The Bold and the Beautiful | Amsterdam Location Shoot and Utrecht Fan Event

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    The Bold and the Beautiful hits the road again early in October for another European location shoot.

    Amsterdam Location Shoot

    Random photos from Amsterdam location shoot

    This time, The Bold and the Beautiful will be shooting a storyline arc in The Netherlands in early October.  The action will center on the love quadrangle between Hope, Wyatt, Ivy and Liam.  Onscreen Amsterdam features as the backdrop for a Forrester Creations fashion shoot featuring many of the city’s beautiful locales.

    The episodes will screen over seven days and will air in the US during November (for sweeps).  It is hinted that the action will see one couple fall in love while another is falling apart. It would be easy to read into that spoiler that Hope and Wyatt’s relationship may be going through a rocky patch and that Liam is moving on with his life with Ivy.


    The Bold and the Beautiful has a habit of keeping secrets about all the actors involved in these locations shoots.  Justin was not reported to be involved in the Middle East shoot yet he piloted the helicopter that sent Ridge tumbling into the Persian Gulf.  More recently Quinn turned up in Paris and pushed Ivy off a bridge.

    Dutch actor and singer Ferry Doedens guest starts in the episodes shot in the Netherlands.  He portrays Lucas Sanders in a local soap opera called Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (Good Times, Bad Times).

    Darin Brooks fiance, Kelly Kruger, also appears in the episodes as the Forrester Creations Netherlands based publicist, Eva.  Y&R fans will recognize Kelly Kruger from her time on that soap as Mackenzie (Mac) Browning.

    Update and Photos:

    Hope and Ivy’s Photo Shoots in Amsterdam – Why all the sullen looks?

    Spoiler video and photos are appearing online indicating that we may see Ivy kiss Liam once again.  Shooting has taken place at Dam Square in Amsterdam on on Amstel Canal aboard a canal boat which is said to feature heavily in the story line.

    Dam Square in the heart of Amsterdam  is the setting for a photo shoot where Hope certainly doesn’t appear pregnant but the mood of the participants also doesn’t appear good.  (see photos below)  Clearly there is something going on between the foursome of Wyatt, Hope, Liam and Ivy.

    Aboard the canal boat Wyatt takes a call from his mother, Quinn.  It appears he tells her to butt out.  So we know that Quinn is still meddling in Hope and Wyatt’s life despite Hope’s threat to cut Quinn out of their life.

    A clip of the Amsterdam episodes shown on CBS’s The View shows that the rivalry between Hope and Ivy will not abate any time soon.

    Despite Ivy asking that she and Hope find a way to get through Ivy dating Liam for the sake of their work, Hope still tells Ivy once in Amsterdam for the launch of Ivy’s jewelry line that “modelling isn’t for everyone”.  No one will hold it against Ivy is she wants to pull out at the last minute, Hope tells Ivy.

    Its not surprising that Ivy takes Hope’s comments as an affront and asks whether the real problem is that Hope doesn’t think she can do it.  Ivy assures her she will be modelling (as the photos show!)  Liam tries to calm the two women by reminding them this isn’t a competition.  They have Hope, they have Ivy and they have Amsterdam – three of the most beautiful things in the world – how could them go wrong!

    Netherlands Fan Event

    Additional cast will also be in the Netherlands for a fan event scheduled the Saturday October 4, 2014.  While the fan event is being held in Utrecht it is a short train journey to Amsterdam…

    John McCook (Eric Forrester), Hunter Tylo (Taylor Forrester), Kim Matula (Hope Logan Spencer), Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer), Thorsten Kaye(Ridge Forrester) and Heather Tom (Katie Logan) are scheduled to appear at the fan event, making it possible that they could also appear in the episodes being filmed in Amsterdam.

    With the additional characters to play with it could just as easily by Katie and Ridge going through troubled times…

    The Bold and the Beautiful in the Netherlands

    To put in perspective the cast included in the fan event:  The Netherlands screens episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful about two years behind those screening in the US.  Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas are still part of the canvas.

    Katie has just given birth to Will, and Bill’s part in destroying Liam and Hope’s wedding has been revealed to Katie and Donna at least.  Liam and Steffy’s reunion in the cabin on Brooke’s property was witnessed by Donna.  Donna advised Hope to move on with her life (since she knows Liam has!)  Thomas and Rick are in a battle to prove who is best suited to running Forrester Creations.


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