The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill, Katie, Brooke and Ridge – September 2014

September 2014 opened with Rick Forrester increasingly concerned about not having seen Ridge’s Couture Designs; and Brooke had two marriage proposals on the table…

Ridge finds a way to draw

When Rick’s wife Caroline returned from her trip to New York to visit Danielle and Karen she found her husband frustrated over Ridge’s reluctance to show him the designs for the upcoming couture line.

Rick and Caroline found Katie with Ridge.  Rick hated to pull rank but he needed to see his designs – at least one design they were at crunch time with the deadline looming.  Ridge of course still couldn’t draw following his accident in Abu Dhabi and tried to stall Rick.

Rick left after telling Ridge he needed to see something by the end of the day.  Katie followed Rick.

Caroline has some Couture Designs

Alone with Ridge Caroline asks to see his designs.  When Ridge remains unforthcoming Caroline butters him up and asks for his help with her own attempts at designing for the couture line.  They work on her designs.  He compliments her work but recommends some changes of fabric and removing some of the detail.  Caroline admits she struggles with the understated elegance of couture.  Ridge says she’s trying too hard and they work on one of her designs.  He tries telling her what to draw but Caroline becomes frustrated and asks him to show her.

Ridge of course can’t, so he takes her hand.  Caroline notices his tremble, but leading Caroline’s hand, Ridge manages to get the ideas in his head onto paper.  Can Caroline help him get his designs for the line out on paper?

Both Ridge and Caroline are amazed by the experience.  They work on another one of Caroline’s designs.  Again, together, they produce a design worthy of the Forrester Couture label.  Caroline thanks Ridge for helping her and Ridge notes he couldn’t have done it without her.  Caroline scoffs at the statement but Ridge tells her he means it.  Ridge suggests they keep working together, but for now she should take her designs to Rick.

Rick Questions Katie

Meanwhile Rick is questioning Katie about Ridges line.  Katie can admit she’s seen his drawings but cannot confirm for Rick that Ridge is on track.  Rick asks if there is something else going on.  Katie asked Rick to give Ridge some time – he’d been through a lot, but Rick told Katie he needed to see some designs today.

Katie goes back to Ridge who is still on a high from the experience with Caroline.  He wan draw the told Katie.  He took Caroline’s hand and guided it he tells Katie.  Tears form as Katie congratulates Ridge.  She’s glad he’s got his talent back and whatever happened with Caroline unblocked him.  She asks him to show her.  Ridge sits down with some charcoal and a blank page but cannot do it.  He needs Caroline.  At least now he has a way to finish his collection – get the designs out of his head onto papter – he will do it through Caroline he tells Katie.

Couture Designs

Caroline takes her designs to Rick and tells him that they are for the couture line.  Rick is thrilled with his wife.  Caroline gushes about the artistic experience she shared with Ridge guiding her hand while completing her designs.  She’s in awe of the experience.  Rick is just happy to have some Couture Designs.

Quinn Tells Bill She Pushed Ivy into the Seine

Meanwhile over at Spencer Publications Quinn turns up to see Bill.  Liam is with him and leaves for Ivy’s barbeque when she arrives.  Quinn gloats about Wyatt getting the girl.  Bill notes that fate seems to have given Quinn what she wanted then thinks about it – she was the one who pushed Ivy into the Seine he accuses.  Quinn admits to it being some of her finest work.  Bill reminds Quinn he has three sons not just one and that Liam and Hope need to know what happened.  And Bill is going to be the one to tell them.  Quinn managed to convince Bill that there was nothing to be gained by telling on her.  Since Wyatt and Hope were now married and he’d messaged pretty heavily to Liam that he should move on with his life, Bill agreed.  (This probably isn’t the stance Brooke will take…)

Caroline and Ridge Design Together

Ridge asked Caroline to work with him on some more designs despite having a couture line looming.  Ridge and Caroline began working together on the same basis, with Ridge leading Caroline’s hand.  When Ridge tried to direct Caroline verbally or let Caroline take the lead on the design however, the two became frustrated with each other.  Caroline told Ridge to show her – to take the pencil and do it for her.  When Ridge said nothing and did nothing, Caroline put it together.  He couldn’t do it!  Ridge couldn’t draw.

A Close Moment Between Ridge and Caroline Witnessed

Ridge opened up to Caroline and told her the truth, that since her Uncle Bill had dumped him into the Persian Gulf from a helicopter he hadn’t been able to draw.  The two bonded not only over the shared design experience which they both described in an almost spiritual way, but over the magnitude of what it meant for a designer not to be able to draw.  Caroline pledged her support to help Ridge complete his collection.  She hesitantly also agreed not to tell Rick about Ridge’s impediment.  Caroline and Ridge hugged.  Maya who was just fresh from Rick’s office and making another move on him witnessed the embrace…

Katie Confides in Brooke

Katie confided in big sis Brooke that she missed her sister.  In reality Katie wanted advice about her relationship with Ridge.  She’s been sporting that pieces of red engagement string for months now and Ridge has been too involved in his own issues to do anything about it.  Katie admitted that they spoke about their future together and things they wanted to do, but when it came down to making plans or setting dates Ridge was difficult to pin down.

Maya Stirs the Pot

As someone with experience with Caroline stealing her man, Maya  felt she just “had” to tell Katie what she saw.  She saw Ridge and Caroline embracing.  There certainly seemed to be more than just designing going on between the two of them, Maya told Katie.  Katie saved face in front of Maya and pretended not to be concerned and offended by Maya’s insinuations.  But Katie hightailed it directly to Ridge’s office and before making her presence known, watched the two drawing together and the way that Caroline looked at Ridge…

Ridge and Caroline Continue to Design Together

Caroline and Ridge continued to work together churning out designs for the couture line.  This kept Rick off Ridge’s back but something also appeared to occurring between Ridge and Caroline.  Caroline asked Ridge again if she could let Rick in on their secret, but when Ridge suggested they stop designing together if that was the case, Caroline backed off and agreed to keep his secret.  Caroline clearly  didn’t want the sessions to end.

Caroline described the joint design session in an if not spiritual, then extremely sensual manner. It was like having Ridge’s talent coursing through her Caroline told Katie who questioned what the experience was like (after Maya planted the idea that more than just designing was going on between Ridge and Caroline).  Caroline told Katie that the she couldn’t think of anything more satisfying.

When Katie questioned Ridge about how long Ridge and Caroline would be working as a team, Ridge questioned if she was jealous.  Ridge reminded Katie that he couldn’t produce the line without Caroline (and yes, he had tried to draw on his own but was still blocked).


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