Days of our Lives Spoilers – September 29 – October 3, 2014

This week on Days of our Lives (Sept 29 – Oct 3, 2014): John and Marlena reunite, News of Hope’s single status spreads, Ben and Abi make love, Jacks past causes problems for JJ with Paige

John and Marlena

Recovered from his head injury and awake after being in a coma for months John gets back to his life.  First order of business?  An emotional reunion with his estranged wife, Marlena!  But not everyone is celebrating the news of John’s recovery.  John also doesn’t believe Brady when Brady tells John that it was him that put his dad in the hospital.  Does John remember it was Theresa?


Theresa finds herself in panic mode when John unexpectedly awakens from his coma.  At first Theresa is confident she won’t get caught as it seems John doesn’t remember anything about that night.  But John tells Brady that Brady didn’t hit him….What does John remember?  Does he have eyes in the back of his head and know that Theresa whacked him and not his son Brady?

Hope and Aiden

Hope and Aiden head out on their date, but alas things do not go smoothly….Since she’s heading out on dates with Aiden Hope spreads the news that she is soon to be a single lady.  She’s divorcing Bo.  Maggie and Vic learn the news from Hope.

Paige and JJ

Paige is shocked when she overhears a conversation revealing a dark part of JJ’s family’s past.  JJ tries to defend himself to Paige and enlists Dr Dan’s help.  JJ freaks out when Paige admits what she overheard.  Page wonders about JJ’s strange behavior as JJ struggles with telling Paige the truth.

Ben and Abigail

Ben gives Abigail a surprise.  He organizes a (hotel) room for the night – somewhere that he and Abigail can be alone.  The result?  Ben and Abigail make love for the first time (going to be tough to compete with THAT shower sex…)


Eve needles Jennifer about her relationship with Jack. Jennifer retaliates by slapping Eve.


Kate and Chad work on their plan to bring Stefano down.  Kate also has time to mess with Jordan’s head by flaunting her relationships with Clyde and Rafe.


EJ receives a message from his mother, Susan Banks.  EJ has not made Stefano happy in reconciling with Sami.  Nicole and EJ share a friendly moment.


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