve deserted us and actions speak loud and clear to me.  You’ve chosen your mission over us; your family.  I get it.

I am faced with a decision I can either go on like this or be miserable or I can rejoin the living.  As hard as it is I have to let you go.  I can’t do this anymore.  I have to say goodbye to you, Brady, or the ghost of you, which is all I seem to have left.

If you do read this I know you will understand. I’ll always love you – always love you.


Hope signed the letter as she cried.  She can’t live like this anymore and has to go on she told a photo of Bo.  She folded the letter and put it in an envelope.  She picked up another set of papers – a petition for divorce.  Hope cried as she took off her wedding ring.

Hope wrote Bo a goodbye letter then took off her wedding ring and place it on the a Petition for Divorce

Hope is looking for closure in her relationship with Bo.  She and their daughter, Sierra have waited over a year for Bo to return to them, but his secret mission has kept him away indefinitely.  There has been no contact as Bo is deep under cover.

Hope will go on with her life; starting with a date with Aiden.  But viewers know this means one of a few things.

One possibility is that Hope and Days of our Lives is truly closing the door on Bo and Hope – a supercouple storyline that has started in the early 80’s.

The other option is that Days of our Lives will take up Perter Reckell on his offer to come back and give Days of our Lives fans closure.  Alternatively, Days of our Lives may be considering recasting Bo Brady.  This has been done successfully in the past when  Robert Kelker-Kelly took over the role from 1992 to 1995.

If Bo does come back onto the Days of our Lives canvas you can bet Bo Brady will ride back into town on his motorcycle just as Hope is about to commit her life to a new love.  In that case Bo would likely be horrified that his fancy face moved on without him.

Hope may have closed the book on her marriage by writing that letter today, but its unlikely in any version of Days of our Lives storytelling that Bo will have received the letter.  It just makes for too good a daytime drama that way…


  1. please leave hope and aiden alone kill bo off for good so hope can go on with her life.he deserted his family its to late for him to come back to her

  2. he is lies to you hope bree is telling the truth he not worth it
    he did kill his wife I know what kind of guy he is I I kwon he kill his late wife I can see in his eye that he will be only person that he is he should be locked up for is wife moulder please hope just search is name on the internet and found out that he is ties to you all along
    he butter of with his son and puts him foster care he need what foster parents that love him and make sure he will get the need to love and support and a person and to be what kind of father that killing his own wife and his son love his mother he will always be in his heart and he will be love and care he need
    people kwon what best of him to be better of with out his father and he should tell his son the thruth about his mother your father may have kill his mother and to get way with muder I hope that he will arrest for his wife muder and I hope that should take in his son and make sure get his love that he need

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