Quinn Exposed! The Bold and the Beautiful

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    While Quinn was sitting in Bill Spencer’s office congratulating herself on some of her finest work (pushing Ivy into the Seine setting in motion the chain of events that lead to Wyatt and Hopes wedding), super security guard Charlie was working a theory.

    Quinn Thinks her Secret is Safe

    Bill Spencer cautioned Quinn that she had gotten exactly what she wanted and it was now time to end her scheming and manipulation.  If Wyatt ever got wind of Quinn’s involvement in his marriage he would be against her again.  Quinn promised she would stay away from Liam and let Hope and Wyatt live their lives.  Quinn told Bill that their secret was safe.

    Charlie Works a Theory

    Meanwhile at Forrester Creations Charlie, Pam’s security guard beau, was putting together a case to prove that Quinn Fuller had not only been in Paris at the same time as Liam, Ivy, Hope and Wyatt, but that it was Quinn who pushed Ivy into the river.

    Pam was initially skeptical but as the pieces of the puzzle came together she saw what Charlie was saying was true.

    Charlie Gets the Proof He Needs

    Charlie and Pam take the evidence to Liam and Ivy. Fate didn’t intervene in Hope’s marriage to Wyatt. Quinn Did!

    First Charlie received a text message from a colleague in Customs showing that Quinn went through Customs the same day that Ivy fell into the Seine.  But Charlie wanted irrefutable proof before taking the evidence to Liam and exposing Quinn.

    Charlie got that proof from a colleague in the Forrester Creations Paris office who set up the surveillance for the Paris photo shoot.  She had contacts who had access to the many surveillance cameras around Paris.

    Pam and Charlie reviewed the footage and found clips showing Quinn stealing a scooted at Charles de Gaulle Airport and following the limousine that picked up Liam and Ivy. The truly damning evidence, however, came when they reviewed the footage from the bridge.  They had clear video of Quinn walking past Ivy on the bridge and intentionally pushing Ivy into the Seine.

    Liam and Ivy Learn Quinn Pushed Ivy into the Seine

    Charlie and Pam rushed to Liam’s home – the Cliff House – and found Ivy there.  They told Ivy and Liam what they had discovered.  Ivy didn’t fall into the Seine by accident.  Liam couldn’t believe that someone had intentionally tried to hurt Ivy.  Charlie told him it wasn’t Ivy that they were trying to hurt, but Liam.  Liam didn’t believe that Quinn could have done it because Quinn hadn’t been in Paris at the shoot.

    Charlie gave them the video footage to watch.  Pam told Liam that he didn’t lose lose Hope due to some act of fate.  It was because of Quinn that Liam lost Hope….

    Is it Over for Hope and Wyatt?

    Ivy and Liam were stunned.

    The real implications are still to come however, as Hope and Wyatt discover the truth.  Will Wyatt once again disown his mother?  How will Hope feel about her marriage after Quinn’s interference becomes known?  Hope already broke up with Wyatt once because she couldn’t imagine Quinn as a grandmother to her children.  With Wyatt talking about starting a family will Quinn’s latest scheme be not on the reason Hope and Wyatt married but the reason they divorce also?


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